Monday, November 30, 2009


Well.... I WILL then... but it will be DIET COKE!
Sorry to all you out there who are heading off to work... unless ya love your job!

My three are off back to school and work ... yaaaaa... peace will reign again.

And... I'm going to make an appointment to see me Dr... for some TWEEKING of my HRT pills... I am so over hot flushes. I will also look into natural remedies too...

I shall also ring the Sewing Machine shop lady to see what's the hap's with the Needle Threader replacement.... like... where is it?

I'm going to kill some weeds with roundup today too... and sew... and do some housework... so a busy day hopefully, cos being busy means not being BORED... and not being bored means NOT EATING crap.

Been out and about... picked up some supplies for the bag making... not much else.

It's an ikky day, windy and showers. .... so no gardening happening today. After the kids get home from school we are off to the doctors... me for the HRT crap, and Griffin needs some worts zapped again... darn things just won't go. That's it for now....

Kids warts are dealt to... Griffin cried... he has warts on one finger all the way around the nail... it hurt! As for me... I can't take any more HRT pills... I'm on the maximum now and as I have blood clot risks... that's it. So, he's given me (GET THIS)... sedatives! To make me sleep! Don't know how I feel about taking sedatives?

Is it safe.... I dunno. OMG! I just looked at them... they are a really pretty blue COLOUR! Anything that pretty can't be bad for you surely? lol

End of Day: looking forward to bedtime! Hoping like hell the pill works and I SLEEP! nite nite.


  1. Have a happy day :-)

  2. I wonder if you can get a product called Remifemmin over there? I am on it to boost my hormone levels and relieve the symptons (particularly the grumps and blonde moments). Works well for me.

    good luck with that.

  3. Got a diet coke packed in my work bag, can't go a day without one !!

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    hope you get to the DR and it can be easily fixed. I take EPO tablets and notice a difference, my PMT is not nice on the family so I am dreading "the change" although I do have a few years to go before that.


  5. You've got to be able to sleep well, so I hope these help you. The cards you made the other day looked great. Hope little Griffin's finger settles soon, warts are horrible and so painful to have removed. It's much better when the doctor does it though, I used the removal stuff on one of my boys once and it seemed to take a chunk of his finger too!!!

  6. I'm catching up on my blog reading after the Thanksgiving holiday. Hope all's well with you and your family.

    Have a great week.


  7. Are they sedatives or sleeping pills.. I've got pretty blue ones called Zoplicone and they're wonderful. Just give me at least 4 hours straight sleep but don't knock me out enough that I don't wake up for urgent things. I seem to have a bad week every few weeks so I think its the pmt cycle too.

  8. Thanks to our baby's medical bills, I can't afford to drink diet coke anymore. I've been drinking the generic stuff.

  9. Well they might help..... I love my lil pills... only need them for a couple of nights in a row and then i seem to get back into a sleep pattern... hope it helps!!

  10. Blue pills? I seem to remember some little blue happy pills!!? or blue Viagra pills? Oh well MAY THE SLEEP GODS reign over your house tonight, I just had 3 weeks ago 2 of Samuels 3 warts burnt off 2 done and dusted BUT ONE stubborn bugger on his hand they told us TO ZAP THEM when they are small and minute easier to deal with I wanted his zapped and healed before CAMP as I feel clambering around seashore rock pools and alike CANT BE THAT hygenic for new wart wounds EH HERES hoping the SEAWATER WILL wash the other remaining wart off!!!!!

  11. first job was for Coca-cola as a junior accountant, ( back in the late 70's to mid 80's) and get to the point...the advertising at some part of that time was just your little the receptionist had to answer the phone "Good morning, have a coke and a smile" hahahaha you brought back memories!!!

    On a serious note, hope the hot flushes cool off soon.


  12. LMAO @ the colour of pills determining whether they are good or bad for you!

  13. Got to agree with Froggy... Remifemin worked for me... i went through menopause at 42 and had pretty severe hot flushes and major memory loss... took Remifemin, 2 or 3 a day, i think and after about 6 weeks realised i hadn't had a 'powersurge' for a day or two... i kept taking them for about 6 months but they were very effective, and all natural too.... good luck!

  14. How did the sleeping go? I hope you got some serious sleep time.

  15. dont hate me for it, but i really cant STAND diet coke.

    i LOVE regular coke, but the diet kinda just doesnt do it for me, tastewise..

  16. Must be that new blue pill ......

  17. Come on girl wake up need my morning fix of reading your blog lol

  18. A thought for Griffin's warts: I had warts on my toes (!!!!!). I had them burned off and they came right back. My mom read a book by Adelle Davis that said to treat them by taking Vitamins A and E. I did that, and after a few months, the warts went away. I stopped taking the vitamins, and they never came back. Here's the link to her book on Amazon.


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