Friday, July 30, 2010


ABOVE: I adore this fabric. I bought some a few months ago... and can no longer get any here in New Zealand..... so I went 'shopping' on the 'net... and yaaaaa... I found some in New York, USA! I have ordered some.... plus a couple more fabrics... wonder how long they will take to arrive?

The choice from this site was amazing... I'm thrilled I have found it. It's called if you are interested in fabric!

Today: well I'm off to work at the Hospice shop all day... and Stew is going to the IEP meeting at school this afternoon instead of me. Yaaaa... I am sure the staff at that school see me coming and groan! lol ... and so they should! I am going to keep on their case until they follow through with thier promises.


TOTAL CHANGE OF PLANS: my sister in law is being taken to hospital in an ambulance with chest pains.. I'm on my way to be with her right now. Back later...

It's later (2.30pm) and my SIL has been admitted to hospital for observation. Not sure if it's her heart (but probably not)... I (and the doctor) is thinking it might be Gall Stones. The symptoms are similar to a heart attack... I should know, having had Gall Stone attacks and me gall bladder out as a consequence.

Fingers crossed they can get her pain under control and it is something they can fix for her soon.

Stew went to the school IEP meeting, will get his 'debrief' tonight no doubt.

Off to relax for a while, today has been a bit rushed.

End of Day: no more news on the SIL, so she must be doing OK. Spent the evening making cards... watching tv.. now off to bed. nite nite.


  1. That is very pretty fabric indeed, lol about the school IM SURE ALL of Samuel schools feel the same about me.

    Have a nice day at the hospice AND bargain shopping.

  2. Enjoy your day Chris. See you tomorrow. Chris D

  3. uh oh hope your sister in law is ok!!

  4. thoughts and prayers for your sister in law... HUGSSSSSS love the fabric too.

  5. Thoughts are with you and your sister-in-law...fingers crossed its minor :-)

  6. Saying a prayer for your SIL and all is ok

  7. I don't know if you *do* ebay, but I saw this lovely blue fish print and thought of you:

    It's located in Sydney and they post. Also, they have lots of other designs.

  8. I so hope your SIL is ok.

  9. Oh my gosh I hope everything is ok my thoughts are with you and your family.

  10. Anonymous1:43 PM

    The fabric is lovely.
    I hope your Sis in Law is okay, she's lucky to have you with her.

  11. I hope y our poor sister in law is feeling better, it must have given her a shock.

    Have a good weekend.

  12. Ohh love that fabric.
    Hope all okay with SIL..

  13. Anonymous11:56 PM

    That is great fabric!! Should make a bunch of pretty cards for the summer. You are making cards with it right? I just assumed. Sorry to hear about your SIL. I had my gall bladder out in 1976. The gall bladder attacks are so painful! Was glad to get the bugger out!! Hope she recovers fast & gets that bad boy outta there!...debbie

  14. Just wondering . . . . can you be tickled any other color than pink?

    I hope your SIL is okay. I too had the "pleasure" of experiencing gall stones and attacks and surgery. Not fun at all!

  15. Shopping online for fabric could be the end of me. I'm afraid I'd go totally overboard! But this is gorgeous-- At first I didn't even realize it's fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Good luck with your SIL. Hope all goes well. I am totally going to check out that sight.

  17. Poor SIL!! I know all about that GB pain!


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