Friday, July 23, 2010


******What was written here has now been deleted.****

Now.... I am off to work at the Hospice Shop.....OOOOh AND later on today (after school) I am off to Hamilton to pick up our Granddaughter Rena, who is coming to stay ON HER OWN with us!!!


I LOVE working at the Hospice Shop! It's so busy, the ladies who work there are just so much fun.... and I get to buy stuff I don't really need... but just HAVE TO GET! LOL
I did buy a few things today, but right now I don't have time to show you... I must grab myself some lunch, pick up the kids and leave for Hamilton to get Rena... back here later....
It's later! And we have been to Hamilton, picked up Rena and are now home again. Rena has been FANTASTIC, not a single whimper.. yakked the whole way home and fell asleep like.... 2 minutes from home! Typical. Now, my bargins from today:
ABOVE: This gorgeous dress and matching necklace, for one of my girls...
ABOVE: this tie for Stew....
ABOVE: this totally to die for silver/Rosewood serving dish... it was only $1 as it has a broken leg... which I am sure we can do something with to fix it....
And finally ...
ABOVE: a cute wee American Walnut box (had to buy it, it's got a boat carved on it!) and a solid lead crystal ashtray ( I know, we don't smoke, have NO use for it) but it is soooo pretty! I am sure I can find something to use it for, even if it's only as a paper weight!
That's it.... off to feed the kids dinner now... spagetti on toast! lol
Has to be something easy tonight, I'm like.... TIRED!
End of Day: and I'm totally exhausted! Worked in the shop till 1pm, then the drive to and from Hamilton... then add looking after wee Rena and once she was asleep, making half a dozen more cards....and yep, I'm ready for my bed! It's 11.56pm!!! I do get carried away in me 'craft' room! nite nite.
Oh, and thanks for all the suggestions!


  1. Awesome about Rena and as for the duck I would write it off and in future ask for money up front. And I would not name and shame just because I would not lower myself to that standard. Have a happy weekend :-)

  2. ABSOLUTELY pursue her. No-one should get away with that sort of behaviour!

  3. Ask again for the money and then chalk it up to a learning experience. Your work, time, and worth is far too valuable to give away, so next time ask for $ up front. It's only fair.

  4. I would ask her one more time about it and then leave it alone. Not worth your efforts to do much more.

  5. NAME and SHAME've already reminded her once.

  6. Maybe I am a bitch at and shame her..people like that just piss me off and so what, I might be "lowering" myself to her standards, but this damn world is too "PC" at times, what happened to a bit of old fashioned "eye for an eye" and hope they (the offender) learned by it. Show the pic...mind you I think you did in an older blog?

    Hope you have a better day :-) xx

  7. Have Fun with Rena!!

    Email her and ask for the money, if she doesn't pay/ reply with in a certain time period. NAME AND SHAME!

  8. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Ask again then name and shame. Give her the benefit of the doubt just in case she genuinely has forgotten!

    Which hospice shop do you work at?

    I am hopefully going to sneak away from work for a while today while my boss uses my computer! Might hunt out your cards at Manukau Mall!

    Kate (

  9. It is disappointing that someone you trusted let you down.

    I think you should email her one last time, point out that you are upsset & disappointed because you sent her the duck in good faith, she has made promises to pay and yet has renegged on those promises. Finish by saying you would appreciate payment within the next 7 days.

    If she doesn't pay up then it is up to you to decide if you want to name & shame her or leave it, do what feels best for you.

  10. I would ask again - one last shot. Cheeky really - the woman not you!

  11. Ask again. It's your money, and there is nothing worse than having to wait, whether she has forgotten or has no intention of paying. Keep asking.

  12. I agree 100% with Tracy...ask again and let her know how disappointed and upset you are. Give her one more chance to make it right...then do what you feel is best.

    I do think three or four months is a really long time to have to wait to be paid!!! So, I guess in the future you will have to ask for the $$$ up front. It's really a shame because I think most people are honest, but there is always one or two... :o(



  13. I can't believe somebody would do that. It is really awful. I would keep asking and ask again....make sure she can't say she forgot, then you will know what she is up to.

  14. Chris, rule Number 1. NEVER send anyone, no matter how much you think you trust the fella, any item before you get the money. Since you're so bothered over it, you should send one last reminder. If she doesn't pay, just write it off as a lesson and forget about it.

  15. I'd name and shame her so she can't do that to anyone else. I know someone who quilted a quilt for someone and never got paid. When the quilt was received done she went on and on about how lovely it was. Almost a year later she started saying it was a lousy job, yeah right. Now she has her own quilting business and I hope some day some does it to her back.

  16. That woman not paying is just not on! Some people! I would ask her again and if she doesn't pay up, just forget it... put it behind you.

    Life is too short!

  17. It is tantamount to theft and fraud all in one YOU can't leave a shop without buying first with said item!!! and she has procured said item with no intention on paying ASK one last time DOES she read your BLOG point out that you will name and shame her on your blog for all of us to see perhaps that will jog her memory that OHHHH YES I had an item made and I need to pay for it pronto and SEND some extra $ to cover my slip up and to show goodwill. IF no payment forthcoming insist on payment FIRST up before you even start sewing!

  18. Ohhhhh nana has Rena nana has Rena try not to over spoil her!!! lol famous last words.

  19. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I would ask her for the money one more time and then if no luck...In the future I would ask for the money up front before sending anything else.

    We live and learn :O)

    Michelle x

  20. That's fantastic about Rena coming for a visit! I'm sure you will enjoy the heck out of her!

    As for the Duck stinks that someone would do that to you, it really does! It happens though, and you just have to decide how much time and energy you want to put into pursuing it. I'd give her one last reminder, and give her a last chance to cough up the cash....and might even say something along the lines of "I'd hate to have to mention your name in my blog as someone who cheated me out of something I worked hard on..."

  21. I'm a 3 strikes and you're out kind of girl. Ask for the $$$ three times then let the bad karma have its way with her.


  22. Amanda7:59 PM

    Ask once more for payment by 7 days, then name and shame so everyone else knows you mean business... but really you do live and learn... your a "little business" dont let stock go out with out people paying for it.
    Oh and better hide you purchases for today.... otherwise my bag will buldge next time I leave your place! :-D

  23. Penny8:45 PM

    Hi Chris,

    Like your commenters, I think this is terrible, and I hope she hasn't done this on purpose (although I realise there is a possibility she has). I just want to point out sometimes people are genuinely absent minded, forgetful etc. I am one of them. I'd be mortified to think I had done this to someone, and would rectify it immediately if I realised / was sent a reminder.

    I also realise how hard it is for us to send a gentle reminder, because it feels like we are nagging, or don't trust them. However, after this period of time, whether her intentions were good or bad, a reminder cannot hurt. After that, if you don't get a result, do whatever you see fit. Don't feel bad about reminding her. And if you get no result, take the suggestion of the others and receive payment first.

    Hope this helps. Have a great weekend!


  24. mmmm I'd ask again and see what happens, not sure what I would do.

    Ohhhh enjoy your time with you are so gonna have fun !

  25. I agree with everyone else, you might just have to write this one off. Next time money first, no money no ducky! Have fun with Rena.

  26. You remind me of my favorite Aunt Donna who volunteer at the local hospital gift shop. She never comes home empty handed! Your treasures are wonderful.

  27. just so you know, that lead crystal ashtray would look great full of either smarties, M&ms, or Koolmints! :-)

  28. I missed the question, must have been a good one!

    Love the ashtray! Hard to find nice pieces like that nowadays!


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