Saturday, July 31, 2010


This will be quick...
This morning we will go out and about as per normal for a Saturday morning.

Later on this afternoon I am expecting my friend Chris D to arrive from Palmerston North... she is en route to London and will spend the afternoon here until she has to catch her flight ... she's in for a long haul trip!

She's going to Hartlepool where her late Husband's family are... she's taking his ashes to be scattered on his homeland. So, quite a special trip for her.

That's all from me right now.... back later.

ONWARD... ABOVE: Griffin only makes my bed so he can have fun arranging the pillows/cushion... todays effort is called a 'ROBOT' design! He is quite creative if you ask me. Love that kid.

We are off to visit the SIL in hospital now, she's going to be in there until at least Monday now...she must be wrapt! Still, it's better to be safe than sorry... she lives on her own in a fairly isolated area.
ABOVE: on our way to the hospital this morning, I saw this vehicle... it's a modified Toyota Van... like it!
Stew's sister has a viral infection the doctor's think... and she should be OK to go home tomorrow. Hope it's not 'catching' as we have all been exposed to her and her virus now!

Lunch in Henderson, then we went out to the airport and picked up Chris D, and she spent a few hours chillin at our place:

ABOVE: Coco certainly enjoyed her visit! Spoilt little tartlet! *smiles*... after dinner we took Chris back to the airport for the first leg of her journey... 10 hours to Los Angeles, to be followed by a 12 hour leg to London. THEN she has to catch yet another plane to Hartlepool! Rather her than me... though I envy her leaving our wet and cold climate for summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

End of a very busy day... and I can't stop yawning. Might just try to have an early night. nite nite.


  1. That must be such a hard trip for your friend.
    It will be nice to see her.

  2. What an emotional trip for your friend. I hope all goes well.
    I also hope things go well for your SIL and that they have found out what is causing her pain.

  3. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Griffin has a great artistic mind!!...debbie

  4. That will be an emotional trip for sure, Griffin had to smile that was a BOY arrangement, NO doubt you will be had it after todays efforts of hospital visitors and airports perhaps? easy dinner ME FEELS!!!

  5. Hope your SIL recovers quickly!
    I love your quilt!
    The fabric from below is wonderful-
    I haven't been on in a while- had my computer crash AGAIN!- and now have a new one!

  6. Enjoy your time with Chris D...and ohhh love the robot design on your bed...go Griffin !

  7. Hope all goes well with your SIL. At least she's in a good place right now!

    Glad you got to spend some time with your good friend. Prayers for a safe flight!

    Coco is getting so big! What a love!

  8. Coco is darling. She looks like she doesn't ever wanna leave Chris D's bosom!! Griffin is creative, isn't he?

  9. That van is a little scary! Imagine driving behind that thing . . . just waiting for it to open its big, ugly mouth and gobble your car up!

  10. LOL @ Griffin's artistic arrangement of pillows! Coco is sooo cute, gotta love furballs. Hope Chris has a safe journey.

  11. ACK! Hope no one else gets the virus!

    Coco looks so freaking relaxed and happy there :)

  12. That is one terrifying vehicle!


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