Sunday, September 19, 2010


ABOVE: here's me wearing my gorgeous new necklace! It is a PERFECT match with my earrings! I am in love with it! I can see me wearing it EVERY DAY.

Today we are going to Hamilton to see our Grandson Joel (oh yeah, AND his family)... cos it's his birthday, he is 6. Hopefully we will see Kelly and family too.

And here's hoping it isn't a dreadful wet day.

ABOVE: Jackie baking in my kitchen last night.. it was weird having someone else cooking in my kitchen! But...

ABOVE: ... the dessert she made was super yummy. Her hubby, Stew and I all had seconds.... poor Jackie wanted more too... but she was too late. lol

Our trip to Hamilton went well. It was a crap weather day as we expected... rain on/off all day... and when it did rain... it absolutely pissed down! Torrential!

I got a couple of photos of the flooded Waikato River:

ABOVE: The river is SUPPOSED to be beyond those trees in the distance!

ABOVE: Amanda eating cake. I did take some photos of the birthday boy and his mates.... but they all came out blurry... the little shits kept moving! Oh well, next time.
My daughters loved my new necklace too... Amanda tried to pinch it... nah aaa... ain't gunna happen!

End of Day: time to have dinner then pack Brylee's bags for her school trip tomorrow! Sheesh, I hope the weather picks up for them. It sure won't be much fun if it rains all the time. nite nite.


  1. Wow, that is really pretty. I'm like you...when I get something new that I love I want to wear it all the time.
    Have a fun day.

  2. Enjoy your day, weather bloody crappy here in Rotorua so say Hamilton will be just as bad, apparently heaps of flooding from the Waikato river. I am going there this afternoon to pick up Steph :-).

  3. Necklace and earings absolutely beautiful and suit you perfectly.

    Hope you enjoy day in Hamilton in spite of weather, For once being on the east side has meant we are sheltered from the worst. We even get peaks of sun between the stormy bits.

  4. ohh lala its very pretty !!!
    I love blue !!! and green 0o0o0o0o

    Yummy pudding looked yummy as.. wish someone would cook me pudding.. whinge!!!

  5. Hey ya scrub up good mate, lol and just love the necklace it really suits ya. Have a great day out.

  6. Glad you and all your followers like the necklace... feeling *very* proud of myself right now! :)

  7. that pudding looks yum can almost smell it

  8. Love the necklace (and earrings), gorgeous AND it looks stunning against your dark hair.

  9. The necklace is larger than I imagined and IT IS very eyecandy catching I can see you getting ALOT of favourable comments too, Christy you may have found YOUR niche for selling those lovely necklaces!!! Weather down in Taupo crappy crappy crappy.

  10. You do know that it's illegal in blog world to post pictures of such delicious looking desserts? Now I want some ... lol

    Hope the weather improves for you soon!

    Kids grow up too fast don't they? Hope Joel had a great birthday, LOVE the necklace, blue is definitely your colour!

  11. Are you an acquarius? You love sea shells and the ocean and now your necklace. Very interesting. Oh, and that dessert looked pretty delish!

  12. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Whoa! that is one beautiful necklace!! and it does go well with your ear rings for sure! Glad all went well at the Birthday party. Your kitchen is beautiful! Should be in a magazine! It looks very ultra modern!! prettty, pretty! ...debbie

  13. LOVE IT!!!

    Hope B's trip goes well for her.

  14. The necklace looks good on you! You can wear it without the pendant too! (if it's removable)

  15. the necklace is are gorgeous and so is your kitchen!! wow!! gorgeousness everywhere!!


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