Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'd like to think I'm a half full type of person. But truth be known... I'm more like a half empty type of person now. Life has thrown some pretty nasty curve balls my way over the years. It wears you down and makes you very pessimistic.

So, my glass is half empty. I wish it was half full.

I am always waiting for the other shoe to fall... for the third thing to happen, for the phone to ring with bad news (it's never good news)...

I don't know why I felt like writing this today. Just did.
What sort of person are YOU?

Today: well I'm sure we will end up going to a mall for lunch, it's become a 'tradition' in our lives.

Later on today Stew and the kids are going to a rugby game, Auckland vs. Wellington at Eden Park... I am SO GLAD I ain't going! I can think of nothing worse than having to sit and watch a rugby game in the cold... I just hope it doesn't rain or Brylee is going to be miserable. She WANTS to go! I bet it's the first and last game she ever wants to go to! LOL

I am hoping to get some serious Spring Cleaning done this weekend too. Things like all the light switches (and surrounds) cleaned, cupboards, window sills ... stuff you don't do on a weekly basis. Yaaaaa... I can almost feel spring coming.

I REALLY LOVE STEW... he's spring cleaned my kitchen! What a man. I am sewing that piece of fabric I bought yesterday into a curtain for the spare was too dark for Griffin's room. It is gunna be quite funky in my sewing room!
Well, the weather has turned to shit again... raining .... but not too cold. We are having hot chips for lunch! EVIL I know... but nice for a change. I can't remember the last time we had hot chips for lunch!!!

ABOVE: *sigh*... she doesn't make it easy for me does she! Little tart.

ABOVE: Finished! The lilac tones the fabric down a bit... but I love it... it's bright and cheerful! Busy room, busy curtains.

Stew and the kids will be heading off soon to the rugby .. and it's pissing down out there! Rather them than me.

It's dark, and the family are out at rugby... and it's quiet here... and a bit spooky on my own in the evening! It doesn't happen very often... in fact I can't remember the last time I was home alone in the evening! I don't know if I like it! Going to turn the telly on for some noise!

End of Day: the family got back, all happy as Larry... had a good night. Been watching a bit of telly... time to hit the sack. nite nite.


  1. ((hug)) I know what you mean, Chris. Sometimes people mistake the fact that you have been through hard times to mean you are intentionally pessimistic, when that's not the case at all.

    PS. Hope all is well. :)

  2. Well, having had shingles, then the fall, need you ask? This has not been the best of years for me. I try to say that my glass is half full, but I agree with you, life can dish out so many bad things, that it is hard to stay optimistic.
    I think it is good to get it out of your system. Hopefully, it made you feel a bit better.

  3. I may be a wee bit like tou - I like to think I'm a "half full" person, but I have a sneaking suspicion I may be a closet "half empty" type. I'm always waiting for the other boot to fall, too. Ah well. Maybe it's something that comes with maturity and wisdom, eh? (Yeah right!)

  4. I used to be half empty person but in a very different way. I used to wonder why I didn't have etc. Now I am a half full person grateful for what I have etc.

    I do sometimes wonder why things happen to me and my family. But I do not look at them as "bad" just a learning process we need and move on. Sometimes it gets a bit much for me, but we move on.

    Life throws some bloody nasty balls our way sometimes and I think you deal with them well.. Sad you cant always chose what the outcome is or how things are resolved.

    xoxo **HUGS**


  5. Aaaah , My Dear Friend-
    You just need a good friend to pour your heart out to and then take off to do something really special.After you do go through a "hard experience" and realize you have lived through it " -that is when you definitely have to reward yourself! That way the bad times won't seem so destructive -because you know there is something good waiting for you on the other side of the fence.

    How about "show and tell"? Your experience Must have perfect timing because for the first time in all of my life - I had a disagreement with one of my kids? I am not for-sure which is bothering me the most : the fact that we have locked horns for the first time in our lives - OR - the fact that I do not know what to do with all these emotions that I have never had before. Sounds silly , doesn't it -to get ready to turn 60 and have this fall in your lap!

    I do know that I am totally befuddled? I keep going over the events in my mind's eye?? That just makes me madder and then the getting madder -just makes me feel guilty ????? Plus, I have been trying to just keep my mind busy this week - hoping it would fall into the abysses Of forgotteness! That happens after you get busy and then the problem seems to fix itself with time ? But not this time - it keeps jumping up into my little brain - like a soldier guarding the homeplace???? Always on duty?? Pesky little soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. God i hate spring cleaning, took the day off work yesterday with the intentions of going to the Dunkleys craft show but the way the earth has been moving over the hill thought it best to stay yip I cleaned the freezer, pantry and hell it felt good..............have a great weekend

  7. I am a half full person for sure, and I WANT to be adopted by Stew so I can go to rugby GAMES waaaaaaaa AKLD vs WGTN "Go WGTN"!!!!

  8. I bounce between "half full" and "half empty" on almost a daily basis. some days are easier than other to stay positive but every now and then I get stuck in the "empty" stage for longer than I'd like. When that happens I subscribe to a little "retail therapy" to cheer me up ;-)

    Hope your weekend is spic and span clean.

  9. Very interesting post topic Chris!... Unfortunately, I am a life-long pessimist and it's no fun at all. In fact, if I could change one thing about myself, that would be it.

    It doesn't help that Tom is a super-optimist... and *that* is very irritating to me! .... I guess opposites do attract after all... xxx

  10. I like to think that I am a half full kind of person also, but sometimes I can fall into half empty for no apparent reason. Sigh.
    I think I'll try Joanna's retail therapy the next time that happens.

  11. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I am definately a half full kinda gal. I've been through some rough times, but it is part of life, and passes. That is how I see things. Thankful for what I have and that my health is good. Can't complain. Live is good...debbie

  12. am a full sort of person... eternal optimest pain in the ass my hubby says... :)

  13. Rhonda3:52 PM

    I am seeing a Counsellor at the moment (my son-in-law aged 32 died in July from bowel/liver cancer leaving my daughter a widow at 30 with 3 children, a girl 5 and twin boys 3)and she uses the analagy of the glass half full or half empty. Its a real struggle for me to see the glass half full! I am really really trying but its so hard.

  14. I used to just get thru' the day but the negativity built up and one day I just felt a heaviness settle over me and it would not let go. After 2 years with a psychologist, I found out that I had lost myself. Rediscovering who I am, what I want to be and what I want out of life has recharged me. Selling my bags was my biggest change and creative success has made me into a crazy go happy person who finds each day is too short!

  15. Anonymous11:40 PM


  16. I'm a positive person and so I'd say I'm a "full" kind of person. On the other hand, I worked in an Emergency Room for 15 years and saw some pretty awful stuff. Now that I have kids, I worry a lot. So, depending on the circumstances, my glass is in flux.

  17. I guess I'd have to say I'm a half empty kind of person, but I'm working really hard at getting rid of some of the crap (and crappy people) in my life that have made me feel that way.

    I hope to feel a half full person soon!

  18. I too am a half empty glass girl but like you I try not to be. I am always worried that something bad going to happen too!!
    You are looking foreward to Spring and I am looking foreward to Fall but not Winter.
    Love the new curtains!!
    What a sweetie your husband is!!

  19. Those are some fancy curtains there!

    Depends on what's in the glass ;)

    My view point is usually 1/2 full. My husband is definitly 1/2 empty and everyone's trying to piss in it.

  20. The past few weeks due to work I have really been feeling like my glass is half empty. I always like to have it half full... Wow that was incredibly insightful, haha!


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