Thursday, July 22, 2010


MY PHONE'S RINGTONE! I LOVE IT... it makes me laugh every time I hear it. It's a Crazy Frog one that I got from Lacy.

Today... it's take Griffin to his Speld Lesson... and it is now 1.5 hours long. So what can I do while out there? Might just have to take a book... or me walking shoes... though walking out in the country on my own might just freak me out... NOT that safe with nobody around eh? The book might be a better idea me thinks.

ONWARD.... Well it's a wet day.... I drove the kids to school... so I definitely will be reading a book in the car today!

I've been sewing again this morning... should have all the fabric sewn on card by end of the day hopefully. Gotta go... PEE....

How RUDE of me to leave you wondering just how LONG I could stay in the loo having a piddle! LOL..... Imagine Niagara Falls...

So, been out to Drury with Griffin. His teacher is pleased with how he is doing.

Question: What Did I Do?

Did I sit in the car and read? Hell NO!

Did I go for a walk... Hell NO!

Did I drive 8 minutes up to road to Pukekohe and SHOP? Hell YES!

ABOVE: I quickly found the Bernina Sewing Shop... which along with other stuff has the most awesome selection of Buttons I have ever seen! I bought some..

ABOVE: I got 5 of these ADORABLE FUNKY FISH buttons too! They are made of metal... and cost like... $5 each... but I. COULD. NOT. RESIST! I have no idea what I will do with them YET....

ABOVE: Right next door to the Bernina Shop was a fabric shop... the owner of the fabric shop also owns the Bernina Shop (Well... yes... we had a yak !)... anyway... I managed to find some lovely fabric in there too! Totally LOVE the sneakers one.... and of course the shell one I have already been using. It's out of stock now so I was lucky to find any.

ABOVE: Faith from the Fabric Shop (Yep, we are on first names terms already)... directed me to the local Card Making shop, where I managed to pick up some more punches and a bit of ribbon.
*sigh*... after all that I had to go and get Griffin and drop him back to school.

NOW? Gunna relax for a while... sheesh, shopping is Tiring! (oooo ... that's my exercise for the day!) Yaaaaaaa.

End of Day: and did I relax? Naaah... I sewed some more. IN fact, I sewed from 1-6pm, then stopped to make dinner!

nite nite.


  1. OMGosh, I am laughing so hard at your ringtone! I've never heard that before and it is hysterical! ;O)

    Yep, I'd take the book!



  2. i got a new phone last week and i still havent decided on a new ringtone...

    my last one was the theme from Halloween because im a sicko.

  3. Oh my god that sounds freaky, TAKE a pillow have a snooze, MAYBE knitting or unpicking some of your PHD (projects half done). (would you need to unpick?) I'm just suggesting, I'm not much help.

  4. Fantastic, time just for you. Make the most of it. My son Matt used to play cricket on Sat mornings and I had 2 or 3 hours watching him, usually from the car doiong crafty stuff.

  5. I love the ringtone. Mine is just a boring ring.
    I hope you have a good book...I'm just finishing Tess Gerritsen's new one and looking for something else good.

  6. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I have never heard a ringtone like that in my life. I am still laughing! I wonder who invents these things.

    I think a book is your best bet for today. Enjoy the day.

  7. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Maybe the cute silver fish buttons could be made into a necklace with blue beads. Since everyone is talking about ringtones - mine is a howling wolf! WOMBAT

  8. LOL The ring tone would send me around the bend!

    Successful day shopping for you:-)

  9. OO! The little crabby craft punch is my fave! How cute!

  10. That's so cool, now every week when you have to take Griffin to SPELD, you have somewhere to go if you don't feel like reading or walking - Bonus.

  11. You find the coolest things! Ringtones, buttons, fabric, you name it!

  12. Thats a cute ringtone. Looks like you kept yourself entertained while waiting. Can't wait to see your next set of cards.

  13. Your ringtone is so funny! In fact, my cat, Skor, is sitting on the deak and when I play that ringtone, he gets up and looks for what is making the noise! That is soooo funny too!

  14. I love the sneaker fabric. I got my sewing machine out today after about 6 months. I can't wait to do a project. I think I'll go and see if I can find that fabric and make a sac for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!!


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