Monday, July 19, 2010


The kids go back to school today!!! I can't wait. These holidays have taken forever to be over... 2 weeks in the middle of winter... ikkkkkk. Noise.... arguments... more noise... GO TO SCHOOL would ya! (for you who don't know... in New Zealand we have 4 school Terms, which are broken up during the year with 3 lots of 2 weeks holidays and a larger 6-7 week holiday over Christmas/New Year)

ABOVE: the totally gorgeous blue jug I just had to buy in Whitianga! Told ya it was beautiful didn't I?

ABOVE: oooohhhh, about 150 cards ready to have their fabric sewn on them... hoping to do a few at Patchwork Class this morning.... I can't wait to go and catch up with the ladies there. I LOVE MONDAYS!

ABOVE: yet another wee video... of Coco the wonder gardener!

Right, gotta go... make lunches, get kids out the door, pack me bag for class... bla bla bla....


Class was lovely... but COLD! I was so cold I left early... I am sore from shivering! I will take a hot water bottle next time! It was lovely to catch u0p with the girls there. Right now.. I'm going to sit in front of the heater to warm up, then continue sewing heart blocks for cards.

OH and I have found a place online where I can buy my kiwiana fabric for cost price! How awesome is that, it's half the price of in the shops. Yaaaaaaa.

RENEE: go to, you can get the fabrics for $9.50 a metre once you become a client of theirs. I just sent them an email asking to become a client... simple as.

End of Day: well I have made 6 Heart Cards... will show you tomorrow... oh and while I was busy with card making...Coco did more gardening... and tried eating the rug in the Family Room... *sigh*.... the sooner she outgrows this stage the better! I cooked chicken drumsticks in a sweet and sour sauce for dinner... served with Egg Fried Rice... it was delicious! nite nite.


  1. Great news about your cards. They are certainly very colourful and original.

  2. Those dogs are too cute! Even if one of them does have a fern fetish! lol

  3. I am so happy for you to be getting orders like you are for your really makes the hard work worth it, and if it is something you enjoy, why not make a little bit extra off it.
    Would love to know where you are going to get your fabric from :), I too buy a lot of the kiwiana stuff.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. ohhhhh totally love the blue jug!!

  5. Thats a great find the half price fabric YOU are going to need it IM SURE!!!

  6. Love that blue jar! I collect blue glass and love how it looks in the window with the sun shinning through.

    Enjoy having the kids back at school. Yeah.


  7. I love Coco!!

    Dinner sounds lovely

  8. I think the pitcher will go nicely with your Polish pottery. :)

  9. That's why we get them when they are babies... so we fall in love with them and forgive them when they are teenagers. That goes for puppies and children. LOL

  10. I really adore those cards!

  11. 150 cards already? If you carry on at this rate, you gonna hit 1,000 very soon!

  12. Wow - you are going to become a well-known artist from those cards of yours! What a neat thing!

    Coco really needs to learn that in pruning - less is more!

  13. Your school holidays are set up the same as ours over here in Oz. We have to put Dobby into child care those holidays, and at $190 a week, and gets expensive! Next year in highschool there is nothing for them, so she will be home alone. That is a very scary thought, let me tell you!!!

  14. We have three terms with 2.5 months off during the summer. I kinda like the long summer break even though the kids are driving us crazy with their bickering.


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