Sunday, July 18, 2010



I am up early... Stew is having a sleep in today... and I am working on cards.

At some point we will have to go out and get some groceries I suppose.... for school tomorrow.

SCHOOL TOMORROW.... yaaaaaa!!!

And I will be going to patchwork class... but not to do 'patchwork' really... I will be sewing fabric onto cards! But still... it will be nice to be socialising with other women again!

ABOVE: I thought this palm was neat... it has a small pohutakawa tree trying to wrap itself around it!
ABOVE: the kids in the park... right at the top of a rope climbing tower thingee.
ABOVE: Griffin (our little piglet) about to wrap his mouth around his lunch yesterday, which was a burger and chips...
ABOVE: a wee video of the kids in the park yesterday.
Right, that's all for now.... until I have something else to yabber on about.

WOW, I didn't realise I hadn't been back on here yet today! Well.. I've been busy!
We went out and had lunch at Sylvia Park, I bought more card, we came home... and I've been cutting card and fabric all afternoon!
There is so much 'preparation' before I even start constructing the card... but hopefully I will be ready soon to get started on the magic.... LOL!
Stew is cooking dinner.... it smells devine... and I have no idea what it is yet...
End of Day, and I'm totally knackered! I've been working on the cards all afternoon/evening! Anyone would think she wanted them by tomorrow the way I'm going! Phew.... so tired. nite nite.


  1. The palm tree looked bizarre remember to have hand massages YOU may need them with all that sewing! and card making.

  2. I love browsing in Mosaic. Great your cards sell like hotcakes.

    Now you have proof you have a good eye and skill. It's not just us telling you.

    Would have loved to catch up ... next time. I want you to meet my man then you can use our house instead of a motel. Being 1/2 hour from Whitianga may not always suit though. Plan a weekend when you can fit us in.

  3. ohhh that lunch of Griffin's looks soooooooo yummy !!

  4. Looks like the kids had fun together.

  5. Hi Chris - well done on getting the cards in other sales outlets:-)

    Didn't get a chance to stop and visit, think you would have been in Whitianga the day we drove back down.

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Did you end up buying the blue jug from mosaic? WOMBAT

  7. Where are you buying your card? I hope you realise you can get way cheaper than retail prices for stuff like this. Can't remember where now but I'm sure you can.

  8. I have never seen a tree stalker before! And will you be making patchwork cards?


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