Wednesday, July 07, 2010


First thing today, we are going to the mall to post some cards to a lovely lady in the South Island, she's taking them overseas with her to give with gifts.... hee hee... getting orders from girls who read me blog is quite exciting!

If anyone wants some of my wee gift cards, they are $3 each.... or you can pay $5 in the shop! lol

What else? Ummm... dunno. Probably come home and sew, or do some friggin housework... it never sleeps.

Coco must be teething really bad right now... she will chew ANYTHING if it's not tied down or too high for her to reach! Every time I turn around she's got something else in her gob... and there is always a trail of chewed up bits all over me floors. Twigs, leaves, stones, bits of wood, me cane basket, innards out of stuffed toys... you name it! And yes, she has even got a toilet roll of paper and had a go at that. Grrrrrrrr.

The thing is, she's so bloody cute I can't get mad at her...

ABOVE: two new fabrics I just bought... for cards.

Also got myself two new pairs of jeans... no photo.. jeans are just that ... JEANS. One's blue, one's black.

The kids just had a silly-buggar lunch of custard, fruit and... CHOCOLATE. LOL... they thought it was neat. Still blackmailing them to be good.... and it's still working!
ABOVE: Yesterday I bought a new border cutter thingee... and it's gorgeous! I did the last few cards using it.
.... not been doing much else this afternoon yet... feeling tired for some reason.
End of Day: I was going to read and comment on blogs all night... but I have just spent an hour or so commenting on just ONE blog... and now feel kind of defensive about being fat and useless... and unfit... so I am going to stop before I leave any more comments that may be taken the wrong way. In this mood I am likely to offend someone! Back tomorrow in a better mood. nite nite.


  1. Hello, from NY!
    It is about 100 degrees here and my little friend wants to just walk around outside & sniff.

  2. little puppy chew bones THEY are hard very tiny and the puppies love them!!! KEEP your shoes up then and your sewing stuff oh AND any lego!!!! good luck with the teething ICE CUBES are fun too but then that leaves puddles!

  3. I still have the baby teeth from my first dog. It was tough during that stage. Lots of furniture with teeth marks and lots of ruined shoes.

  4. Coco really needs some very tough puppy chew toys. Do ya'll have Kong toys out there? be careful with rawhide it gets gooey and nasty and also gives them a taste for leather. Dumb idea really.

  5. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I like your Christmas material. Can't wait to see your Christmas cards! Can't you get Coco some chewey bones. Get her big one's so they'll last a little while. The kids must be having fun, they have your number mom! Be good and get treats!! lol I do what ever it takes!! ...debbie

  6. Hey Chris . . . it's not bribery, it's positive re-enforcement! Works for me too!

  7. Every puppy has to go through a few rols of toilet is just a right of passage for them She is so cute, I wouldn't get mad at her either.

  8. My Dqwg Sheba used to chew stuff up, I would get soooo mad. Ditto never did, except if he was mad at me, then he'd chew up his own stuff. (Once he chewed up his own comb.)
    No dog is cute enough to chew up the wrong objects!

  9. Your new border cutter thingee is fabulous! I'm sure you'll get lots of us out of it.

    And I love the new fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Hope you can take a nap and rest up a bit today.


  10. I bought a pair of black jeans too. Black jeans are so cool!

  11. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Youre not fat youre not useless unfit prob. Accept it and move on Get comfortable with yourself and the rest will fall into place. You are what you are love yourself because the positives outway the negatives.
    We all have our moments but life is short so onward
    Sorry I don't know how to do a blog so just comment
    Mary H

  12. wowwww love the new material...I am so going to get you to make me some chrissy cards....

  13. Our dog chew the dinning room table leg when it was teething. Then it moved on the the couch cushions. Good luck. Looks like your card business is becoming a huge success. Sorry to hear you day ended on a sour note. Hope Thursday is better.

  14. Oohhh I love that bumble bee fabric! I really need to get off my backside and order some of your cards. Stay tuned for another order from the South Island!


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