Thursday, September 02, 2010


Today, I take Griffin to his Speld Lesson... and today, if it's fine I plan on taking the dogs with me and walking them in the countryside.

I am going to ring the tutor first to make sure there are no nasty big dogs around her area that might eat us! I really freak out if I see a big (or even small) dog not confined to it's property! I'm a chicken. I've had a nasty experience with a vicious dog before... which involved 2 years of it terrorising me before it attacked me and another girl I was with. She got bitten in the leg quite badly... and I have been terrified of unrestrained dogs ever since.

Once I'm home again I plan on working on my quilts, making a few more cards... housework.. you KNOW... all the usual stuff!

ONWARD.. hope to be back later with some lovely photos of our walk.

Well... the tutor say's it's safe out her way for the dogs.... so they are going with me. Yaaaaa. They are gunna love that.

Love it... they did! They both had a ball.. talk about a sniff-feast! Coco was beside herself with the wonder of it all... she drove me nuts darting here and there and getting her lead all tangled up with Teddy's! They left the house nice and clean too.....
ABOVE: a pukeko in a swamp.
ABOVE: two grubby dogs walking on the road...

ABOVE: our grubby wee girl. She truly loved being outdoors in the mud.

ABOVE: then it rained and I was SO BLOODY GLAD I'd thought to take the dog crate with me.... so I could put them in it and not get dirty dog paw prints all over the inside of me car!

ABOVE: a wee video of the dogs 'meeting' a horse today! The horse thought the dogs were idiots, he snorted at them, did a wee hop, skip and jump and ran at them! Coco was more petrified than anything else I think! Teddy just wanted to stand and 'defend' ... so cute.

Home now, almost time to get the kids from school... which I might do as it's threatening to rain again.

End of Day: it's been quiet. Stew is going to be late home again tonight... so I've fed the kids and myself and now... just chillin out ... cutting more of the quilt patterns... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    You need to take some kind of spray with you on your walks and spray the hell out of any big ugly dog that gets close!! How'd the walk go? Am anxious to see your photos!...debbie

  2. Enjoy your walk Chris :)

  3. Hope the weather held out for you and the walk, cold and miserable here....

  4. The vision of you running with one small dog under each arm whils terrified is not good take a stick and make really loud noises.You know my view on unrestrained dogs.

  5. Seeing a big dog just roaming around, always makes me nervous. I like dogs, but only when I know their temperament. It must be even more worrying if you have other dogs with you.

    Great idea to phone ahead though :)

  6. I think that was a very smart move , asking about other dogs in her area. Good for you. I Love dogs to death, but I too have an uncertain feeling when dealing with strange dogs.

    Probably comes from when I got my first "real" job working for a vet. I had made a vow that I would never let him get bitten while I was responsible for containing the animal while he was treating them. But , then one evening I was washing all the runs down and giving fresh water. I had just been "tackled" by a Saint Bernard puppy.
    It was funny because I had my hair in a long braid to keep it out of my way and I had bent over to give her a fresh drink-but she saw that long braid as a new toy. She leaped forward with those big snow-shoe feet , grabbed my brain and pulled. LOL - It toppled me over -head over heels into the now wet run and she was still in the shake your head and drag the vet's assistant back to the dog house! I was temporarily stunned and when I finally snapped out if -we were in a pulling contest to see who was going to win. LOL It was SO funny, finally I escaped with just my pride being bruised. As I locked the run behind me and heaved a big sign of relief -I heard a deep angry growl and just as I turned to look a doberman stalked me back to the main house growling with every step I took backwards. I knew this dobie because it had a terrible reputation as being trained as an attack animal. I was almost to the door of the hospital and I heard a noise. As I turned my head Back the Doberman leaped straight at my throat. God, must have been looking out for me that time because as it leaped -my boss , Dr. Harris had magically appeared blocking the attack with his arm-throwing the dobie off balance and in that moment he pushed him into the run that he had escaped from.

    Yes, I still love them all - and yes - I tread softly with strange ones. Kindly like the way you would treat a strange human being sometimes? :)

    I am glad you got to take your walk with the pups - don't they make walks so much more fun.:)

  7. Ha ha ha! Oh that made me laugh. They are so funny. I guess that's the first horse Coco has ever seen.

  8. Sounds like a nice day!


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