Monday, July 12, 2010


ABOVE: Waiting for the ferry to Devonport.

ABOVE: the girls after shopping... Lacy already had her hat, Amanda and Kelly bought their's in Devonport.

ABOVE: as you can see, it was a beautiful, midwinters day!

ABOVE: Keeping the kids quiet while waiting for the ferry in Devonport.

ABOVE: the conductor on our train... I asked him if they had a toilet on the train (I was busting for a pee) and he said "No sorry, we don't have any TRAINS on board" ... then we all cracked up cos I am SURE there were no trains ON THE TRAIN! He was a really lovely man. We gave him a hard time, and I told him I was going to put him on me blog!

ABOVE: on the ferry, Griffin being a dork.

ABOVE : our darling son/grandson Griffin.
ABOVE: Pensive.....

ABOVE: the twit....

ABOVE: playing with his (Andrew's) new iphone.....

ABOVE: kisses in the park....

ABOVE: three sisters sharing some fun moments in the park....

ABOVE: caught all three of them with silly faces! My girls... love them all! (well... most of the time) lol
Today (Monday)... we are going out to find a portable wardrobe thingee for her flat in Kerikeri.... and I need some paua shell buttons from Spotlight...

The girls and I did a mini-dash out ... left 5 kids with Andrew! LOL
Got the few things on our list.... home now and just chilling.... WELL... I'm not!

I have folded up and put away all the bedding, dragged the mattress's down into the garage again, tidied the house, done the dishes, cleaned out the fridge, made the lunch... you get the drift!

Lacy has left for Kerikeri... a long drive for her. Amanda and Andrew and boys are leaving this afternoon, which only leaves Kelly and Rena... who are leaving tomorrow! Phew... it's been busy.

Hee hee... I fell asleep on my lounge chair holding Rena... who was also asleep... APPARENTLY I snore. Pfffffft.... I DO NOT! Do I?

End of Day: I'm pooped! Dinner is left over meatloaf and veges... nice and easy. I hope to have a relaxing, quiet evening! Will be back to 'normal' blog reading/commenting tomorrow afternoon! nite nite.


  1. Yea! It looks like you all had a wonderful time in Devonport.

  2. Well look at your gawjus family!!!! What a fabulous day out :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  3. Hi

    I love reading your blog


  4. looks like ya'll had a blast. Your one daughter is a dead ringer for YOU!

  5. The dress. WOW!!!! you look fabulous.

    The T-shirts. Sooo Coool.

    Devonport in fact the whole weekend. You are building wonderful memories.

    If you have time give me a call and we can catch up over coffee.

  6. Midwinter and someone's wearing a singlet! Gosh, what do kids nowdays feel? They never wear a jacket here in Adelaide either and it's bloody freezing! :-)

    Looks like you had a great weekend! x

  7. Love the T-shirts! You are so creative.

    Your MOTB dress is gorgeous! You look so elegant and slim!!!

  8. Love looking at your photos and seeing how much fun you all had! I wish I lived close to my family (they are about 1,000 miles away) sister and I are really close and looking at all your photos makes me miss her even more!

    I'm glad that you all got to get together and have loads of family fun!



  9. sounds like your family weekend went pretty well

  10. Of course you don't snore - you have never heard it have you :-)

    I hope someone took a photo of you & Rena (although hopefully not a video with sound)

  11. Oh what an awesome weekend you've had!

  12. Snore cause ya snore who doesn't and WHAT we do when we are blissfully asleep is no ones business BUT OURS!!! ha

  13. Anonymous1:45 AM

    Your girls are darling. The whole bunch of you looked like you were having a ball!! Wemon don't snore. What silly person said THAT??! no, you don't snore. lol ...debbie

  14. Chris -

    I am so glad that you had a good time with your family. The girls look adorable in their hats!

  15. Thats one tough winter you've got going on, all that green and people out in short sleeves. I really envy you! Looks like you've had a good time with the family. Hope you don't find the house too quiet after everyone leaves.

  16. You do have some beautiful kids there and I'm glad you're getting spoilt.


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