Thursday, September 16, 2010


WHY THE HELL.... is it that 99% of the time when the phone goes, or someone knocks at your door... THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY?

Whether it's for a charity or to (SO THEY SAY) save me money... they really just want your money!

I am totally at the end of my wick with it. Twice yesterday I had people knock on my door (which incidentally, sets the dogs barking their friggin heads off) ... and once I get to the door, unlock it and open it I am already annoyed... to find some bloody salesperson there wanting to sell me something! FAR OUT! I am not even polite anymore, it's beyond a joke!

And let's not even go with the phone! I answer the phone now and say "What are you trying to sell me"? if I don't know who it is! And let me tell you, some of them are freaking liars... they say "OH NO" I'm not trying to sell you anything! Then launch into their spiel about how their "this, that and the other thing" can HELP ME so much! Pfffffft. One guy keeps ringing me... like every other week, to see if I am interested NOW? I could throttle him. He's a right prick.

Grrrrrrr..... rant over.

ABOVE: Been ignored lately? Have I not been answering your texts? Might be cos I got a new mobile phone number. Cos I really, really want to get NO MORE NASTY TEXTS. Some people can be so nice one day... then really horrid the next. over it.

Today: well at least I won't be home for a good chunk of this morning and midday! Taking Griffin to his Speld Lesson. Yaaaaa.

I almost took a photo of our sky yesterday... as it was a really lovely sunny day! Today? Pissing down with rain and cold again. *sigh*... and we are in for more rain and gale force winds .... I AM SICK TO DEATH of all this rain.

I'm having a right moan of a day, can ya tell? To cap it off... Griffin's new school shoes have been lost... (stolen) school. I say stolen as they cannot be found, and I have searched let me assure you!

I had another look around the school later on this morning.. and found the blasted shoes! Yaaaa.... that was a relief.

Griffin went to his lesson, I sat in the car and made dots.... and since coming home I've done... NOTHING! I'm just not in the mood to do anything. Crabby.

Don't ya just love days like that? Hard to find anything to be happy about. I suppose I should get on with making something for dinner....

Thank You Jackie... I have just done that! I registered me and Stew on the 'Do Not Call' list with the Marketing Association. Hopefully I won't get so many time wasting, god-damn annoying phone calls now.

ABOVE: COMFORT. FOOD. there is nothing else to say.

End of Day: that gawd today is nearly over... and I hope I wake up tomorrow in a better mood. nite nite.


  1. could try what my dad does when they get telemarketers...ask them to "hang on for just a second" for whatever reason you may or may not give, put the phone down on the bench and walk costs them and each time you do it the less likely they will call back. I hate begging calls too, they drive me insane, especially when they "thank" me for supporting them the year before ...WTF... I must have done it in my sleep because there are very few I one or two.

    Keep your chin up, left you a msg on Pepsi. I have news for you :-)

  2. We have all that going on here and just got over having political ads and calls along with it. One crazy candidate knocked on my door at least 6 times. Aarg! I did not vote for him.

  3. Those calls drive me nuts too!! We've got this do not call website in Oz - it's cut them down a LOT.

    Joy :o)

  4. I just no I'm not interested thanks, BUT one night I lost my cool and said YEAH ok send me the product I'll trial it for free F#@K it up and send it back FREIGHT FORWARD!!!! lol

  5. We have a Federal No Call list in US too. It helps so much...but those pesky political those really burn me up.

    Have the same problem with my dogs too. Long after whoever was at the door is gone, the doggies are still agitated.

  6. We have been inundated with them heaps lately as well..... HATE them. Have a good day, raining here again surprise surprise lol...

  7. Hardly anyone calls our house phone anymore (I quit putting the number on anything) so it's always either someone selling something or the one friend my daughter has that refuses to call her cell phone for some reason.

  8. we have our numbers on that list where they aren't by law, allowed to call us. not sure if NZ has something like that. as for nasty texts, that person should get a life, man, every second we are healthy is a gift, do we really want to waste it by being a nasty git??

    our weather has been so good but i love rain...

    hope your day gets better!!

  9. I don't have that many people asking for money, but what we DO have heaps of is horrible, pushy real-estate agents knocking our door down asking if we are planning to sell or know of anyone planning to sell.

    They shove their cards and pamphlets into our front door and leave endless crap in the letter-box. They phone the house too, saying they "have a buyer interested in your house".... doubt it...!

  10. Get caller ID. That way you know who's calling before you pick up the phone. Get a peep hole in your door so that you can see who is there. BTW, if it rains more than 2 days in a row, just medicate me! I just can't take dark, cold and dreary.

  11. I HATE those unsolicited calls. When I was home on maternity leave many years ago, all of a sudden I was getting TONS of them.

    I asked for my name to be taken of the direct marketing register or what ever it is, this reduces it heaps. Also, no matter what their criteria, I tell them we don't own our house (that gets rid of a lot), there is no one in the house in the age range they require.

    My best defence now is as soon as they start talking I say " not interested thank you" and hang up.

    A friend of mine asks them "how much", they say it won't cost him anything & he says no how much are you going to pay me for my time and when they splitter that they won't be paying him, he tells them to stop wasting his time and hangs up.

    Oh and the God Bothers who come around, you can tell them you want to be put on the do not visit list and they are not allowed to come back for either 3 or 5 years.

    Hopefully they will eas up soon.

  12. This is how I answer the door, "What do you want?" or "Nobody's home.". Once it was the postwoman and she was really not amused. The property people are the worst! Always calling me up asking me to sell my flat. My response is becoming, "What's wrong with you?"

  13. Anonymous3:57 PM

    go to the Fairgo website and you can opt out of being on lists - since doing that it has reduced the amount of calls we get, still get them but nowhere near as much as before. Hope your day improves, tell Stew to take over when he gets home and have a large drink!


  14. ooh, bad day. I think you deserve a glass (or two) of wine with dinner tonight.

  15. Anonymous7:32 PM

    yuuuum... I am coming to your place for a piece of that.... (I actually WOULD if I didn't live in Onehunga and you down "south"...

    Had one of those days too!!

    Kate (

  16. Your grumpy mood matches your weather!! Me too...sick to death of the rain here also:(

  17. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Yep, the do not call register is brilliant. No more curry muchers trying to flog mobiles. They must think we don't have mobile phone stores in Oz. We still get the odd charity ringing up from a capital city, but I just tell them I would rather my money stay in my country town instead of the big cities geting it. WOMBAT

  18. Hope you sleep well and have a better day tomorrow.

  19. When the telemarketers ring me I tell them I am breast feeding. They hang up straight away - LOL!!

    And my youngest is 9 - haha.

  20. That comfort food looks wonderful! Sorry you need it but . . . it just had to have made you feel better.

    I agree about the people ringing the doorbell to sell you something . . .annoying!

  21. That's why we screen our calls with caller id. If I don't know it, I don't answer it. And how can you like cake, but not cupcake? A cupcake is like a tiny cake, but cuter.


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