Tuesday, July 27, 2010


ABOVE: "Who you talkin' about?"

"What did I do?".... "dat is NOT some plant in me mouth!"

" AND I can assure you it wasn't ME who chewed the corner off the rug"...

It was Teddy... see... he even looks guilty!

Poor Teddy.... he gets the blame for so much.... when it is almost ALWAYS COCO!

Teddy is finally out of his plastic cone... it took weeks to finally get his neck healed. He looks diabolical now ... his ear hair is too short and the rest of him badly needs a grooming... and Coco needs her first grooming too.
I have rung around a few places and may be able to get them into a new place by Friday... fingers crossed. Edit: I have got a new mobile groomer coming on Wednesday. At $120 for both dogs she better be good! Fingers crossed.

Today? more of the same... card making, housework...

Feeling Dreadful.... got an e-mail from lady in England... she is horribly upset about what I put on my blog about her. God I feel so, so bad now. I should not have put it out there eh? She has even deleted me as a Friend on Facebook.... that is so sad. Now I feel like a right bitch... going to go now and try and do something nice.
Still haven't done anything nice.... but anyway... I'm sitting here at the computer, blogging and I think... What are my dogs doing? I turn around to check... and awwww... they are both curled up on a chair together, how bloody cute!
ABOVE: THEN I realise that Coco is knawing the blasted cushion... the little shit! *sigh* ... I can't wait until she has finished teething!
It's cold today, raining and cold. I am feeling crabby now. Don't come near me when I'm cold!
I HURT MY POOR CAR...AGAIN! On the phone to the insurance company right now..... (and YES, I am fine and no one else was involved)...
End of Day: and it really hasn't been a good day for me. I am having to explain to Stew how I managed to crash our lovely car again. Don't feel too good about that. In fact I have been right put off me dinner... which is quite good for the figure if nothing else. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Hello she is the one who didn't pay. When feeling guilty transfer the guilt. Not really a friend me thinks.
    Mary H

  2. Don't feel dreadful!! Her problem - not yours, all she had to do was simply pay!

  3. Chris don't feel bad! Its your blog and you can write what ever the heck you want to. You were just getting advice about the situation. which you wouldn't have needed to if she had paid you when she said. You can't please everyone, and you never intentionally tried to hurt/ upset her (You're too nice). Her response is her responsibility, she'll get over it.

    (You can kinda tell im in a cranky mood eh? haha)

  4. Well Chris, I don't think you should feel awful because you wrote nothing but the truth. You stated the facts as they were and she didn't like them. Don't feel bad! Just write it up to experience. :)

  5. Ahh puppies. They're so cute but get into so much mischief. ;)

    I hope all goes well with the groomer. You've had so much trouble with that in the past, now it's time for it to go smoothly.

  6. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Chris, I agree with above...the bigger the "hurt" the more likely they are guilty...forget her, if she was any true friend, she would have said she understood, especially in this day and age! We are being stiffed left right and centre.
    Lose the guilt and just get on with it, when you get paid thank her, if you don't, you get the full picture methinks?

    Talk soon...I need some cards and a couple of ducks :-) Michele

  7. Hope the duck buyer still pays you! And hold that something nice until you get your money.

  8. God girl don't feel guilty, she should of paid simple as that and you didn't mention her name or her blog..... dogs are cute and bloody freezing down here today roll on summer.

  9. I am with the others dnt feel bad hey she is the one that didnt pay she had the duckie for bloody months and after all how many times did she say she would pay...be intered to know if she has actually paid this time. I wouldnt be to upset if she has wiped u off her friends list
    We all still love ya

    I am glad that little miss coco isnt my puppy hehehe

  10. Don't feel bad. She didn't pay and you had every right to ask what you should do about that. It isn't like she didn't know she owed the money or asked you for a little extra time. Don't feel guilty.

  11. don't let her upset you. It was her guilt projecting onto you. Ignore her.

  12. With the lady in England, the thing is she owed you money, I know with me if I have to pay someone I ensure I do it pronto. If she had paid on time then the problem would have been sorted. I know it is hard. With the doggies, they are so damn cute, although Coco looks like the devil. Poor Teddy - he looks like all he wants is some peace and quiet.

  13. Anonymous12:58 PM

    you are in the right she is in the wrong. Let us all know if she ever pays. You definately have nothing bad to feel about.


  14. I think Mary has summed it up perfectly, it is a classic case of transference of guilt. She is in the wrong, not you, all you did was outline the problem & ask for advise from your blogging friends, you did not name her or disparage her in any way.

    Deleting you as a friend from facebook - what is she 13?

    Has she paid you yet???

    Just chalk it up to experience & move on, you have plenty to keep you busy, including a naughty cheeky wee puppy.

  15. With friends like "C", you don't need any enemies..don't sweat the small stuff. Just appreciate real friends who love you and would never steal your trust (and your duck)

  16. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I believe it's her guilt talking. You'll probably never get your money. Chalk it up to experience and do it different next time. OOOOh CoCo, you are a naughty doggy! I hope you yelled at her or she'll think it's ok to chew your pillows. lol Puppies are so cute...and so naughty! lol ...debbie

  17. Anonymous2:32 PM

    You don't need the negativity... pick up and move on. Take from it experience.

    Take a deep breath!



    Kate - kittie444@hotmail.com

  18. Summer is coming your way!
    The bottom pic looks like one dog, with a head at each end, stretched!

  19. Wow! What a freaking hot pic at the top of your blog!! No, I'm not gay I just think the picture is GREAT! :) I've been watching my calories and I've lost 17lbs. Got 10 more to go! It's hard some times but so worth it. Starting to feel better. :)

    How are you? I am going to look at your blog. I don't have internet right now so I've missed coming on here.

  20. Don't feel guilty Chris. How many times does C need to be reminded to pay her bills and remember you still don't have the money......

  21. I can't get over how quickly Coco is growing - she's almost the same size as Teddy now! Little mischief-maker, isn't she? Glad to hear that Teddy is doing much better now and is all healed up. I sure hope this new groomer doesn't hurt him...I'd stand over her and watch her like a hawk!

    Well, as far as the woman from England...we don't have a clue as to who she is - you never mentioned any names, so if she got upset with you then I think she is just feeling guilty. I agree with everyone else - you didn't do anything wrong. Don't let it bother you. I hope you get your $$$ though!



  22. Amanda5:47 PM

    Dont feel stink. She is just bummed she has been outted.
    But live and learn, no pay no product.

  23. opps how did u hurt your mighty Roxy as if your werent already crabby enough and now have to talk to insurance company not a good day

  24. I'm with the others. If she'd paid when she said she was going to, she wouldn't have had to feel bad about you shaming her. Growth comes from discomfort, so maybe she's had a life lesson that will stay with her.

  25. Stew seems like such a good man, im sure he won't be too upset. Hope you're feeling ok tomorrow.

  26. I am sorry you have had a stinker of a day, TOUGH TITTIES about MISS PRECIOUS ENGLAND you know what HOW many times does one need reminding YOU go out of your way for a lot of people.NOTE to others when asking for THINGS TO BE MADE time SPENT ON IT money FORKED OUT to make it SHE OWED you simple. And maybe one month I can excuse 4 - 5 months NOPE in future money first OK.

  27. Sorry to hear about Roxy - hopefully she's back to as good as new very soon. Thank goodness you (nor anyone else) was hurt.

    As for the lady in the UK - I'm with the others, it was HER responsibility to pay you in a timely manner, she didn't - so only has herself to blame for seeing the situation in print - and we don't know who she is - no names were mentioned. She needs to pay her debt and move on.

  28. hey you, I absolutely agree with what everyone else has said. You have NOTHING to feel guilty about. You weren't the one who asked for an item and happily received the product but then failed to cough up and pay for it. You always weren't the one who (after a reminder) made an additional promise to pay, then for a second time didn't even have the integrity to follow through with the second promise either.

    I couldn't believe that someone could have the 'cheek' to place an order then simply not pay. She is the person that should be feeling terrible at the moment, not you.

    You vented frustration (which is what many of us have blogs for) and if she didn't want you to be ticked off about this situation, then she should have paid MONTHS ago. (its not like the order was only done a few weeks ago. She has had TONS of time to pay and its totally her own fault she is now embrassed).

    Don't worry about losing her from facebook. She lacks common courtesy and integrity, far better off without people like this I say.

    What a bummer about the car. What on earth did you do. (glad you are ok and uninjured)

  29. I wouldnt feel bad about her if she'd paid like she should have you wouldnt have had to shame her. Ordering something sand then promising to pay and just not paying is thieft so she should get over it and pay you could always send Chris to pick it up when she goes over lol

  30. ohhhh that woman should have paid ya then...guilty she is and knows it by the sound of it! Forget her, she is no friend !

    awww your dogs are sooooooo cute !

    Poor Roxy, hope damage is not too bad, glad your're fine....hope tomorrow is a better day. xx

  31. Your pups are absolutely adorable!!!! It's hard to get upset and correct Coco when she's such a little doll. It would be for me! :)

    Poor car....poor you...I hope today is better for you!


  32. Don't worry about the non-payer. You didn't mention her name, just the situation. If she had paid you promptly, this wouldn't have happened. Totally her fault.

    Oh my, Coco really needs to finish teething soon or your poor house will be in tatters!

  33. I think she's just using that as excuse not to pay. Don't buy into the guilt trip, it not like you told us who she was. It was a normal way to vent your frustration on someone who you felt took advantage of you. Don't worry about losing her as a friend.

    Goodness hope Roxy is ok!

  34. I agree with everyone else Chris. You wouldn't have had to say anything about the Duck lady if she'd simply paid you when she was supposed to!

    If she is upset with anyone, it should be herself!

  35. Rusty still chews the shit out of everything. So annoying!!


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