Wednesday, September 01, 2010


ABOVE: this is the biggest of the blocks. I put it on a lovely light green background fabric (I ran outta white).... but as I'm not doing the big quilt it does not matter. I think this block will be a wall hanging...

Today I will blanket stitch it then put borders on etc. That should be fun. It needs a fair bit of hand work too... stitches in embroidery thread for his beard... hair.... etc.

I also have to post a couple of cards ... one to my Mother's partner.. .it's Father's Day on Sunday, and while he's not my Father... I think it would be nice to send him one anyway. And I want my Mum to see one of my cards... cos I'm quite proud of them.

I bet Stew expects some sort of SPECTACULAR card as well.... lol! I MIGHT just make him one...


So tired this morning! Forgot to take my pill last night, so didn't get to sleep for ages ... AND Coco, the little tart, decided to scratch on the laundry door and bark at 12.30 and wouldn't stop for ages. I don't know what was up her nose, but she got right up mine! Feeling incredibly crabby this morning.... and upset about some things in the background. *sigh*... just when ya think things are going so well eh? Some bastard comes along and kicks you one. So over 'stuff'.

I've been out, posted me cards to Mum and Partner, had a natter with a girlfriend (Thanks Jackie) which was lovely, then popped into the mall and got some stuff to make another cake. I know... emotional eating at it's worst, and I'm only hurting myself... but I just want to! Right now I dont' give a shit.

ABOVE: how cute is this? It would be even nicer if I could get the little tart to sleep like that ALL NIGHT. But still a lovely photo of the two of them curled up together.

Feeling a bit better now, had a lovely long yak with my niece in Australia, she always knows how to cheer me up. Well.... her and the smell of another ginger cake baking that is! OMG you should smell it!

MY. LIPS. ARE. SEALED. that is all.

End of Day: Stew was on time getting home today, nice man. Fed the family chicken and veges, followed by cake. Yes I had some. Was darn nice too. nite nite.


  1. I hope that little tart Coco behaves herself tonight so you can get some sleep.

  2. Then kick it to the curb that feeling and look at your beautiful cards and remind yourself you are talented crazy (zany funny not lala crazy), beautiful, and willing to try most things AND you dam well succeed at them too I reckon. I do hope for your sanity its not raining GO TO a sunbed and lay for 10 mins get some rays on ya!

  3. That Noah block is really cute.

    I hope you get good sleep tonight and that things look less bleak tomorrow.

  4. Aww matie, hope things improve for you soon.
    Kind of understand about being kicked when you are down :(

  5. [[[[[Hugs]]]]]

    You need a little lovin'

    Do you think it'e time to sneak over the hills and have a weekend break?

    You are always welcome at our house, dogs and all.

  6. I LOVE your Noah bloc, Chris! What a cute wall hanging that is going to be!

    So sorry the shit has hit the fan again...hope things straighten out for you soon!

    And I'm sure your mom's gonna love your cards when she sees one in person...they ROCK!



  7. Hi From Canada!

    Love your blog!

  8. I am sorry you are having a bad day. I hope everything resolves itself.

    I am sure your Mum will love your cards, they are fantastic and you have every right to be extremely proud of yourself.

  9. Anonymous2:46 PM

    The Noah Block is just darling and I really like the green stripe background!! Oh bad Coco!! Keeping mommy awake! Shame on YOU!! Hopefully she'll sleep for you tonight! (i hope) I know your mom will love your card and I'm sure her partner will too! How could they not?! Your cards are fantastic!! Hey, you could buy some sugar free chocolate pudding so when you get pissed off you could eat 2-3 of those instead of cake! They're pretty good!! Hope your back to snuff tomorrow!! ...debbie

  10. I received the booties in the mail the other day!!

    THANKS so much Chris... they are just lovely and baby Corbin will be wearing a pair home from the hospital after he is born! I'll do a post about them soon and show off the blue necklace I am currently making you...

  11. I have never had ginger cake before but it sounds like something I would enjoy. Hope you have a good sleep. I did. Today is Teacher's Day so no school and I woke up at noon. Yay!

  12. I love it on the green......really pretty

  13. Love your block... did you eat any Ginger Cake??? or was it too many points! Have a good sleep... Lisa

  14. OHH WOW !! that cake looks to die for !!

    I brought my first lot of fabric today !! its all pink.. think I might make a basic block quilt for my niece, she is 3 in January :)

  15. Hi Chris,
    You should have a tab at the top of your dashboard that says "next blog". I often click on this looking for blogs from around the world, and occassionally come across a great one like yours!

  16. hope the cake made you feel a bit better, i know i shouldn't encourage emo eating but...

  17. That cake looks awesome!

    I hope you get more rest tonight and feel better. I know how it feels to not get enough rest, and it makes for a long, grumpy day...


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