Saturday, September 04, 2010


Well? Do you think he's cute or what! I think he's awesome... and can't wait to do the blanket stitch ... that will enhance him even more. Thinking of giving him yellow suckers on his toes too....

Today: not sure what we will get up to today, it's pretty crap weather. Might just stay home and get some housework done. Also want to work on getting a new vege garden dug up on our back yard.. that area gets way more sunshine and will be a much better place for me vege garden.

Poor Stew is NOT looking forward to having to do that! But luckily for me... he always does what will make me happy! lol... it's that or I'll be impossible to live with! *smiles*... noooooo, not really!

There was a big earthquake in the South Island of New Zealand in the middle of the night... we did not feel a thing as we are hundreds of miles north of where it struck.

Christchurch is the biggest city in the South Island. It has had a lot of damage done, but so far by the look of it, no fatalities, which is a miracle. It was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake:

ABOVE: a couple a photos from the net of Christchurch, the centre of the quake. It would appear there has been a lot of structural damage to older buidings and infrastructure (water, communications etc).

Stew is going to be affected by this quake, he just got a phone call from the General Manager of his company. Their company's call centre is in Christchurch, so Stew will have to 'man the phones' until Monday as no one will be able to ring the Call Centre in Christchurch, as the central business area of Christchurch in is 'lock down'. Oh yep, he's gunna love that... but it's 'all hands to the pump' as he just said.

Stew and I have just been lazing the day away! I had lots of plans for doing a new vege garden, quilting etc... but instead we have just blobbed out all day! Must be tired.

Sadly, there was another very bad happening here in New Zealand this evening, a small plane crashed down in the South Island and killed all 9 people on board. It has not been a good day for many.

End of Day: and I am happily sewing in my room... kids are quiet watching ICarly on the telly, and his nibs is happy watching rugby. All is good here. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Your little green frog is adorable!! love that tongue! Hey did you feel the 7.2 Earthquake in New Zealand?? or are you living on the lower part (island??) I mowed. It's started to rain here. thank goodness, we need rain bad!!...debbie

  2. Froggy is gorgeous.

    Had a txt from D-I-L Christchurch. The news media is very slack. Major earthquake 3 hours ago and they are slow off the mark. I can't understand why there is nothing from Darfield yet.

  3. Oh my gosh he's so cute!

  4. That frog is just adorable! Can't wait to see it finished!

  5. Cute frog! Just read about the earthquake and thought I would pop over here to check what you had to say. Glad there were no fatalities but the damage looks scary.

  6. I knew right away that you-all would be ok, but I had no idea at the extensiveness of the damage until I saw some news sites. Hope Stew is able to comfort his friends and do well manning the phones.

  7. Thank God you are ok! I'm at my parents house and just heard the news! They are showing a lot of damage.

    I'm so glad you are ok!

  8. Awwww what a cute wee froggie !!!

    The earth quake is cary seeing a it was meant to be Wellington where it was hit arrgggh scary as.

    I got my material today its beautiful !!

  9. ohhh the frog is sooooooo cute

  10. I'm glad you are so far from the location of the earthquake. What a mess that is. It has been on the news a lot here. I hope all comes well for Stew's company.

  11. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your comment, I need some support! Glad to hear you're not near the earthquake, really scary stuff.

  12. I'm writing this from my Mum's house - we are without water and power at our place - even though we are only 1km from my Mum's. Thankfully very little damage to our area (although still getting aftershocks as I write this). The photo you have under the map picture is of a jewellery shop just around the corner from my work - I'm wondering how bad things will look at work when I get there - probably Monday. At the moment the area is cordoned off.

  13. That EQ in Christchurch is scary. My family are there as are my in laws - no damage to either luckily. We have cancelled meetings on Monday because we have clients there that are affected and need to monitor their insurance claims. One in particular has major damage.

    Like Stews company, it is all hands on deck for all of us.

  14. HI Hon, glad your safe, scary news coming out of New Zealand. Your little frog is very cute and I have also posted on my blog a thank you post and link to your blog. Your duck is making friends with Percy:)

  15. I'm glad you and your family are safe. Take care.

  16. Holy crap that's a horrible earth quake!

  17. That froggy is GORGEOUS! He is just lovely! :-)

  18. That froggy is just the cutest thing. I think little yellow suckers on his feet would look great!

    I am praying for all of the people there in New Zealand affected by the earthquake, and even those that weren't but may have family/friends that were. And I'm really sorry to hear about that plane much sorrow for one day!




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