Thursday, July 01, 2010


I quite like Thursdays!
It's the day I pick Griffin up from school and take him to his SPELD lesson... which means I get to sit in the car and read a book!
Tess Gerritsen is my author of choice right now.. I have two of her books 'on the go'... one in the car and one in the house! LOL

Also today I have a meeting with the Occupational Therapists to discuss Griffin too. It is going to be a bit of a rush getting from the Speld lesson to the OT Meeting... but oh well... maybe I will be late? NOT like me at all... but they are literally back to back and with the Auckland traffic you just never know when you will get held up on the motorway. *sigh*....

Did I mention my Laptop died? Well it kinda died, then I tried to kill it some more by trying to fix it! So... I have sent it down to Palmy for Steve to try and fix it for me! Hence... I haven't been reading blogs and commenting much... cos I used to do most of that in the evenings ... sitting in the lounge with the laptop! I will try to catch up again later on today.


Home again.. it was a bit of a rush getting from one place to another this morning/midday.. but we did it. I missed an off-ramp on the motorway and ended up having to go a bit further out of my way ... but luckily I was not running late!

This afternoon I want to continue getting ahead with the cards for the shop, dinner is in the crockpot... so all's good!

ABOVE: it's a hive of industry in my sewing/craft room!
ABOVE: I did this many in 2 hours this afternoon.... while the dogs lay on the couch and watched me... awwwww.
I made a really tasty beef and bacon casserole in the crockpot, now I'm going to use it to make PIES for dinner. YUM YUM.
End of Day: dinner was indeed yummy! I can't go wrong with meat pie. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Well, you probably don't have to worry about being late for your appointment, you'd probably have to sit and wait for them anyway! lol sorry about your lap top, hopefully it won't be anything too bad and easy to fix...debbie

  2. Yeah...I understand re the lap top..the hubby often kills our computer when he tries to fix it !! Damn frustating ! :-)

    Tess Gerritsen - I rather like her books, especially the ones featuring Jane Rizzoli.

    Poor Teddy, I hope that neck get better. Can you get that vitamin supplement called Dynovite over there. You might be able to order it online. Sparky, my 14 yr old baby, is on it. Poor lad literally has one paw on a banana skin and the other in the grave..Dynovite has made a big difference to him's given him more energy and clared up a scaly, itchy skin issue that he had. Doesn't taste too good, but I mix it into a little bit of peanut butter and he eats it that way.

  3. So glad you get a few minutes to read and not be bothered by anyone. Car can be a good hiding place, s long as it's not a taxi. *smile*

  4. Whilst your resting you will be pleased to know I am thawing OUT TRY the biggest frost here this winter AND rivers running down windows from condensation (worst morning yet) BUT the pay off a STUNNING DAY!! if ya like ya face froze off that is!

  5. Did I mention when Me Bro died, I tried to fix it myself and killed it some more too? We should leave it to the pros.

  6. I burned my lap top sitting with it in my lap. I didn't know they have to be ventilated and have cool air under them. They make special lap desks to make sure you don't kill them but no one told me till it was too late.

  7. I just ordered a ne Tess Gerritsen book today. Thanks for reminding me of her.

  8. Oh heck what a busy day. To answer your question, my brother and his wife moved to Abu Dhabi end off last year from London.

  9. A laptop on the blink is no fun. I hope it's an easy fix and back home soon.


  10. Gee I love your cards are very, very talented!! How's my little Teddy doing?

  11. You are certainly having problems with your electronic equipment these days. Hope the boy can sort out the laptop. No news on the sewing maching yet? Mr Wonderful does have a name - Lucas. Not enough hours in the day for the two of us. Have a fun weekend.

  12. Any excuse for reading is wonderful in my book! You are doing so well with those cards - KUDOS!

  13. You've been a busy little bee lately!

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