Sunday, September 12, 2010


We are heading to Hamilton today... I've got some curtains for our Granddaughter Rena's bedroom..... it will be nice to see them again and see how they have settled into their new home.

Hopefully we will catch up with Amanda and Andrew too.

It's supposed to be another wet and miserable day again... so no point hanging around home to do any gardening (*snort*) ... as if Stew WANTED to eh?

It will be nice to take the day off and do nothing!

So, until we get back... I'll leave you with a couple of 'funnies':

MY god, what a day! It rained all the way to Hamilton, and at times it was so heavy you could hardly see! I was busting for a piddle but we couldn't stop as I would have gotten drenched getting in and out of the car.. so I held on till we got there! Not a nice feeling I can assure you!
ABOVE: Kelly had a haircut! It is really cute, and makes her look more like an 'adult' than before! lol... she is always being mistaken for being much younger than she is (28)... I had the same 'problem' when I was younger too.
ABOVE: wee Rena. She loves it when we visit, she loves playing with Brylee and Griffin.
Now that we are home... it's time to get dinner sorted, washing dried... bla bla bla.... as another week looms. Only 2 more weeks until the school holidays!
End of Day: I managed to make 8 more cards this evening while watching the telly... they are just a wee bit different from the other ones. Will show ya tomorrow, for now... it's 11.03pm and I'm off to bed! nite nite.


  1. That first note was a riot!

  2. Ha ha . . . love the funnies. How cute is Rena?!

  3. hehehe loved that 1st note !

    Gorgeous pic of Rena...what a cutie she is !

  4. Check my blog tomorrow... all the deets on your necklace... will post it on Tuesday. xxx

  5. Very funny funnies Rena looks so grown up now and it rained here all day in Taupo so not cutey cutey!

  6. Adorable girls! Totally LOL with the Dr. Ruth thing, might have to share that lol

  7. Rena is so cute! How old is she?

  8. Also, it's 9.25am and you haven't updated your blog? Hope everything is ok xx

  9. Anonymous12:25 PM

    chris...rena is getting so big! adorable. congrats on the new grand coming.


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