Monday, September 13, 2010


So.... who's is it?












Sick of this yet? lol

Number # 7 Grandbaby, courtesy of Amanda and Andrew! Due in February.. and I can't wait!

Stew and I are thrilled to bits for them... they have wanted a baby of their 'own' for ages and it took quite a while for this wee one to happen. Good things are worth waiting for eh?

Today: off to patchwork.... still working on the baby quilts... some of the blocks are going to be pictures for Christmas ... or held for the next few grandbabies. *smiles*

OOOOPS! I forgot to publish! It was 'saved' only.. so here is today's post... rather late.

Patchwork today was nice.... I came home afterwards and have been doing housework ever since. Monday's are the pitts.

Q: Did Brylee enjoy the rugby? She seemed to enjoy it... and does want to go again! That surprised me.
Q: Do we know what the new grandbaby is? Nope... not yet!

Next scan is in about 3 weeks, hopefully they will find out then.

Been a busy afternoon.... started working on yet another block for a baby quilt... it's the Hippo/Rhino one again... cos I love it! *smiles*

Yaaa.. I have 6 blocks ready to be joined together on one of the quilts! OOOO fun.

End of Day: spent the evening putting 6 blocks together... AND I managed to match up the sashings! First time I've done THAT! lol nite nite.


  1. Congratulations on the grand baby. Although for a micro second I wondered if it was Stew and yourself. LOL ! Babies are fabulous

  2. Anonymous12:54 PM

    love your hair chris....robin mum to two.

  3. Yay for babies number 7 goodness when is the baby due? and it will have nice booties and quilts and some nice wallhanging things judging by all the baby sewing you have been doing!!! congrats to the parents too, although they made it we can fuss over the baby too. lol

  4. Oh wonderful congrats on the new baby. My last grandchild will be born in Dec.

  5. That is awesome!! Congrats!! I know you must be excited!!

  6. Yay! that is fantastic, do they know what they're having?

  7. Congratulations, I bet you & Stew are thrilled - another wee grandbaby.

    Did Brylee love the rugby or will she be at home with you next time??

  8. Oh how exciting...another grandchild! Congratulations to you and Stew, and to Amanda and Andrew, too. She looks so great...skinny little thing, even with her "baby belly"! :o)



  9. Yay - that is great news. Congrats Chris, and Amanda.
    Have a great day Chris.


  10. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Someones getting a pretty blue necklace!

  11. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Yay Babies!!!! Congrats!!!

  12. How exciting. Your delight is very special too.

    I'm looking forward to your new and exclusive designs for baby quilts, *smile*

  13. Big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on grandbaby #7.

    Very exciting news!! xxxx

  14. Ooooohhhhhh congrats.....I love exciting

  15. Congrulations! Not that I'd want to have another kid, but I really liked being pregnant. I loved the clothing and my skin was amazing. Oh well. Maybe in my next life I'll be a breeder.

  16. Congratulations on the new grand-baby Chris! That's so exciting and I'm very happy for your whole family!


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