Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ABOVE: Griffin has been 'helping' me with the housework... he has decided he will make my bed for me... and every day it's like a lucky dip to see how he's arranged the pillows! He makes my bed so much better than his own too!
ABOVE: woo hoo.. another good buy! They were reduced by 50%, so the new alphabet only cost $77.... SCORE! And I seem to have a 'thing' for heart dies! lol I'm a soppy tart.

Now that all our visitors are gone.. it's time to relax for a day or two before we head over the hills to Whitianga to see our Grandson Joshua. Still not sure what we are doing with the dogs, may end up having to take them with us. Oh well... it's only for two days I suppose!

I am sitting here at my computer, trying to read and comment on lots of blog updates I have missed over the past few days... and I'm freezing.... first time I've felt really cold during the day. It's another beautiful mid-winter's day here, clear sky, crisp air.... and I have bloody cold feet! Must put me slippers on!


Feeling..... very let down. We were supposed to be staying with a family member in Whitianga on Friday night... now we can't stay there. *sigh*... so I think we will be just doing a flying visit up there on Saturday to see Joshua then coming right home again. Bummer.

ABOVE: my sewing/craft room... is starting to get very cluttered, so tomorrow Stew is going to put a shelf or two up above the sewing table for all me bits 'n' bobs. Yaaaaa.

ABOVE: cards I have been working on this afternoon, they are just so cute... don't ya think so??? *smiles*

End of Day: spent some time trying another set of cards.. with the little blue feet tonight. Am knackered now... off to bed. nite nite.


  1. well the good thing about taking the dogs is that they are little and don't take up much room. Isn't it fun to see what kids come up with? Creativity runs in the family.

  2. Kids and beds are funny Samuel and I make our beds then turn back sheets and blankets halfway TO AIR the sheets when he was 5 he slept over and said to me "Ohhhh muma they don't make their beds properly !!) kids IF we weren't rushing around sorting karate stuff We would have gladly come up and DOG SITTED!! ONLY 6 more sleeps....

  3. I guess the more you take the dogs the better they will get at travelling & it will be a breeze eventually.

  4. Griffin is very artistic with the bed.....I wonder where he got that?
    That cold sounds pretty good since it is nearly 100 F here today.

  5. How great that Griffin wants to help with the housework! When he's finished at your house, can you send him on over to mine? :o)

    Hope you warm up those feet!



  6. I quite like Griffin's style. LOL!

  7. That's how my kids do their beds too if they ever feel so inclined.

  8. Very cute cards :)
    Impressed you are having help with the house work!

  9. Good for you getting the kids to help out around the house. Darn shame things aren't going as planned on the travel front. Have a good trip and enjoy your visit. Love the cards very cute.

  10. Griffin certainly does have a way with the pillow arranging, doesn't he?

    Those buggy cards are adorable. You never cease to impress me with your creativity!

  11. Anonymous5:05 AM

    I tried posting yesterday, but it wouldn't let me. There was no post box. Seems fine today. Griffin did a great job on making your bed. Love your red, white, and blue bedding!! Would you not put your pups in a kennel together? Lincoln goes in from time to time if there is no one around to check on him. It's so much easier for me....debbie

  12. Love Griffin's style! I especially LOVE those little cards...THEY ARE SO HAPPY!


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