Sunday, July 25, 2010


After we have done all the housework this morning, we are heading off to Hamilton to return Rena... who has been a joy to have. It was the FIRST TIME EVER we have had Rena... without her parents being with her... and she has been so good! No crying, grizzling... NOTHING!!!

My house is a pig's sty.... I have ...seriously, done virtually NO housework this week! Well.. I did the absolute minimum... and this moring we really do have to pull finger and do some serious cleaning/dusting/polishing! I can honestly say I am embarassed at how much dust has gathered! *ikkkk*

Then I can relax when we are in Hamilton... knowing I don't have to come back to a mess. Kelly and her Fiance' Gordon just bought a house... which we are going to see for the first time today. I can't wait! I hope to take lots of photos to show you....

I took some really funny/cute photos of Rena the other day.. sitting on the a big girl... with a whole roll of loo paper shoved down the toilet and all over her legs! If her Mum and Dad say it's OK, I hope to show you all just how adorable she looked... lol. She has been very entertaining this weekend.

ONWARD.... ABOVE: all clean and tidy again, and it took 2.5 hours! ... Stew did one end of the house and I did the other! Dusted/Polished, vacumed... all DONE. Now I can relax... Heading off to Hamilton in just a mo....
ABOVE: All ready to go home to her Mum and Dad.... in her cute new clothes and shoes..

ABOVE: Kelly and Gordon in front of their new home... it has 4 bedrooms and a HUGE garage, a double carport and two other outside sheds... which comes in handy when you are a 'backyard' mechanic!
ABOVE: a huge tree in the front yard, which is getting severely pruned this coming week.
ABOVE: kitchen/dining room... hell the little Tart has more cupboards than me! *sniff*
ABOVE: a really lovely back verandah, which has thick plastic wind/weather protection walls.
ABOVE: Gordon's new 'PLAYGROUND'... lol. That man loves doing up cars and selling them on... and tinkering with his racing cars.
ABOVE: some cute trees at Gordonton, that have been pruned into these funky shapes.
That's all for today!
End of Day: and it was so nice to come home and know I don't have to spend hours tomorrow on my own getting the house all clean again! Yaaaa. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Glad you had such a nice visit with Rena. It must have been so much fun. I hope her parents say okay to the pictures, she sounds so adorable!!!

    My house is a mess too! I'm hoping I can get my girls to get off their butts and start helping me do some house work. Nothing better than coming home to a nice clean house. Enjoy your time in Hamilton!!!

  2. Congratulations to Kelly and Gordon on their new house. That is very exciting. I wish them great happiness.

    House cleaning-- Ugh. It's rough when you get behind. Sorry.


  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    After garage-saling yesterday, I was looking on ebay at silverware and I came across a pair of silver galleon ship bookends. I immediately thought of you since you love ships (I remembered the doorknocker and the box you got the other day with the ship on it!) If you want to have a look, go to ebay (Australia), type in silver bookends. They are $100 and in Melbourne. Glad you've had a great weekend(shame housework spoilts things!) WOMBAT

  4. awwwwwww Rena looks so cute in her new clothes, so happy to hear you have had a wonderful time with her.
    Safe travelling.

  5. Rena looked so cute in her clothes I am glad you all had a lovely visit together and maybe she will stay more often. I have just finished washing sheets and a clean up before Samuel gets home so we have a nice CLEAN house as WE WILL both be knackered!

  6. YAYYYYYY!! She's such a big girl now. :)

  7. Rena looks so cute in her little outfit!

  8. Anonymous12:40 AM

    It's always fun to have a little one around! I enjoy our girls. Glad to know someone has a clean house. Ours looks as if a Bomb went off. Our daughter is getting ready to move in her house and we have "stuff" everywhere, plus a bunch of her daughters toys and shoes laying around. I hate to see them go though...debbie

  9. Rena is so darling. Hope she visits soon!

  10. All house is always mess even though we do clean up every day. We just can't keep up with the kids.

  11. Looks like you had fun with your granddaughter. I too can not stand to go away and come back to a dirty home. Congrats to the new homeowners, their place looks lovely.


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