Saturday, July 10, 2010

$88 ... I DON'T THINK SO!

Last summer we were in Matakana for lunch before heading to the beach and I saw this really cool t-shirt in a ladies fashion shop. It was pure white with a really cute pink heart appliqued on the front.. I thought it was really lovely so mozzied over to check out the price.

It was $120 REDUCED to $88 ! OMG! I was like... totally gobsmacked! $88 on SALE ... for a bloody t-shirt! Like hell was I gunna pay THAT for a t-shirt.

So I got to thinking... why couldn't I just buy normal plain t-shirts and applique my own shit on them? I gave it a try with an old t-shirt I had and:

my own designer t-shirt.. THANK. Y0U. VERY. MUCH. Cost? $12.

Can't wait for summer now.... I am going to have some very funky t-shirts. Yaaaaa.

The girls saw my t-shirt last night... so now I am having to make them at least 3 each... using blocks I have already made ... I shall give you a look-see later on today when they are done.
Today... well we are off shopping... the girls want to buy the plain t-shirts... and gawd knows what else!


ABOVE: the cutest wee video of the girls dancing last night.

ABOVE: another wee video, this time of Rena dancing.

We have spent the whole day shopping ... and lunching.... and shopping.... and then some more shopping. Sheesh... what fun again!

I found the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE dress for me to wear to Kelly's wedding next year!!!! I bought it too.... and will show YOU all tomorrow!

Amanda, Andrew and the boys are due any minute, and I need to get dinner in the oven....

End of Day: all fed and half in bed. Going to have a lovely, quiet (yeah right!) evening. Already half pissed... on Totara Cafe'... eee gads that stuff in Niiiiiiice. hic..... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    how cute, I love it how kids do things like that until they realise someone is actually watching. The look she gave Stew - priceless!


  2. I just love how talented you are and how lovely EVERYTHING you make turns out!

    I love the videos! They are too sweet! It cracked me up to see Rena dancing in the second one and then almost looking mad when she saw Stew dancing too. It's like he was stealing her limelight!

    I hope you are enjoying the crazy, busy full house you have! You are a trooper!

  3. $88?!!??

    My, you need to open your own tourist-y shop if people come in with cash like that to spend.

  4. The t-shirts are just are so creative! I loved seeing he videos. So cute!

  5. Do you know AFTER all this time I don't know WHAT I have been doing wrong BUT I clicked on Rena dancing video and it worked SO I HAVE been viewing a lot of short wee video AND FINALLY seeing what others must be seeing!! (how dumbarse am I!)


  6. Just received my cards this morning...bloddy hell, they are amazing...You really are a talented chick.

    Thank you so much.

    Love love love them...


  7. You know now you have no choice but to start selling t-shirts with heart blocks applique!

  8. that baby thought her grandpa had gone crazy! So cute and your shirt? Here you go!!!

  9. You are one busy woman. Those
    T shirts will be a real hit.
    I loved the dancing videos.

  10. enjoyed the video clipps of the kids dancing bought back fond memories of the bloogers weekend we had in Palmerston Nth nearly 3 yrs ago.

    I did same with tshirts last summer couldnt find any noce ones tthat were long enough in my back so got old warehouse cheapies and stitched alsorts stuff on fronts and buttons etc too...lots of compliments and where did I get go girl

    the diet rocks label will soon be known world wide cards, tshirts, patchwork quilts wat next we wonder

  11. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Chris, I will join you on the weight loss venture. I am aiming for 8kg by Christmas, as it has taken me 12 weeks to loose 5kgs.

    Add me to the list, we will do it.

    And, that is great that you have kept of the weight you have lost this year so far.

  12. Ive done this too. I see something and think, I can make that just as good or better. I've made beautiful frames, shirts, jewelery, etc. It's fun and being creative keeps me out of the kitchen.

  13. Love the t-shirt...did you blanket stitch the patch on? Just finishing up a quilt top - hope I love it when it's finished. Don't cha' just love the littles, they are so much fun and make great dancing partners. Have fun with the girls and entire family - wonderful memories.

  14. Party time! It looks like everyone is having a grand time at your house. I praticularly like the way that Rena stopped dancing to watch Stew . . .


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