Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today: IT'S HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GRIFFIN... he's 8 today.

Hopefully I will get my sewing machine back today too... so that's exciting! I have several things I want to get on with. I'm going to make some Christmas decorations for our tree .... and of course some more bags.

Hopefully I will have a good day, cos lately they haven't been that great. Families eh?

Sometimes I feel like I'm juggling balls up in the air all the time, trying to keep on top of what is happening with all my kids. And sometimes it is just too much! I have been dealing with a certain issue with a few of my kids lately and it has really wrung me out!

AND it has stuffed up my diet BIG TIME... I have been stress eating something shocking.... and have been rewarded with a big fat gain for me troubles. I blame my kids of course! It wasn't me stuffing my face! Pffffffft.... as if. *sigh*

Just have to keep trying to get on top of it eh? Now, I must show you my little stingray! Stew bought him for me in Paihia:
Isn't he lovely! Made from copper...
and cos I can, here's a photo of Teddy and his 'girlfriend':

SO SO cute.
Yaaaa!!! I just got a phone call from the Sewing Machine shop.. the BIG BOSS MAN just dropped my machine back personally... and I can go and get it. Apparently he's replaced a whole shit load of it's innards... AND left a gift for me too! Bloody hell...... things are looking up!

OFF TO GET IT NOW.... fingers crossed.... it goes well!

So.. I picked up the machine.

What do you call a 'GIFT' that you don't even need or want? Cos that's what it is. A thingee for the sewing machine that I do not need or want. Pfffft... I said "Thank You" anyway, cos I'm NICE LIKE THAT. I think it was just something that does not sell and they thought "Cool, give it to her"... not impressed really. Oh well.. here's hoping the machine goes FAN-FRICKEN-TASTICALLY... will give it a burl later on today.
I decided today that Griffin could 'make' his own Birthday Cake! So here is the process:
Put everything in front of the kid... and leave him to it.
Yep, he quite liked this part!
PROUD AS PUNCH... and he was right pleased with his cake!
End of Day: a good day ... once the kids are in bed I shall finally get to try out the sewing machine. What FUN. nite nite.


  1. Love it when we can blame the kids lol..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRIFFIN :-) and good luck with the sewing machine. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Griffin! Hope he has a fantastic day! I also hope you get your machine back today (and that is working properly)!
    Sorry to hear about issues with the kids and hope things sort themselves out soon!

  3. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Happy Birthday! Big ol' 8! Enjoy it and your sewing machine. Get down with your bad self

  4. Happy Birthday to Griffin, I hope he has a great day.

    I hope you get your machine back today although based on previous experience - I would not hold your breath. You keep saying you are impatient - this whole saga has shown you have the patience of 10 saints!!!

    I hope everything settles down with all your kids & you gat the chance just to relax & enjoy them, sometimes it seems everything happens at once.

    Take care & I have my fingers crossed you get your machine back in full working order.

  5. Happy Birthday Griffin.

    Hope you have a fabulous day.

  6. Happy Birthday to Griffin!

    Looks like you had a nice little vacation!

  7. Happy Birthday to Griffin!

  8. Happy Birthday to Griffin. Gorgeous boy!

    You hang in there, Chris. Try not to eat to bury the emotions (easier said than done, I know) and don't worry about the gain ... it will disappear again very quickly. A lot of it will probably be fluid and will go as quickly as it came.

  9. Woo Hoo.........hope you show a pic of the gift..LOL
    Nope we wont become "bloody Auzzies" but we do like the climate, well with air con we do LOL
    Home on 1st Dec.......apparently the weather is still crap at home!!!!
    Big Hugs for all that is going on in your life........a good reason for us to enjoy the little ones before they grow up LOL :)
    Have fun with your almost new machine :)

  10. ooops, forgot the Happy Birthday wishes to Griffin. Have a great day :)

  11. I hope the kid issues get sorted out. In the meantime, enjoy Griffin's birthday and getting your machines back. Looking forward to seeing more bags come to life.

  12. Happy Birthday to Griffin! He and I have the same b'day only mine is tomorrow.

    Hope your machine DOES NOT work like new.

    Hope things look up for you soon.

  13. ooooh, wonder what the gift is! now that's service. It's a pity you didn't get to speak to him in the first place hey! great news!

    And happy birthday to Griffin! Big boy now he's 8. That's fantastic.

    I see Teddy has ditched the collar. Has he stopped doing himself harm then? that's good news, bless the little bloke. He is soooo cute!


  14. awwww sweet, your little doggie looks so cute with his 'girlfriend'. Hope Griffin had a lovely birthday. XXCathy

  15. My fingers are crossed that your machine is completely fixed and like a new machine .... AND that you like your free gift! You certainly deserve the gift for all the hassles and costs you have incurred getting the machine constantly serviced. Maybe its petrol vouchers??

    Happy Birthday to Griffin!

  16. I love popping in to view your blog - always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face - you crack me up (receiving the gift from the shop!).

    Kate (

  17. Ohhhhh, yeah. The "gift" thing to make you feel guilty if you need to take it back again. Keep documenting, Chris! I hope you don't need it, but there ya go.

    HAPPY B-day to Griffin!!

  18. Can't wait to hear how the machine works!!! In the states, when you get a gift you don't want and can't use, it was probably re-gifted. LOL. BTW, anytime you come to Phila, I'll make sure to ask what you like. No pumpkin, squash or veggies for you!!!

  19. I love your pics of Teddy! He is such a dear!

    Hoping your machine does what it's supposed to!

    Happy Birthday Griffin! My friend is celebrating a birthday on the same day (in a different time zone)!

    Hang in there with the kids, Chris. Things have a way of working themselves out. I'll be thinking of you.

  20. Anonymous4:55 PM

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  21. Happy Birthday to Griffin! I hope you're not giving him your sewing machine as his present.

  22. Fingers crossed for the machine.

    All that food you ate will add fluid though ... there are a lot of carbs there and they hold fluid. Trust me! Would I lie to you? ;)

    Go green for a day or so and you will see results. (And piddle like a trooper!!)

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRIFFIN! Looks like he enjoyed hes cake, what did he get for his birthday?

  24. Hope Griffin had a nice day (at least I am commenting before midnight today!!!), I hope your sewing machine is behaving, I HOPE you aren't stress eating RIGHT NOW!!!! I hope it stops raining SO I CAN SUNBATHE again soon , I DID walk today though for 45 mins! inbetween RAIN THUNDER and DOWNPOURS!

  25. Happy Birthday Griffin.

    Hope you all had a fabulous day.

    havent been around the blogs cos I am in a massive load of pain...hurt my back...seeing a speialist tomorrow...

    Chin up chick , always thinking of you and wishing you a peaceful life xx

  26. Happy Birthday Griffin love your cake!!!!!!
    good luck with the machine and the lovely free gift LOL

  27. That's a good idea with the cake!
    Hope your machine works OK this time!

  28. Making your own birthday cake - a wonderful idea! Griffin looks like he really enjoyed it.

    Can't wait to hear how the machine is acting now that it is back from the shop AGAIN!

  29. Well a big Happy Birthday to Griffin! I'm hear you with the stress business. Enough is enough hope these issues sort themselves out quickly. Good luck with the sewing machine.

  30. life got in my way yesterday and I never got in to wish Griffin a happy birthday sorry looks like he had a load of fun decorating his cake..neat

  31. That Griffin is so cute! Glad the day turned out well.


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