Thursday, September 30, 2010


So, while the kids were having little squabbles about who pee'd on the bathroom floor yesterday.. I made this one:

I think it's bloody gorgeous!

I hadn't put a 'fancy' stitch around the edge before, but it looks neat! 

ABOVE:  Lynda (blogger friend) is always telling me told me a couple of times not to just line the furniture up along the wall... so last night I re-arranged the furniture in the lounge.  Stew and I both think it looks rather nice too!  Though, I won't be doing that too often, that three seater weighs a ton I tell ya!

 TODAY:  *sigh*... no idea what we will do today!  The kids have been quite good really... it's just the noise that gets to me... and the silly arguments.  But that's kids for ya.


LYNDA:  no you are not always telling me how to arrange my furniture really!  Just a few!  We like the chairs there so we have a good view of the TV mate!  And I can look out the window and see what's the haps in the street! 

PEACH:  Blue would have been lovely... but too dark a colour in such a small room. 

CHRISTY:  good luck today, I know that once Corbin is born you are going to be over the moon!  Here's hoping he arrives TODAY and doesn't hang in there until tomorrow! 

The weather has turned to crap again... and it's bloody cold with it.  My cold is no better either.. feel ikkkk.   I keep going into my sewing room with the view to sew something... but I can't make up my mind what to do and come out again!  Derrrr.  
At least the kids are happily occupied playing games.  AND no fights .... YET.

ABOVE:  I found something to do... and in all but one row (so far) my lines have matched!  I am usually hopeless at getting rows/lines to match. 

Kids are getting antsy... might have to doll out some stern words soon...

HA!  It's a bit hard to yell at them... my voice goes when I go above talking!  They must be thrilled.  And hell don't cough when  you have a mouth full of pins either!  DANGEROUS stuff I tell ya!

The last time I looked at the clock it was 2.30pm... and now it's like... 6pm and where the hell did the afternoon go???  Crickey dick, I ain't even thought about dinner yet! 

End of Day:  and they say there is a first time for everything eh... and tonight... I sewed my own left index finger!  I broke the needle too.. it bloody well hurt!  *sniff*  I mean... how the hell do ya do that???  Not being careful enough obviously.  Me finger is throbbing ... going to have a sookie la la now.  nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    I do like the arrangement Much better. At first I couldn't figure out where the blue pillows tied in but I see you have a pretty blue chair! How about a tad of red. I think all kids are alike! But, they're growing up and kids do what kids do no matter where they live. I love the casserole holder! The colors are super duper!! ...debbie

  2. The pot carrier thing is so pretty! I hardly ever take food anywhere though!

    I like the furniture all broke up like that, it looks really nice :)

  3. Oooooh ...that is BEAUTIFUL! You really are so talented there anything you can't do?
    I think you should open up your own shop. You could sell your cards, casserole holders, quilts, bags ...etc. Think of all the money you'd make!

  4. The lounge looks good arragned like that. (LOL if you get bored you could always put the two chairs where the couch is and vice versa)

  5. I didn't know I was "always telling you" to not have the furniture lined up?? oh dear... anyway it does look better not in a line but the three seater would be better against the wall and the two chairs in a different spot. I realise that you guys sit in these so they need to be in a comfortable position but I'm not sure you will be happy with the three seater where it is.

    Hehe, knowing you it will all be rearranged soon anyway :)

  6. Christy ann9:10 AM

    Post from hosp via tom's iphone. no action yet!!! In for a long day ahead. :\

  7. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Yep have to agree the lounge looks nice... and that pot holder is so gorgeous! Man you have a talent!

    Have a good day with the kidlets...

    Kate Rogers

  8. The new arrangement looks nice and I'm still loving the cushions, as for the casserole carrier that is funky and I like the stitching. How many kids are there 4? I had just 2 teenagers here last night my son and his friend SOUNDED like a whole classroom.

  9. Shit girl, that casserole holder is fantastic - better than a bought one!!!

    Why don't you sew some baby clothes?

  10. I LOVE that casserole should sell them. Sign me up for 2..haha. I like your living room..looks so comfy..have a good day girl and stay warm.

  11. I agree with the comment about your talent and that you should open your own place!!

  12. OK so the cards are displayed on a revolving rack, same as the last time I saw them. They are on the top and some other person's cards are underneath. She has a good range there but they all say NZ - none just plain and I thought wouldn't it be good to also have some NZ looking ones but not with NZ on? Like the little gift size you did. That way they could be given by a local to a local for any occasions whereas the ones that say NZ are really for sending overseas? Maybe I'm wrong but the other NZ cards in the shop don't say NZ on them.

    It's a neat shop though huh? Could spend ages looking at all of her stuff.

  13. The casserole holder is charming. I've never seen anyone use any in Singapore tho'. Good to see your new furniture arrived! I'm rather shocked at the price of the new cushions. Geez, I'm in the wrong biz. I could make a fortune making and selling cushions!

  14. I think the arrangement looks great, but with those pieces that would look great most any way.
    That Lynda knows what she's talking about.

  15. Meh, you have to line up everything so you can see the tv! Nevermind what it looks like... well... it looks *comfy.*

  16. Hey Kido!
    I love your pretty casserole carrier! OF course it is so beautiful because it is BLUE! But, I do adore the decorative stitches you tested! Great Job!:)

    I was admiring the way you re-arranged the room and my eyes were so pleased to see your lighthouse still in the picture!

    I had to laugh when you mentioned about the 3 seater being Heavy! LOL For the past few years I have looked at furniture and when the people who try to sell things would always come ask what was I looking for - I told them Wicker - Because the normal furniture was getting to be too heavy for my back. Found the perfect set, but did not have the money - but my sister-in-law ended up with a wicker couch that she got at a auction . She kept it for a while , but then offered it to me and I Jumped at the offer. I want to recover it -eventually-but at least I was right -for me. It is comfortable and I can move it anywhere I want to without killing my back. LOL

    I loved, loved the story about meeting your Stew! It amazes me how people meet - just a miss step or a moment off and it would never have happened and to find someone who is good to you and your babies - that just means the world! You two make me think of Mickie and Joe over at the Irish Muses! I always tell my kids to "guard your love" because it is not to be taken for granted.It is a Gift. :)

  17. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Ha ha ha ha ha..... cracked up at the cough with the pins... (just as well I'm at work by myself or people would think I was nutty(er) - thanks for the laugh and have a good night.

    Kate (


  18. incredible, the way you whip up all this creative genius?!!!

    love the lounges, they look amazing and comfy!!!

  19. Anonymous11:09 PM

    I've done that too, put the sewing machine needle through my finger! I had a bit of the needle sticking out of my nail and a piece sticking out the side of my finger so I went to the hospital and they xrayed it to see if there was any needle inside my finger but there wasn't! Weird. I am showing my cousin the picture of your casserole carrier so she can make me a couple. I can only sew a straight line! WOMBAT

  20. The living room looks lovely. You sent shivers up my spine with the needle in the finger part. What you going to move next?


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