Monday, July 05, 2010


I was going to show you my new Cuttlebug Die! It's going to become one of my favourites I am sure.

ABOVE: there it is. You can use it three ways... as above... and then you can mix 'n' match the seperate 'bits' like this:

ABOVE AND BELOW: I have used different colourways to enhance the heart design... just LOVE it!

Obvioulsy you could just use one part of the heart too.... but I think it looks so much nicer using the contrasting colours. What do YOU think?

AND did you notice I had used ORANGE? Doesn't it look smashing? I like orange in some settings... maybe just not ON ME! lol

Don't have any plans for today... apart from NOT wanting to throttle me kids! lol
There is a good side to school holidays.... I stayed in bed until 8.30 am! I think Stew told the kids to be VERY QUIET before he left for work.... I am not feeling all crabby and ready to throttle them! Yaaaa. It is a VERY wet day out there... so we are not going anywhere. I shall make more cards... I want to get this latest batch finished so I can get back to my patchwork!

My sister-in-law suggested I start making 'Christmas' Themed cards ready for Christmas sales too.... so at some point I will hunt around for suitable materials for them. It's so neat having lots to do.... no time to get bored or lonely.

Remember the Jellybeans? Well they are coming in very handy! I am blackmailing the kids into being good and quiet... by giving them a few every hour, on the hour! WORKS FOR ME! (I know, I'm evil)
ABOVE: look what arrived in the mail! A red showercap for my bathroom... from Blondie! What a tart... a lovely TART I might add... Thanks Chick! It did make me laugh.
I've been busy... vacuming and washing floors.. my usual Monday job. Now I just have to stop Coco from pee'ing on it! Grrrrrrr.
End of Day: cooked a lovely dinner .. pork chops, bacon, potatoes with cheese and veges. Was bloody nice too. Spent the evening card making... have made over 100 in the past few days! nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris, sorry I haven't commented in a few computer's hard drive crashed and I'm using hubby's work computer!

    Those cards look awesome! I like that hard die, and you are right...using the different parts of the heart really sets it off. Keep up the great work!

    And, have a great day, but don't get arrested for throttling the kids! LOL!!!!



  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Wow! That's groovy. Ahhh... so jealous that you have time to do these things...

    ALTHOUGH!! Husband slept downstairs last night so I sat up IN BED and painted and did crafts until 11pm! Go me.... am BUSTING to get home and do some more....

    That cutter is the coolest though - very very groovy.

    Have a happy day and don't strangle the kids!

    Kate (

  3. O Chris !
    The things that you are working on are so stunning - so professional looking! They really ROCK! I hope you are so proud of yourself !

    Maybe you will be SOOO enthused that you will run right down to your sewing room and do a run of Laundry! LOL Sorry - I could not resist that! Must be my meanness showing too! LOL

  4. school holidays and throttling kids goes together and then they trow in wet weather just to drive us Mum's completely gagga.


  5. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Hi Chris,

    Try for very cost effective templates and dies for your cuttlebug.



  6. My mum just sent me some bits and pieces to start christmas card making. I suppose I had better get started hey.

    I love the new heart cut-out. It's going to be very useful, isn't it? I am really glad they are working for you, and if you can make a little extra dosh, why not? Go girl!

  7. I LOVE the CARDS!!!! Your amazing.
    acolades aplomb!

  8. Love the Heart die! Easy to see it becoming your new fave :0)

  9. Tried to comment earlier but it didn't go through!! You are so crafty!! I will have to show these to my daughter!!

  10. The colour combo you used on the cards are really striking. You make a lot of effort on your cards. A true crafter! I've worn bits of orange outfits. I think I look good in orange but I've never made an orange bag. Know why? No one will buy it!

  11. The picture of Brylee is adorable! She has such a sweet face.

    Your cards are incredible Chris. You really have a talent for this. I would love to commission you to make some for me when you have time...I'll have to email you.

    I hope you are having a good Monday. We are just finishing up our 4th of July festivities. I had 30 people over for most of the day. I'm wiped out!

  12. Love the heart cards - super cool!
    Enjoy the school holidays! Kel xxx

  13. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Now there's another market you can corner with your cards, especially with the heart cut-outs - wedding place cards/thank you cards and little valentines day cards! Can't wait to see the Xmas ones! The mind boggles with possibilities and imagination. Maybe you could train the kids up as elves over the school holidays to help you out and keep them out of mischief! WOMBAT

  14. You are so welcome I saw this and thought immediately of you (and your bathroom!) a friend of mine got one for her 40th birthday I THINK they rock!!!!

  15. Anonymous2:05 AM

    I loved your heart Die!! Very smart looking! for the kids and jelly beans! ya gotta do, what ya gotta do!! lol Have a good one! ...debbie

  16. What a lovely heart die you have! I like it with the contrasting color but can see using only the outside bit to show off some of the neat fabric . . .

    That is a showercap? It is waterproof???

  17. love the cards and the shower cap... supper sounds delish too!


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