Friday, July 09, 2010


ABOVE: this is a sculpture at the Botanic Gardens, it's named "BUTTERFLY"... and I love her! She even has a ponytail like me! I think this sculpture shows us that even BIG.. you can be beautiful.

We are heading into a VERY busy weekend here at the 'Chris H' house! Tonight Kelly and our granddaughter Rena arrive from Hamilton and Lacy arrives from Kerikeri... both are staying for a few days.

Tomorrow Amanda and Andrew, Huston and Joel arrive. Huston and Joel are staying here while Amanda and Andrew attend a work function in town. Sunday all my girls and their kids are here... for the night! (oh and Andrew of course!)
So we will have extra beds/mattresses all over the place. And I don't mind! I love having my family to stay.
I have decided NOT to lock me dogs away for days on end... they are going to be confined to an area I have set up for them... this way they won't jump all over Rena, who is only little. AND the bigger kids will be stopped from picking the dogs up all the time... hopefully this works.

The 'bitch' ...formerly known as me MOTHER, bathed me! (This is Coco, see how big she is getting!)

I am like.... soooo not impressed. *sniff*

NOW, ... it's off for a walk time. Then when we get home I must get the beds sorted out for our visitors...

Slight change of plans... we are going for a walk after lunch today.. mainly due to me needing to take me piddle pills first thing in the morning or they don't work as good. I didn't take them yesterday so I could walk without having to find a loo every 5 minutes (impossible around here).. so I really need to take them today. I will piddle all morning and be fine by this afternoon to walk! Yaaaa. That will be the 'plan' from now on too... walk after lunch.

TEDDY: is still wearing his cone because twice now we have thought his neck was all better, taken the cone off and immediately the bloody little shit has scrached the very tender skin and opened up the wound all over again! So now I am waiting until the hair has all grown back before taking off his cone. How long has it been? It seems like ages already. He HATES the cone. We hate the cone. Grrrrrrrrr.

WEIRD: I just went to publish the latest two comments for today's post.. and there were about 6 from older posts there? Blogger must have 'lost' them for a while! So, I published all of them anyway.

Our walk is done... only did a 40 minute walk today... me legs are sore!
Teddy is a pain.. he does 3, YES 3 poo's and at least 20 piddles on our walks! I swear he stops every 100 yards for a piddle. such a pain.

I was going to make an ENORMOUS meatloat for dinner and lunches over the next few days... but I have no breadcrumbs... bugger, damn and blast. I would drive down to the supermarket to get some.. but as I don't know what time Kelly is arriving I think I better stay home. I'll do the meatloaf tomorrow.

Lacy is about halfway here according to her last text. ONWARD...

*******PEPSI UPDATED*********PEPSI UPDATED************

End of Day: the first 'wave' of visitors have arrived... better go feed them. Don't think I'll get back on here tonight... so .... nite nite.


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend enjoy :-)

  2. That is a lovely sculpture, Chris. And if you look at paintings from the "old masters", most of the women were very "voluptuous", not little skinny minnies!

    Have a wonderful weekend with all your kids!



    P.S. I noticed that Teddy's cone is still one... how is he healing up?

  3. Beautiful sculpture and the botanical garden walk is always delightful. Teddy is so not impressed! Have a lovely family weekend and I BET there will be pics!

  4. The botanical gardens are wonderful. The kids will look back on these days with special memories.

    Have lots of fun with everyone even if you do get a bit frazzled at times.


  5. What an awesome weekend ahead! Have fun with your lovely family xx

  6. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Maybe he took his piddle & poo pills!

    Mary H

  7. I love the sculpture! She is in a lovely place to be appreciated.

    I agree with Cyndi - there definitely was never any "Barbie-dolls " hiding out in the goddess sections of history. LOL

    I was thinking about Teddie and that "hateful" cone! I despise them also. Wonder IF you could make him a very wide collar ( Something that would be the width to cover the wound and then some - add velcro and that might make it easy to adjust??- OR - maybe one of those kerchiefs you see some of them wearing? I know you would have to look out for it totally covering the wound - and - you would have to watch him for a while to see what kind of meanness he might come up with. Sometimes they are just like little kids and find more to get into -than they
    can get 'out' of . Humm? Maybe make him some booties to cover those back feet???

    OOO , One thing I did was purchase some VET Wrap . It is a stretchy lightweight , rubbery feeling product.I got mine off line -but I have seen it at a Tractor Supply . I had used it on Lassie's bad ankle and I learned not to put it on too tight or it cuts off the circulation. :( What made me think of it was I ran across it last night and I thought of Lassie . I almost threw it away -but decided if I could find some way to use it - I would honor her memory better. SOOO - I cut small sections from it and then wrapped all of the threads that like to come unwound. That was when I discovered - IT TASTES Terribl - that is because it is coated so dogs will hopefully not chew it off. :)
    Another lesson learned. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful - NON-STRESSFUL weekend with your family.

    I did love the way you confined your pups so they can still be part of your family!You certainly get POINTS! :)

  8. Have a fun weekend. Looking forward to pics cause I bet there will be LOL :)

  9. Have a blast this weekend, you're going to be in your element with all your family.

    So proud of ya for getting out and going for a walk TWO days in a row.


  10. Enjoy the full house!!!

  11. dry oats or crackers do great in meatloaf instead of bread crumbs :) have a great time...

  12. You are the busiest person I know!!! I need some of your energy!!!!Please!!
    Great idea about the little doggies!!

  13. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Hey Chris, Do you have a food processor, you could make your own breadcrumbs.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  14. Have a wonderful time with the family. It looks like a very busy weekend for the both of us. Enjoy.

  15. Wow I can't believe how big the puppy is already!


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