Sunday, July 11, 2010


Right, here is me MOTB dress, which I will be wearing next year to Kelly's wedding:
ABOVE: but HOPEFULLY there will be less of ME BOOBS by then! lol
Yes ... I know... totally rude photo, get over it. for today? Amanda and Andrew are expected back from their overnight stay in town .... then we will make some plans for the day... if it's fine we might be going to Rainbows End... an Amusement Park just up the road from here.

I sewed hearts on t-shirts last night... will no doubt have photos soon...really chuffed with them too!

HEY!!! Anyone here in Auckland able to 'babysit' Teddy and Coco next Friday/Saturday? Must have massive loves for me dogs... and not mind puppy piddles! We are going to Whitianga for two days... and I don't wanna pay $162 for the kennels!

Now here we have the shirts I adapted last night, as modeled by my three girls:

Yeah... the last one made ME laugh too!

We finally decided where to go today: We caught the train into town, had lunch at the bottom of Queen Street .... then caught the ferry over to Devonport. The girls and I went 'shopping' while the guys babysat the kids in the park! Worked out wonderfully as far as I'm concerned! I got spoilt by my girls again!

ABOVE: 3 stacking boxes for cards, some cute earrings, a book 'lamp', a gorgeous coat hook thingee, a fat quarter and a file box. Spoilt I AM!

I took masses of photos of our day... will put a few more on tomorrow!

For now....

End of Day: having Pizza for dinner I understand... Stew's request. All good...think we shall even partake of a drink or two as well! yaaaa.... nite nite.


  1. Chris,

    I love the dress! You look fab in it!

    I'd love to babysit your little ones, but I'm too far away! I'm sure you'll find a good friend close by!



  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    The dress is beautiful, you really look stunning!

    I hope you have a fun trip, it sounds like you will.

    Wish I could help you with the dogs, but I think New York is a bit far.

    Enjoy every second of your time with them.


  3. gosh that dress makes you look so much taller too, someone will surely put their hand up to babysit those fluff balls.

  4. Chris, that dress is beautiful and I think you look great! By the time the wedding rolls around next year, you'll have to have it taken in!

    Oh, too bad I'm in the U.S. - I'd love to babysit Teddy and Coco. Noah would have a wonderful time playing with them! Hope you find some kind soul that loves dogs to keep them for you!

    Have a great rest of your weekend!



  5. You look gorgeous in the dress! You oughta be smiling in those pics too, Girlfriend!

  6. Beautiful dress!!

    Are you gunna sell those T-SHIRTS in the shop as well? awesome:)

  7. Chris

    What a lovely dress - just elegant.


  8. You look lovely in the dress! :)

    I hope you find SOMEBODY to mind you lil doggies... would any of your neighbours have them?

    Have a lovely trip anyway! :)

  9. If I wasn't so far away I would babysit your furbabies. I'm sure you'll find someone. I miss having a dog. A few weekends ago I babysat a friends two saluki hounds for the weekend - now that was an experience!

    The MOB dress looks great, so do the tee shirts.

  10. Wow the teeshirts are great and the girls are beautiful too! The dress is lovely. I don't know what you're talking about "rude photos" for. I think we curvy ladies should show off our assets!

    Wish your puppies could come and play with my Charlie. He would love it!

  11. Wow where do you send your dogs the average kennel is about $15 a night per dog and that is for medium sized dogs.... and they are awesome with the dogs and have a really good name... so all up for us it would be $60 approx.

  12. Oh my goodness! Your girls are characters to be sure!

    Hey... my middle daughter's roommate from college is living in Wellington for a semester. She's been there a few weeks and we got on the webcam with her last night. So fun! She is LOVING New Zealand!

  13. Chris, you look gorgeous in the MOTB gown. And thanks a lot for the shot of your boobs. Show off! And the tees are really cool. Esp the one with the half heart on the right side of the back. You really can design, Chris!

  14. Really really loveeee the dress...its wow and soooooooo suits you!!

    The t-shirts and your girls modelling them are fantastic...yep the last pic really made me giggle !!

  15. The T shirts look great....very creative. Your pics are very creative too. I love the looks great on you.

  16. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Your dress is so elegant.

  17. Hey Chris,
    My DH said to tell you to stick your pups in a box and mail them over here for us to keep for you! LOL You know he might be 63 , but he is still sewing his wild oats!

  18. Very glad to hear all is going well AND you are being spoilt...!!!

  19. Great dress....too bad next year you will be too tiny to wear it :)
    Don't take the tags off!
    Beautiful girls, beautiful T's and beautiful day, it doesn't get any better that. Tamara took the girls to the beach today and Jim (her husband) will be working on hubby's car this afternoon - I'm on the sewing machine, got a case a quilting fever. :)

  20. That dress is stunning!! It looks gorgeous on you.

  21. So do you feel pretty in the dress? Because where is your smile? You got great boobs girl show those suckers off with grand style!

    I'm too far away to doggie sit which is too bad cuz I would love to.

  22. Love that dress!!!!

  23. Pretty dress!

    You have some gorgeous girlies! I can just imagine all the drama you probably had when they were all teenagers at home though lol.


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