Friday, October 01, 2010


ABOVE:  the Table Runner I made yesterday!  Quite nice eh?  Now I will have to make a few other co-ordinating bits for the lounge I suppose.

ABOVE:  Joshua holding Coco... she's asleep!  And doesn't look that comfy...but she had no choice, the kid wouldn't let her go!

TODAY?  Hmmmmm..... well I must get out at some stage to get Brylee some Birthday Presents!  It's her Birthday TOMORROW... shit a brick.. I better pull finger!

ABOVE:   6 of my cards  (edit:  now going to be 10 cards!).... which I am giving away to mark the first 500,000 (yeah - half a million) views of me humble blog!  All you have to do to be in to win them is leave a comment on this post.  I will draw the winner on Sunday night (KIWI time)... so you have two days!

Right... ONWARD...

What I have been doing this morning:

ABOVE:  I had nothing better to do!  Well.. of course I could do some housework... but I'm saving that until tomorrow, when there will be NO KIDS to mess it up! 

Stew is taking the boys home tomorrow, and Brylee and Griffin are going too.   I ...CAN'T...WAIT.  
I feel like death warmed up.... this cold is the pitts.  I could hardly sleep last night for the coughing and snot.  TMI?  tough tits.... you choose to read this blog eh?
At least today I was clever and loaded up with pills.

ABOVE:  I just realised that the vase in the background matches the new linen too!  Quite a happy 'accident' that was!  Same with the candles... I was not trying to match up with them either.... I just happened to love the grape fabric with the purple accents!   Cool.

My batteries just ran out.  I am over kids.  Someone shoot me now.
I am counting down the hours until Stew takes them all out tomorrow.  I want some PEACE and QUIET!

End of Day: I finally got out to do that necessary shopping... WITHOUT kids thank you very much!  I waited until Stew got home from work.  Clever thinking.  Hoping for  a quiet evening once the kids are in bed.  nite nite.


  1. I'm behind the eight ball today. Just getting around to viewing your blog so its two days in one. Hope you feel better. Have fun shopping for Birthday presents.

  2. pick me pick me lol

  3. Firstly.. happy birthday to Brylee - hope she has a wonderful day

    Chris, you constantly amaze me with your talents.. love seeing all the pictures of what you've made.. keep it coming :)

    Coco LOL it's amazing how comfortable they can be even when they don't look it LOL

    Have a great day Chris :)


  4. Your home is all things bright and beautiful!

    Congratulations on the half-million! You rock!

  5. 500,000!! That's amazing Chris:-)

  6. Wow 1/2 millon that is wonderful you are awsome. I would love those cards. Do you need some more stamps?

  7. Anonymous8:31 AM

    I don't envy you going birthday shopping - we went to Kmart last night and they had NOTHING I needed... (buying for husband but from a 4.5 year old - he got a lunchbox, a Lightening McQueen keyring and a box of tools made out of chocolate!!) Should be a laugh tonight - apparently I have to make a cake too!

    Sooo much easier to buy for girls.

    Have a good day - in the rain...

    Kate (

  8. Well done on the half million..... and happy Birthday for Brylee for tomorrow :-)

  9. Congratulations on your 500,000 visitor.

    Love the table runner.

    Happy Birthday to Brilee.

    Your cards are so beautiful. May the best person win them.

  10. Anonymous8:46 AM

    That table runner is beautiful!! You are quite artist.
    Signed: Bella

  11. The purple cloth and table runners go NICELY! I thought you just finished a cupcake one, though, or maybe I forgot.

    Anyway, your cards are super-cute! Happy half-million! :)

  12. Love the tablerunner... I love a chance to win.!! love your cards


  13. That table runner is beautiful! Is that purple? It sure matches those candles hey. Smartie!


  14. and i love the cards too they are adorable! :)

  15. Woohoo, that's a lot of views! Love your tablerunner ... matches the candles perfectly :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  16. Congratulations on your blog traffic! That is awesome!! I'm loving the table runner :) We're getting our new table this weekend *fingers crossed* so I need to look for some new runners. I'm not as talented as you. I can sew for shit! lol

  17. Ooh, I love those cards. The table runner is lovely. I love the big table. Poor coco, why is she in a cone?

  18. Wow...500,000 visitors? That's amazing! I haven't even looked at how many I've had, but nowhere near that I wouldn't think!

    Good luck birthday shopping...I hate shopping, but shopping for other people is worse I reckon!

    Beautiful cards...are you open to bribery? ;-)

  19. I love the table runner.

    Good luck with Brylees birthday shopping, I am sure she will love whatever you get her.

  20. Love the purples in the table runner and candles...its gorgeous!

    Happy half million !!

  21. ME ME ME - I love your cards and runners, and curtains and quilts and the funny words you use [well I'm not from New Zealand], and your cute adorable dogs, and your wonderfully patient and sweet husband!! Did I win???

  22. thanks for your comment!!! you are the most creative efficient person i've ever seen at work - you just get in there and it's done and not only done but done well!!! it's amazing!

    love the pic of the dog asleep, so cute!

  23. You've been busy....and what a good job you did on the table runner. I love the colors.
    Happy birthday to Brylee. I hope you got her presents so you can just take care of yourself tomorrow.

  24. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Aren't you a clever sausage!! Shaping that and everything... wow! Awesome...

    Kate (

  25. I do like the colors of your table runners. Just gorgeous.

    You were brave venturing out shopping during school holidays. Hope you managed to find something for Brylee - which I'm sure you did. I hope she has a lovely birthday.

  26. You table centrepiece is awesome!! Congrats on your blog:)

  27. so apart from that new sideboard "runner" looking lovely, the sideboard is very beautiful too. I never noticed that before.

    I do love the purple colouring. It really sets off the room. Well done!

    You have given me the bug to sew. I think I will try find some bits and pieces in blue and make something VERY simple for my table. I have only every made two patchwork things and they were both blankets. Sadly, they looked like what they were - amateur! But hey, it was fun!

  28. I love the new runners Chris - and fantastic match with the candles, vase etc!

    I hope you are feeling much better soon. A quiet day with no kids sounds like a good start :)

  29. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Well done on the half a million -
    Love the table runners


  30. So much to comment on I love the BUMBLE BEE card, the table runner and side runner are very nice I especially like the sideboard. Birthday shopping in holidays whilst unwell I don't envy that.... Hope Brylee has a nice day.

  31. It's Children's Day in Singapore today. Good idea to load up on the pills! I can't stand noise and too many kids in 1 place. Worked in a child care centre once. Had migraine every day. p.s. hope i win the CARDS.

  32. Oh Chris. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love the colours, the candles and I do so love that dresser. The fabric is gorgeous. I'd love to win another card from you. I've found a shop down here that makes them but yours are so much better. Bright, happy and cheerful. You got it girl! Have a lovely, quiet day tomorrow.

  33. love the loung suite. Love that casserole carrier well your a clever tart eh so do you think you could make that gadget from elmon that you carry muffins in? i'd be interested in one of them

  34. Pokarekare ana
    Nga wai o Waiapu
    Whiti atu koe hine
    Marino ana e.....

    pssssstttt!!! I am back! :p It is me... the girl with the lovely singing voice specialising in maori songs! *wink wink*

    I have missed you!


  35. Sorry to hear you're still not well, but my you have been creative! The table runner is lovely and I can't believe how you contoured the cover for the dresser--how clever is that!

    Hope you enjoy your kid free time . . . but I know what will happen . . . you will find it too quiet and MISS THEM, won't you? That makes it so nice when they come back.

    Happy birthdya to Brilee!!

  36. Enjoy your bliss quiet day tomorrow.

  37. The table runner and the other bit on the chest are quite lovely. I never get over how talented you are, Chris!

    Those cards are wonderful and would be right at home here in Texas with me!

    I hope that your cold is better very, very soon. Colds are just no fun at all!

  38. You make me want to sew. Considering the shape I am in that ain't happening. The table runners are gorgeous! I hope you feel better soon. Don't forget about hot toddies* you know some whisky, lemon juice and hot water in a nice mug. Sure does make you feel better.
    I'd love to win those gorgeous cards if your including the folks in the USA postage being so astronomical and all.

  39. Congrats on reaching a half a million...WOW! I love your table runner and those cards are just so sweet!

  40. Sorry babe, I agree with Linda, don't line up all the furniture along the wall - looks like the waiting room in the doc's ofice....but I love your new furniture, looks so comfortable.
    Glad your "inner purple" came together unexpectedly, looks great.
    Keep sewing - I have a new quilt cut out but haven't found the time to start...I have couple of little witches to outfit for halloween first.
    I'm starting my second week of the cold from hades, which has gone from head to chest, so I feel your pain...and the tropical storm hugging our coastline has kept us in the rain for a few days..are you sure you don't live in Florida?????

  41. Wow!!! 500000 visitors! That is a great achievement! Just love the table runner and matching piece for your sideboard!
    And those cards are awesome too! You are so talented!
    Hope you managed to have a quiet day without the kids today so you can get some rest!

  42. Your two runners are beautiful! I love all the coordinating colors and pieces you have in the room. What a great way to add a pop of color that can even be changed with the season.

    I hope you're feeling better today!

  43. Chris, your talent once again astounds me! I love how you co-ordinate everything! You are genius!

    Sorry I missed the card give-away, I love your "Chris H." originals, and treasure the one I have.


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