Sunday, September 05, 2010


Hi, it's Father's Day here in NZ... and hopefully Stew is still sleeping! It's his turn for a sleep in ... once he's awake I will give him his gift... which is a really swish tie I got from An Eye For Art in Manukau. I will show ya later.

I am thrilled to bits with the 3 quilt blocks I made using my own patterns.... a frog, a bear and a rhino! I just got pictures off the net and free-hand drew them bigger and so on. Simple!

ABOVE: my cute Rhino... and:ABOVE: an equally cute Bear...... who I havn't done the blanket stitch on yet... but when I do his legs etc will stand out more.

Off now to do a bit of housework before Stew wakes up.... well after all that, Stew did not get a sleep in his friggin phone rang at 7am and then again at 8am with clients wanting answers to questions. Grrrrrr.

Did they not think 'HEY IT'S SUNDAY, IT CAN WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW???" Idiots.

We have to go grocery shopping today, so will have lunch at Sylvia Park then get the groceries. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

LOOK! LOOK!... I made a Shih Tzu block at midnight last night!!!! Again I copied a picture off the net and redid it:

ABOVE: my Shih Tzu block... we all love it and I think we will have to keep it... maybe it will become a cushion?

Ya, the shopping is done. And I bought sommit. Guess what???

Stew had to go into work to sort out a few things, he took the kids with him... EXCELLENT! This means I get an hour or two to myself. I can read a magazine or something. Wondering what my next animal block will be???? Will think of one soon no doubt.

End of Day: quite happy about how the day went, heard from a few of the kids, which was nice. Looking forward to having a nice relaxing evening with Stew. nite nite.


  1. What about the earthquake? Did you feel it? Hope all is OK!

  2. OH nevermind, I saw it in your post after I commented. Duh!

  3. Adorable!! Love the bear and the doggy :)

  4. Love those blocks especially the dog..very cute cant wait to see the finished product :)

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Love the frog! Suppose Froggy will want it! You should put a little 'bug' on the end of his tongue. And the bear is so cute! Yes it was a bad day for the south island. Hope a third tragedy doesn't happen! WOMBAT.

  6. Loving the Rhino!!

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    love all your blocks! and I really liked the card! so colorful!! ,,,debbbie

  8. Your quilt blocks are amazing! Each one has such a sweet personality all its own.

    So glad you're safe after the earthquake and thank god no one was killed. 7.1 is huge. Oy.

    Happy weekend, jj

  9. I am loving all your blocks Chris, you are quite the creative person aren't you....glad you are enjoying your crafts, they are my relaxing time too.
    Take care xx

  10. Coco and Teddy looked so cute CLEAN!!! the new blocks are really cool I like them and I hope Stew had a nice fathers day.

  11. The dog block is SUPER cute. I bet Coco and Teddy would find it weird to lie on a doggie patch cushion? Ok, I dunno much about dogs.

  12. You've out done yourself on all of these amazing blocks! I am SO impressed!

  13. Wow, you really are a talented one, aren't you? Sewing, making fabulous cards, and you can draw, too? Those blocks are wonderful, Chris. And that little Shih Tzu looks like Coco!




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