Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sometimes I get tired of blogging!

And sometimes I wonder why I do it?

Is it for me... HELL YES! I love doing it... but just lately it's become a bit of a chore. I am totally focused on getting the rather large order from the Whitianga shop done and dusted, so it's not hanging over my head.

But then I feel I am neglecting my blog... and you will all get bored shitless with me and my friggin cards... and stop visiting and commenting!

It means a lot to me when you do visit and comment...IT REALLY DOES. It makes me feel like I am not 'alone' here, plugging away at my cards, doing housework, caring for the kids, struggling to lose weight, being a crabby old tart!

I don't know where this is going really.... just wanted to say I am struggling to keep a balance I suppose. I miss my laptop computer... I could curl up in my lounge chair in the evenings and read blogs for ages... but ... I killed it. And it looks like Steve cannot resurrect it from the dead either... dammit. AND I can't afford to buy another one. *double damn*

Yesterday worked well though, I allocated a certain amount of time to the necessary jobs, blogging and card making... so I suppose I am on the right track?

Later on I will take a photo of my latest card creations.... and bore you all some more!

I need to add two more things to my 'must do daily' list! EXERCISE and SHOPPING! Both SOOOOO important. lol

Talking of shopping, I need to go out today, I have quite a long list of things to do ... banking, shopping, parcel to post, etc! Righty ho... shopping, banking, posting etc DONE.

ABOVE: of the 17 cards made yesterday, these two are my FAVOURITES!
While I was out.. I tried to find my phone.... bugger! Not in me bag. Had I lost it? I stressed out about that... until I got home and had a look around for it. Could not find it.... began to get really worried.
But.... before I got really hot and bothered, I rung my own number, to see if I had put in somewhere weird.... (like I do kinda often)... and it was in the bathroom. Derrrrr. Very relieved I found it.
WOMBAT: the treadmill is DEAD... and hey, have you ever tried to read and type while on a Treadmill??? NOPE ... ain't gunna happen. Nice thought thought... ta.
End of Day: yikes, it's 11.30pm! I've been sewing fabric onto card.... everyone is sound asleep except me. I should be in bed! Off there right now. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    keep up the good work Chris. The cards are fantastic and if you enjoying making them then the money you get for them isn't an issue. I do read your blog regularly and admire how tidy you can keep your house along with 2 kids and 2 dogs, one day I will get there.


  2. sending you hugs!!

    I love seeing your cards, seeing what new design you come up with.

  3. Can not get tired of ya you crabby old tart. Love the way you talk. sometimes we just gotta cut back a bit and live life. We will all still be here. In the summer it's much harder to blog a lot. Oh yeah it's winter at your house. So that excuse won't work.

  4. Next sunny day sit out for 30 mins in the sun soaking up sun rays might make you feel peppier YOU just do your thing when you come back to post (we will read and comment)..... doesn't matter if its every day or every few days or once a week HELL we know your busy WE READ it!!!! so don't worry about us JUST focus on you.

  5. I really don't know how you fit it all in.....You are one very busy & talented friend :)
    Thanks for the roast recipe. Thought I'd do it for the Oz kids when I go over :)
    Keep warm & keep smiling. I know!!! hard to do in this bloody winter weather!!!! :)

  6. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Short answer is I think LOTS of people like your blog very much. Like the day to day events in it. Like how you put it together

    Mary H

  7. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Love your blog and love your cards so don't think we'll get bored! Isnt it funny though how we all go to your blog every day and I even get bummed out if you're away and can't update!! Goes to show you are appreciated huh?

    Kate (

  8. Just keep on keeping on, Chris. You get an amazing amount done. With all that you do it is no wonder it is hard to keep it all in balance. Your cards are anything but boring.

  9. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I love being bored by you Chris....I dont comment everyday but I do visit daily/hourly sometimes and you motivate me to get on with my daily chores....I think sometimes we all need to know we arent alone.

    Thank you :O)

    Michelle x

  10. How about blogging just at the end of the day? Sort of a re-cap to what you did, your thoughts, etc. We bloggers understand that it can get overwhelming to read and commnent. Good luck!

  11. Just blog when you feel like it, like maybe once every two days.... Enjoy your day and happy card making :-)

  12. I'm still here reading even though I don't blog anymore! I was thinking about the cards - could you get more out if you made 5 or 10 identical ones? Or would that take the fun out of it?

  13. Chris

    It is a pain when the laptop stops working, it means that you are limited in your multi-tasking.

    I love seeing your card - I think you are one talented lady

    I am not sure how you fit everthing in - let alone the shopping and the bargains that you find


  14. Hi. Your Blog is like a ray of sunshine .... even when you feel P#*#y.

    I've been reading some Blogs talking about the why's and wherefore's

    You must do it for youself first. We love your Blog but it's not about us, it's what you want to write and I think that's what we all like. You tell it how it is, from your heart.

    Sweet lady .... you fit so many things into your day so just let your Blog be fun again ... for you.

    If you can find time pop over to this Blog post and have a quick read.

  15. Love the card on the left ... the kiwi looks as if it's leaving little poo presents behind.

    The cards are gorgeous and your blog is always a good read.

  16. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Did I see a photo of a treadmill in your garage in an old blog? If your laptop was alive, you could get Stew to rig up a stand on the front of the treadmill to put your laptop on and you could read blogs and exercise at the same time! Kill two birds with one stone!I used to read a book while on the exercise bike! Is'nt your birthday coming up soon? Hit someone up for a new laptop! WOMBAT

  17. Call your self anything but boring, I love the cards, and am only inspired by what you manage to do in any given day. When you crack the exercise thing let me know. It is on my to do list also.

  18. I am missing Teddy and Coco - can I have some photos please. Martine (aka Teddy and Coco Fan)

  19. I love those cards, you are so talented, don't get too many orders & put yourself under too much pressure. Maybe you could use the proceeds for a new laptop :-)

  20. Be careful, though, cause you don't want something you love to become a chore. Nothing puts you off faster! Allocate time but don't put unnecessary stress on yourself. If you can't get all the cards ordered done, aim for a smaller dose and send them in two batches. She won't mind. She knows you are have a family and will understand.

    Good luck! xxxx

  21. Great looking cards...I lost my phone the other day and low and behold I found it in the .......fridge yip just dont ask :)

  22. Hi Chris! I totally understand what you mean about feeling like you neglect your blog and worrying that people will be bored and stop commenting! I feel that way all the time!

    You have a fantastic blog though, and one of the very few I make time for every day - whether I comment or not. I always LOVE to see what you are up to! Your creativity inspires me, I just wish I could do half of what you do in a day!

    Keep up all of the great things you do, but try to have a little time for yourself too. You certainly deserve it!!


  23. Chris, your 2 fave cards are my 2 fave cards too! You're getting really good at the colour combo and print matching. Well done! Incredible details.

  24. Hey girl, sorry I haven't commented for ages, sometimes I just can't think of anything useful to say LOL. Anyway, I love the cards, you are going great guns with them and it's awesome that you are drumming up some business. Hallmark better watch out! hehe xox

  25. The purple card is wonderful!

    As for the Blogging Blahs - I think every blogger gets them. There are days when I just don't feel like blogging. Recently, I gave myself permission to not blog when I feel like that. Everyone needs a break once in a while, right?

    Give yourself a break and keep doing what you enjoy!

  26. I don't know how you do all that you do!

    Just keep on keeping on!

    We'll be here! :)

  27. Danka6:20 AM

    I could never get bored with your blogging-it's interesting to see how people (you and your family) across the world spend their days and what you do. I really love your pictures-especially when you take trips and document them. Sometimes I just wish I could visit those places (you never know-maybe someday :) ).As many before me said-we love your blog!

    Your not the only one who leaves your phone everywhere. Two days ago I left my phone on the roof of my car and I started missing it after 2 kilometers. Of course it wasn't on my car anymore. I found it after an hour of search and only 200 metres from my house and it wasn't broken. :)
    Well, that wouldn't be such a good story if about three months ago I hadn't forgotten my wallet on the same car roof. Luckily I got that one too because a nice man saw it and returned it to me.

    Hugs from Slovenia.

  28. I know how you feel. I am really far behind right now with reading blogs, commenting, and posting on my own. See, I'm commenting on this post a day or two late! Sheesh! But please don't stop. I love reading your blog and seeing the things you make. Your cards are wonderful and fun. One of these days I'm even going to order some from you! LOL!!!

    Oh, and hey, walking and shopping is something you can do at the same time - like killing two birds with one stone! LOL!!!




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