Thursday, July 15, 2010


ABOVE: the little 'Feet' Gift Cards... what do ya think? I put a wee crystal on the big toe... and of course masses of other stuff! I sometimes think I overdo them... but I just can't stop! (these cards look better 'in person'.... they are not that dark)

Today is gunna be nice... Stew is home for the next four days.... and we are going to spend it hanging out, doing a few things around the house, and of course going up to Whitianga to see Joshua too.

I think Stew wants to take the kids to the movies as well... think we are going to see that movie with Will Smith's son ... Karate Kid ?

Whatever... it looks interesting and I will go too for a change.

ONWARD... got up in a right grump today too. Stew wants us to go to Whitianga on Friday, back on saturday, so we will have to stay in a motel afterall... AND put the dogs in kennels. Expensive little visit this is going to be! Oh well...

Well, we have been out pretty much all day. Had lunch at Sylvia Park... went to Mitre 10 for some shelving for my sewing/craft room and spotted this little BARGIN:

A really neat three drawer cabinet reduced to $99 as it was an ex-demo... just had to get it! Also got a shelf ...then we stopped in at Scrapbook Shop in Penrose and I saw this fabric:
I TOTALLY had to get some! so... I did!
After that we went to Karate Kid... it was AWESOME... I cried... and laughed... and cheered... and for the first time EVER I was in a cinema where the audience CHEERED AND CLAPPED when the 'good guy' was winning!!! It was kinda weird, but neat too. I don't think anyone left that movie and said it sucked!
IF YOU haven't seen it yet... GO!
End of Day: we are going to pack up a change of clothes, toiletries and take off first thing in the morning for Whitianga.... so the next two days will be quiet here, but as it is VERY quiet in blogland right now... I doubt I will be missed .... nite nite.


  1. That's a great movie Chris, Karate Kid, was hesitant but it was brilliant :) (ok ok, my son got it from a friend overseas, so I got to see it from the comfort of home sigh) :) but it was really good and someone tell me I'm wrong, but you can really tell this is Will Smith's boy LOL he has some of his dad's mannerisms and charm :) gorgeous..

    Ok I'm a little high here due to tablets, so will go and stop bothering you LOL

    I have some major choices to make though, need to put it out there for some help from my blogging friends if indeed I have any left :(

    Anne - lose2live

  2. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Madison & Kelly saw Karate kid about 2 weeks ago and she LOVED it!! It's action packed - good for both boys and girls - You'll like!!
    Your cards are really cute with the little feet. You should do one of the feet for a new baby! That'd be cute!! Hope your enjoy your day!...debbie

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Love the little feet cards, so adorable. I wish I was crafty. Not a crafty bone in my body!!!!

    Have fun and go to that movie. It is suppose to be cute!

  4. Those little feet cards are cuties, I want to take Samuel to see Karate Kid of course too BUT it is fitting it in!!! WHEN not so frosty here this morning ONLY 0 degrees!

  5. love the feet cards!!!!!!!!! they are my most absolute favorites of all :)

  6. I Love to hear the "pitty - patter" of little feet! (as long as they are with you! !!!! LOL

    Isn't that funny how you can start to see how the children make you think of the parents! I could not see it when I was younger -but you see a lot of things differently as you walk down the road. :)

    Our friends change us too - much like a little salt and a little pepper and some of them have to be jalapeño!!!!!!! Humm? or is that the kids??????????????????? LOL

    O, I got my "eye" on you , even if you are on the other side of the world! :)

  7. very cute cards for new babies. Paint Splashes just had a wee little boy...

  8. You will be missed :) Have a nice time away :)
    Love all the new materials you have been buying. Talented Tart that you are.
    By the way....its b cold down this way ...... your move north was a good one LOL

  9. hey Chris

    have a good trip away


  10. The little feet are so adorable and I think the crystal on the big toe is a neat touch!

    The multi-colored books will look fabulous as cards.

    Are you still quilting?

  11. So many cute patterns you've got to choose from. Your cards always look great. Hope you got over your case of the grumps. Enjoy your mini getaway, remember you only live once. Safe travels.

  12. Nicole and i went to see karate Kid the day it came out - you are right, it is AWESOME!!

  13. We haven't seen that movie yet but I've heard it was really good. I love when the audience gets all into the movie like that!


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