Wednesday, July 28, 2010


For the SECOND time since we bought my gorgeous ROXY... I crashed her! We have a malfunctioning garage door.... and yesterday I opened the garage door, jumped in the car and started to back out... and crashed into the garage door because it had started to go down again.. ON IT'S BLOODY OWN!!! I felt sick. AGAIN.

ABOVE: the dent on the right hand side....

AND the left hand side...

...AND the broken tail light. *sigh*

I am taking my car into the panel beaters today for an assessment, and once he has the parts to repair it, I can get it fixed. Hopefully it won't be long. I hate seeing my car broken. AND I feel such a bloody fool.... fancy backing into the garage door when my car has a REAR REVERSING CAMERA!!! Obviously I wasn't looking into the camera... or I would have seen the garage door coming down again eh? Lesson learnt... USE THE FRIGGIN CAMERA, that's what it's there for.

No other plans for today, just get the car sorted out, then come home and make cards I suppose.

ONWARD... just remembered... the dogs are getting groomed today! Oh I can't wait to see Teddy all nice again! And Coco.. well I have no idea how she will look after being clipped all over!

THE CAR: will need an entire new back door, and the lights unit on the right hand side... so it is gunna cost several thousand dollars. YIKES! Expensive little mishap. And it won't be fixed until at least next week... but that's ok, as long as it's fixed eh?

Expecting the groomer at around 11, so am going to do some housework until then....

Yaaa... the groomer is here. She seems really nice. The dogs liked her too. Teddy is being groomed right now, then it will be Coco's turn.... which the groomer said won't be PERFECT as Coco is only a puppy and is bound to wriggle too much for her to do a really fantastic job on... but I expected that. Coco is going to freak out!

ABOVE: taa daaa! Two well groomed dogs! Don't they look adorable? Teddy's coat is a bit shorter than I would have liked, but the groomer was not sure how short to go... she will next time. Coco was a very good girl apparently... and only wriggled for 50% of the time! She even fell asleep at one point too! Talking of being asleep, they are both now zonked out on the couches in the lounge, sound asleep. Awwwww.

Truth be told, I'm kinda tired too.... might just join dem dogs! I vacumed and washed the floors this morning, made dinner in advance and numerous other house jobs... no wonder I am tired.

HA! No nap, kids arrived home didn't they? Oh well... I made a couple of cards this afternoon.... Stew is home now and I am making him venison pies for dinner. YUM.

End of Day: and Stew loved his pies. I got wrapt up in card making and forgot to have any dinner... is it too late at 10.30 pm to eat dinner? lol

nite nite.


  1. attempting to catch up... you have been a busy gal! i have backing issues too ... poor autos we have... HUGS

  2. Oh that's sort of funny and not GOD our door has a mind of its own too stupid thing I wait and wait haven't pinged the door or car yet BUT I know one day it will get me!

    I do hope the groomer makes a better job than the last WHY don't you ring some of the DOG CLUBS around and get them to recommend a groomer?

  3. Not as silly as me, I am so used to backing out of our garage and you will remember the size of our drive, there's never anything there so I back out without looking. Then one day I forget our son had borrowed our 4 wheel drive and I backed straaight into it. Imagine trying to explain two damaged vehicles to the insurance agent!

  4. Hope Coco handled it ok.

  5. Ah see, this is why I'm scared to park in my garage! How are the dogs looking?

  6. Oooohhh poor Roxy! Never mind girl, these things happen, and that's what insurance is for :o)

  7. Is Roxy not covered by insurance?? It's horrid when that happens isn't it? Yes, use that camera!

  8. Ouch! I know that hurt and the sound must have been awful. It is amazing how much it can cost to get even a little damage to a car fixed.
    Dodger goes to the groomer for the first time ever tomorrow. Won't get his nails clipped because he freaks when they do that, but I'm hoping the rest goes well.

  9. Oh your poor car, thank goodness you have insurance.

    I hope the dog grooming goes well. It will be interesting to see how Coco enjoys it. I look forward to the photos.

  10. Totally not your fault.

    The garage door is to blame. :)

  11. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Here is my car story Last Guy Fawkes night my car got hit by a sky rocket on the drivers side. It exploded on impact & did horrendous damage to the paint work. I could see by the look on the insurance guys face" YEAH RIGHT" when I was trying to claim
    Mary H

  12. Oh no! Poor car, but yes, it's the garage's fault!

  13. Coco looks lighter in colour now she is groomed....and Teddy looks as handsome as he always does!! Don't worry about that lady in England...she will get over it:) Just popped in to say hi really....

  14. Coco looks so lovely. Teddy I'm afraid had a bad hair day. But it's hair. It'll grow.

  15. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Oh I am sorry to hear about your car! The dogs look super cute though :)

  16. The pooches looke great!

    My son just got into an accident... in our driveway. He was trying to pass a workman's truck [we have a half circle with two entrances] and scraped his car really badly. I told him that I've been in two accidents in my whole life [knock on wood] and both have been in this driveway. It happens, it sucks, but if it's going to happen, best on home turf. Sorry about Roxy.

  17. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Coco looks so cute all puffed out and looking spiffy. Both dogs are just the picture of loveliness. Lincoln needs to go too, but I don't have the time right now to take him. He'll have to wait! so sorry about your car!! Can't you get your garage door fixed? Whoa! that would be #1 on my list. Darn thing.!! ...debbie

  18. Thats too bad about Roxy. Hope you get her back in tip top shape soon. The pups look fab. Another busy day for you.

  19. You forgot to eat? Wow! You have come a long way, Chris!

    The dogs look adorable all cleaned up.

  20. I have backing issues. More mishaps than I care to remember. I can honestly say that if I had a rear camera thingy I would probably still have them. When I go into town I will park way out on the side streets where I can drive straight out of a space rather than back out of a very convenient space. I gave up a long time ago!

    Dogs look absolutely adorable!

  21. The little dogs both look so cute!! I could just love on them!!
    Be careful backing out.. it could land somewhere else next time. I so hate to hear that about you nice car!!

  22. Oh that stinks about your poor Roxy! It could have been worse though...

    The pups look great! Mine are over due for another grooming, but to get all 4 of them done is $200 so they will have to wait a bit longer!

  23. Poor Roxy!!

    The dogs look great!

  24. I'm glad you're not hurt. Funny thing is, I worry all the time about the garage door coming back down. That's why I tell my kids not to stand under the door or wait until the garage door is open all the way before they enter the garge door from the driveway.


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