Tuesday, July 13, 2010


ABOVE: A Totally different card... well sorta! I didn't sew material on the backing card... I made a Yo-Yo and sewed it on instead! I think it looks neat. Hopefully so will the shop.

ABOVE: Remember I said we were having Pizza for dinner the other night? Well ... we did!

ABOVE: Rena... All Clean after her bath, sitting on Grandad.

ABOVE: I fussy cut these damn cute feet out of the fat quarter Amanda bought me the other day in Devonport... I'm going to use them on me wee gift cards... when I get back into me card making/sewing room!

TODAY: got a few things I want to do in town... then of course Kelly and Rena will be heading home to Hamilton. ... so I shall be wanting to do a good deal of housework too sometime today, I've done bugger all while we've had visitors. Dust never sleeps!

ONWARD... shopping done... now home and having morning tea.

Been busy... Kelly and Rena gone home, house vacumed, floors washed, bedding all away, washing out... bla bla bla! Fell asleep after lunch for an hour.. must be tired!

End of Day: Spent the evening cutting more card... and watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practise... both riveting tonight! nite nite


  1. Wow that's some pile of pizza, I think I like the new card it grows on you. Rena looked tired on Granddad's knee housework yip the bane of every housewife, I need to garden THAT'S if the blardy ground would UNFREEZE 2 x -5 frosts this week and 2 x -3 frosts !!! and it is RAW COLD!

  2. Hey gorgeous

    Am glad that you spent some time with you girls and granddaughter. LOVE the photo of stew and rena together - beautiful.

    Have a great day!!


  3. I love the card with the 'yo-yo' on it!! It kind of looks like a flower.

    I noticed on your side bar you're aiming to lose 15kgs by Christmas - I'm thinking of joining you, it definitely doable ah?

  4. Hope your day is as beaut as it is down here.... now the ice has defrosted it is gorgeous :-)

  5. I love the picture of Stew and Rena. Those little feet are very cute and will make nice wee cards.

  6. Cute pics and the lil feet are precious!

  7. That's an awful lot of pizza's.

    We had all the kids out here on Sunday night - with partners. An excuse to buy another couple of dinner sets. Might have to extend the table and the house, lol.

  8. You are one incredibly busy woman! No wonder you are tired!!

  9. I love pizza. In college, I could almost eat a large pizza by myself.

  10. It is a lot of pizza.

    Can I join you, Kim and Bri in losing 15 kilos by Christmas???

  11. Sounds like another fun filled day with family. Mmmmmm pizza. Hope you don't feel too lonely tomorrow now that everyone has headed home.

  12. Is it just me or does Rena look a bit out of sorts after her bath?

  13. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Holy Cow! THAT is a LOT of Pizza!! How many were you feeding? That looks like enough for a small army! lol Love your cards! They are soooo colorful!!...debbie

  14. a yo-yo on a card?

    i love it!

  15. O my beautiful little New Zealander! You have certainly had your hands full , haven't you?

    We all love pizzas over here too.There for a while I was a smart cookie and made up about 8 pizzas and took one of those file holders that people have on their desks -you know, looks like fingers sticking up - I made the pizzas and had all the mess to just clean up one time and then I would freeze the pizzas laying down and after they froze I would slide them in the fingers , but now the fingers were laying down facing each other with just enough space to slide them apart so the pizzas fit . That way I always had a pizza when one of the kids came to visit. But now the cheese is almost too expensive to buy.

    Totally adored your card - I love yo-yo's . I cannot get over how you are growing in knowledge with each card you make. That is wonderful you found somewhere to show them.

    The baby is so sweet. Don't they just break your heart when they are that little and innocent?


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