Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am going to cut out some more bags today... round ones and maybe a square one too. There is quite a bit I can do even without the machine I reckon.

I am hoping the sun comes out today too... so I can start working on me tan. AND yeah... I'll keep me top on!

What else? We need more vege plants, so I will go get them too.... and maybe even plant them!


I went to The Warehouse (yeah I know, I hate the place!)... to buy a foot pump for the airbeds, and some beach footwear for me.

I got the above for me feet... and saw this nightie:

Totally had to buy it... it's so ME! LOL

I also got the vege plants... and now I'm home testing out the foot pump on the airbed. I think that will be my exercise for the day... bloody hell it's taking FOREVER to pump up a single airbed!
IT'S OFFICIAL.... I am a true blonde.... I stood in the lounge pumping away on that foot pump, getting all hot and bothered for about 20 minutes before I realised that nothing was happening! I mean... I could see the air going in the bloody thing... but it wasn't going up.
I realised that the plug wasn't in the 'air out' hole! FAR OUT I'M A TWIT. So. WITH THE PLUG IN, it only took a few minutes to pump it up. Off now to laugh at myself.... do join me. I won't mind. REALLY.
I have spent the afternoon cutting up material strips for my bags.. and that's about all!
Yakked to me Mum, who's in Australia... Yakked to me Aunt down the road. Did some talking to myself too. All good.
Cooking dinner now... Spaghetti Bologniese... yum yum.
End of Day: quite a good day really. Got a lot done. Tomorrow is going to be busy too.. getting ready to go away. nite nite.


  1. I love that cartoon, I've seen it before :)

  2. OH my goodness! BWA... your comic is very funny!

  3. It's raining here . And turning winter. Trying to catch up as was gone for a week then my computer wouldn't work when I got home!

  4. hehe, pump up that mattress girl! Glad you are able to work on some of your bag, even if you don't have your machine. I'm currently working on my 7th lapghan, just crocheting away...

  5. At least it was a way of getting some incidental exercise.

    Maybe y ou could try it out on the kids & see how long they try before they realise :-)

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    sort of thing I do!


  7. The joys of foot pumps & air beds :) LOL
    Hope you get to work on your tan soon :)
    No doubt your Mum told you it's warm over here LOL :)

  8. I can't believe it's almost winter over here. It seems like our summer was so short. Enjoy your spring and summer while you still can.

  9. My husband and I were sitting here giggling at your words that we Americans never say. "Bloody hell" and "hot and bothered". So cute. Hee hee....

  10. Ya noodle thats so DAMN funny sort of thing I would do too! worked 14 hours today cloudy no tan work! and now would'nt ya believe IT it is FRIGGIN freezing here tonight so NIGHTSTORE is back on for a few days!

  11. LOL ... I wonder if there's anyone whose blown up an air bed who hasn't done that at some time! I know I have.

  12. It sounds like something I would do with the darn air mattress!

  13. Is that a new profile pic or is my monitor acting up? Your hair looks darker. I love that color on you! Of course you are beautiful regardless of hair color. :-)


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