Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm off to the Hospice Shop today.
So is that freaking cake.
It's evil.
I'm evil for baking it... AGAIN.

But it's sooooo nice.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.
I don't care if it rains non stop all weekend either. I'm tired.
I want to sleep in... and do nothing....
Well.... I suppose I'll have to do the washing.
And pack Brylee's bags.

She's got school camp on Monday. 5 days on some island off Auckland.
I hope she has a great time. It will be the first time EVER she has spent away from us... and not with other family members either! OMG! She is almost 10 and she's never been away without a family member being with her.

Wonder how THAT will go???
Wonder how we will feel???
Will we miss her???
Time will tell! lol

ABOVE: Kawau Island... now I know where it is! lol

ANWAY... back to today. I am counting down the hours till Stew gets home from work. Then we can just chill out and do zip.

OH! Our new lounge suite is supposed to arrive in the country today.... at the Tauranga port to be exact. Wonder if it does??? Fingers crossed we hear something in the next few days. It's been 4 MONTHS since we ordered it.... I've almost forgotten what it looks like.


Home again... and my evil cake went down a treat! I even managed to feed some to our local member of Paliament, Dr Cam Calder (National MP)! He loved it. He comes into our shop every week for a yak... he's really lovely. Lucky I vote National.. or I'd give him a hard!
Off to have some lunch now...

We have been expecting a storm to sweep the country... and so far... it has come and gone, come and gone...weird. One hour it's raining and blowing a gale, the next fine and warm again! Right now... the sun is shining, it's blowing a gale, and it's warm, talk about weird weather.

Here's hoping it's all gone by monday so Brylee and her school group can have a nice week.

End of Day: and it's the usual friday night here.. he's watching rugby, I'm sewing, B & G are fighting over something or other. Grrrrr. It's very stormy outside, thunder and lightening, hail... wind... love it! nite nite.


  1. Have a great weekend! We're having a quiet one too and I can't wait! Nothing else to do when the weather is crap! xxx

  2. I'm home sick so am taking the opportunity to catch up on some blog reading.

    My neice is going to that came too (Nellica) = Nell- ick-car. I wonder if she is in Brylee's class. She is super excited as its her first camp, she has only ever stayed with the family in the past.

  3. She will have great fun and yes you will miss her ;-)

    That cake does look evil (and yummy)!

  4. I bet there will be a lot of missing going on, both you and Brylee. I hope she has a great time.

  5. Brylee should LOVE school camp. I have yet to meet a kid who doesn't. I have been on a few & without fail the kids have a ball & get to do really cool stuff.

  6. Samuel went to Kawau Island in Year 8 THEY LOVED it stayed 6 days and they had an absolute ball I have the neatest school project they did up for that before they went A WHOLE terms work!!

  7. Have a great weekend! No sleeing in here; I am having a surprise birthday party for me cousin and my house is a wreck! Hope Brylee (great name) has a good trip!

  8. Have a wonderful weekend. You are so smart to take the cake to the shop with you to share it - that is what I do with things I bake or I would eat every last crumb by myself!


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