Sunday, August 01, 2010


How the hell did it get to be August already? This year is flying by.....

And today... don't know what our plans are.

It's supposed to piss down with rain for the next 4-5 days... oh Yaaaa!

I think today will be a 'housework' day.... get the washing done, vacuming, yadda, yadda....

How boring!

I really don't have anything else so far... so I'll bugger off and do that housework while Stew has a sleep in... his turn an all!

ONWARD... If you love the song Amazing Grace as I do... click on the link to hear it being sung by a gorgeous wee girl in Texas! I 'pinched' it from Joanna!

As forecast, the weather has packed it in and it's actually cold and wet today... first time I've felt really cold outside ... we popped out as I needed more envelopes for the cards, and I found a new border punch:

ABOVE: the border punch .. I bought it for the dots! I use little dots A LOT in my cards... we were given a free bacon sandwich outside The Warehouse Stationery shop from a Radio Station having a promotion, which was really nice. FREE too!

HOME NOW and Stew is busy being Mum in the kitchen, he's making us toasted sandwiches for lunch... mine are coming first. yaaaa....

I just had a 'nana nap'... and feel like crap now! All foggy in the brain. And don't ya have WEIRD dreams in the middle of the day? lol

ABOVE: first card for today, I used the new border punch... looks neat!

Stew is cooking dinner... I have no idea what it is? Smells nice though...

End of Day, and it's almost 11pm... my bedtime. I've made 6 cards tonight, so I am pleased about that. I aim for a minimum of 5 per day... to get my order filled and off my mind! nite nite.


  1. August has come too soon!! I hate it!!! Two more weeks and I go back to work/school!

  2. it's still July here. ;-)

  3. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I agree, July just flew by and here we are starring August in the face! This month is Bob's birthday and our vacation to South Carolina. That's all for this month unless something pops up! I was hoping for a little rain today, but it didn't happen...debbie

  4. Stew looks very intent on his cooking. I be he makes good sandwiches.

  5. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Yes it's less than 5 months to christmas GROAN! Pain in the arse. That video of the little girl singing was wonderful. She made me cry. Her mum would be so proud of her. WOMBAT

  6. Ohhhh I HATE the whole of AUGUST a most "annus horriblious" month (as the Queen once said!)

    Weather here today ummmm boaordering on revolting!

  7. love your kitchen! I want a tour of the whole house..-)

  8. I was looking at your new card and I'm noticing a lot of details now - the seahorses and corals. Was wondering why you need the dots, now I know! (For bubbles?) You put in some leaves with the kiwis for fauna? And the kiwis have the beaks pointing in different directions!! Sori for over analysing but it's a lot of thought put into 1 card maybe even without trying. I love details.

  9. I know what you mean. In another month, summer break will be over and the kids head back to school. They bicker a lot, but I kinda like them around.


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