Saturday, September 25, 2010


If you are 84 and can't get your TV to tape Coronation Street, what do ya do?
Yep, ya ring Chris next door... who runs over cos she thinks you've had another stroke!  I nearly had a stroke I tell ya!

Was cute though, I got her TV going and set the tape on... and she was so relieved!   What a cutie she is.

Today:   hopefully a quiet day... cos I am knackered I tell ya! 
The kids are now on holidays for two weeks... and tomorrow we are going to Whitianga to pick up our Grandson Joshua and his brother Damien (not our grandson, but we treat him like he is).. so I really must make the most of today.... even though it won't be 'quiet'.   *sigh*

I have been washing and drying clothes since last night... Brylee brought home a week's worth of dirty clothes, and Griffin had at least a much stuffed under his bed waiting to be washing too!  The little shit.

I'm not very fussed on boys right now... they are grubs.... and Griffin is the biggest one!

Brylee lost 2.5 kilos while on camp... I can see it in her face... really peaky.  She is  back to 26 kilos ... has been for about 3 years now.   Grrrrr.

I'm gunna hide in me sewing room now... for some peace!

How cute is our wee Rena?  Asleep last night.  Awwwww.

I woke up full of ideas for my sewing/craft room.. it's too BLOODY SMALL! 
I am going to steal Griffin's bedroom!
He only sleeps in his room eh?
So... I am moving into it... and he can have the smaller room ... yaaaa.
Stew is THRILLED to bits to be moving furniture AGAIN.   He loves me... lol!

ABOVE: my NEW sewing room!  I have  heaps more room, I'm thrilled...And the move got done so much faster ... Stew and Kelly helped heaps.. in fact they did more than me!  Awesome.

ABOVE:  Griffin's new room... and he's really happy with it.   When we first started moving his things out of his 'old' room I told him he was moving to live with his Aunty Kelly... cos I was sick to death of him making such a mess!  The poor kid believed me!  OH god I'm so awful!  I then had to tell him I loved him to death and would NEVER EVER send him away... he cried !  Awwww.

End of Day:  been freaking busy!  Made a few more cards this afternoon... I want to take a good selection to the Whitianga shop tomorrow!  Got a phone call from a bloke today that made me SQUEAL!  Tell ya about it tomorrow!  nite nite.


  1. Do you believe that I never watched Coronation Street? Rena is adorable! Oh, I love that latest pic of you...You look great and that necklace is just gorgeous!

  2. LOL how funny she called you over to help :) At least you were able to help her!

    I don't even want to talk about laundry BLAH!

  3. Washing yip gotta love the piles that materialise DIRECTLY after you have Said "ANY MORE WASHING!!!!" Rena too cute surely you and mummy didn't shop her little legs off?

  4. I understand how awful you must have felt when Griffin believed you were sending him away... I made a small joke like that (for the first time) with Guy the other day and he *totally* lost the plot... I was only playing with him, but they are so sensitive. He still reminds me of how hurt he was, telling me just yesterday "it was the worst day of my life!!!".

    Obviously, I won't be making that mistake again... poor little bugger!

  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    LOL, poor Griffin, he had a traumatic day! Bless his heart! I hope you gave him extra dessert! lol ...debbie

  6. awwwwwwwwwww bless him (you must spoil him rotten tonight and I say LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!! lol) and you get to look at the fish outside on your fence

  7. Wow, that transformation is great.. you're right. If you only sleep in a room you don't need space but sewing you do. Hey just a tip - cover your sewing machine in the sun. It makes the plastic stuff very brittle I was told. Hence I cover mine.

  8. I love kids Rena's age esp when they're sleeping and quiet! It's raining crazy in Singapore too so I really hate doing the washing which never dries properly. Notice how there's always more laundry to do right after you thought you've done it all?

  9. the room change looks to be a success them poor griffin he must have been realy gutted
    u r such a "tart"

  10. Yer soundin a wee bit Scottish in yer post today fer some reason!

    Nice room pics! I thought the sewing room was an office at first!

  11. Still love your blog. Such a talent !!!! LOL,

  12. Cornation Street is very popular here as well, although we are very behind in the series. Sweet picture on the baby. Enjoy your new sewing room. Goodness you love shifting things around.


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