Friday, September 10, 2010


ABOVE: the dogs on Stew's knee last night. Coco had been going nuts running around the room like a dog on crack.... and I took a few photos... as ya do... and

ABOVE: Coco, so adorable, all fluffed up and panting...

ABOVE: How could you not love her? She's such a sweet little girl.

ABOVE: And Teddy.... I mean, how could anyone not love that face? It's his "lookit me! lookit me!" face. LOL

ABOVE: Only Teddy could be this 'butt ugly' and get away with it! We love him to bits. And my god does he know it!

Today I'm off to the Hospice shop again. I hope it's busy. And I hope I don't see or find anything to buy. *sigh*

ONWARD... hey leave a comment, I ain't feeling the love! I'm freezing today... and crabby.

OH yeah, I ain't getting a new vege garden now. Stew made it quite clear last night that he does not want another garden to weed, he hates weeding/gardening. So, unless I want to spend my time weeding AND keeping the housework up to date.. I better not do another garden. I suppose he has a point, we only really like getting lettuces and tomatoes from the summer garden, so I will stick to the existing one.

But... (we) I do want more fruit trees, so I will have him out there at some point soon digging holes... just you watch me! Maybe in the rain too.. as it is supposed to rain over the weekend AGAIN....
HI! I did an extra long shift at the shop today... filling in for someone who was away sick. I found TREASURE today!
ABOVE: this wooden thingee for all the letters and paper crap I seem to accumulate on the kitchen bench ($5)! What a buy!
ABOVE: these totally gorgeous old bellows, well used and loved, and for only $4! I couldn't resist them.
ABOVE: More booties and baby stuff....

ABOVE: some brand new net... not sure what I'll do with it yet, and two really lovely blue striped pillowcases, which I am going to chop up for applique...

ABOVE: and FINALLY, this piece of heavy cotton fabric, which is amazing.... and I might be making a new roman blind for Griffin's room out of it ... not sure yet. Hopefully it is big enough for his window.

Right, that's IT! I did well today didnt' I? Off to have a VERY LATE LUNCH now. It's 2.55pm!!!

End of Day: an easy evening... left overs for dinner. His nibs is watching rugby, I've been sewing, kids and dogs are in bed. It won't be long before I am in bed is, afterall... 11.30pm! Sheesh it's easy to forget the time when you are busy. nite nite.


  1. I have a soft spot for dogs with teeth hanging out of their mouths!!

  2. Aww, I hate that you're so cold. How cold does it get there? I sort of agree with Stew. I hate gardening, but love having a garden..that's why I hire a gardener. I would just let everything die. I'm not too sure I"ll do it again next year though.


  3. Both pups are darling...and I luv ya, girlfriend! :o)



  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Us bloggers are out here, watching and waiting! Great pooch pictures - they really should have their cute photos on some of your cards!Hope you do find treasures today. I am disappointed if I don't find a treasure or bargain in a charity shop!It would be perfect weather for Stew to dig holes for fruit trees, with the ground nice and soft from all the rain you've had. Send some to Queensland please! WOMBAT

  5. You need to make some cards with those cute puppy faces on them. With all your card making and everything else you do, you won't have much time for gardening anyway.

  6. Ohhhhhhhh delicious - you know how I absolutely adore that gorgeous Teddy, I could take him home with me. Of course Miss Coco knows she is cute and quite a poser. Thanks for putting the doggies pictures. My belief is doggies, particularly little white fluffy ones are better than people.

  7. Anonymous12:20 PM

    You can't be crabby! Just take one look at Coco and Teddy and you'll be right as rain!! Guess Stu has a point. I hate, hate to weed. What kind of fruit trees do you want?...debbie

  8. Instead of a whole garden, how about planting some lettuces etc in pots. Easier to maintain & does not take up much room.

  9. who could not love those little fluffy faces? they are totally cute!

    you know, you could always do the garden yourself. I mean, if you set up little pots with a tomato bush in one, herbs in another, a few carrots in a 3rd and so on, you won't have to weed them! Just find those long planter boxes :-)

    good luck xx

  10. Butt ugly? Shame on you! They are both so adorable! I'm jealous of all the fun you are having with them!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. love the pups but totally love and want the box for sorting the mail with the adorable drawers... yeah I WANT THAT :)

  12. both very cute wee little doggies. My girls would love them

  13. I love all the treasures you always find!!

  14. By the way....your pups are ADORABLE!!!

  15. You should SEW puppy jackets WITH "I'm too dam cute" on COCO one and "Who could not love this face" on teddys one.

  16. my daughter wants teddy lol as our dogs called bear she reckons they will go well together but he's 54 kgs so far too big for lil teddy and of course love coco. Felt a fews shakes while in chch and heaps of devastation :{ now in oamaru so onward down south

  17. I would have said that my Jessie and Tara were just as cute but given what Tara did the other night, maybe not so much so ... lol

    Oh Stew is definitely well trained, I think you could talk him into doing just about anything!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

  18. Sleep well Chris! I intend to as well. I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow.

    Penny (Auckland, NZ)

  19. I like the wood letter thing and the bellows. How big is the bellows and how old? It is very cool!

  20. I really love that wooden thingy! What a great find. And those pups are seriously cute.

  21. I can't believe you got that wooden letter thingy for just $5!!! I would have snapped that up too, what a bargain. I'm a sucker for any small stuff with drawers, can't help myself ;o).
    Your furry kids are adorable!!!
    Joy :o)

  22. I LOVE the wooden thingee you got and cheap too. It's very needed here in my home where mail piles up rapidly. Singapore homes get a lot of junk mail.

  23. More great deals and adorable dogs!!


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