Friday, November 06, 2009


There is a BIG show on this weekend, called 'Calico Christmas' where all the big retailers sell fabrics, sewing machines and everything to do with Quilting, Crafts etc... and I am so tempted to go and stand in front of the HUSQVARNA Stall and tell EVERYONE just what sort of service they can expect if they buy one of those machines!ABOVE: Tempting!

But I won't. It's tempting, so tempting, but I don't think that will get me anywhere. DAMMIT. I'm just so furious that the HEAD HONCHO... Richard... has said he won't replace the bloody machine! We will see about that.

Today: housework, and lots of it! Totally sucks that dust balls exist...and freaking washing has to be done... and loos have to be cleaned... *sigh*...... only good thing about being in a foul mood is that it's a good mood to do housework in!


I am SO happy I thought to take photos too: (shame I didn't take a photo EVERY time it jammed up)

If I ever see that 'error' message again I think I will smash the machine with a sledge hammer!
And on that note... I'm off to sew... and no doubt take more photos!
It is 1.30pm, I've been sewing with no problems so far today.. but as WE ALL KNOW....that is not likely to last. I am set in my resolve to take it back on Monday. I have:
- A three page letter detailing EVERY SINGLE time I have taken it back, how long I was without a machine, how frustrating it has been, how I have been treated,... bla bla bla.
- A copy of the New Zealand Consumers' Guarantee Act, highlighting my rights.
- Copies of photographs of the machine when it has jammed (when I thought to take photos that is!)
I am giving the Owner of the shop/Importer 10 working days to give me a refund or a TOTALLY NEW Machine... or I will be taking legal action. I have not even mentioned 'Fair Go' or similar YET.
Right, I am thoroughly sick to death of this topic.
I am now going to have a bite to eat... I think I'm hungry now.
End of Day: I had ice cream for DINNER. Yep, emotional eating... I own it. nite nite.


  1. I wont say have a happy day then lol......

  2. Gosh that is shocking service from the dealer, tell him you gonna go to fair go my daughter reckons that gets results :)
    My new machine is a brother and fingers crossed its going ok :)
    Hope you get results soon they are quick to take your money, then when it goes wrong they dont want to know you.
    Have a good weekend :)

  3. Go buy a new one and stick the dud in the box and take it back. Oh darn changed my mind...

  4. you should most definitely take it to fair go, or some other show like that.

    Under the consumer guantantee act they have to replace it. Just go in there armed with the paperwork and freak them out. Put everything in writing and they will listten. When people threaten the act they get scared...but if they think you don't know about it then they will try to pull one over.

    Good luck!

  5. Well CRAP....I was hoping your machine was in fine working order again........that really stinks....hey I double dog dare ya to go say something...I think you should and no I am not dead.....I think people were thinking that....I suck as bad as your ya...

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM

    It's time to accept you have exhausted all avenues talking to the dealer and go higher. Don't waste any more time and energy on them. Get the right department to talk to and start the proceedings to get it replaced. Spend today writing a statement outlining every time it has f***ed up, how many times you have been back to the store and how many kilometres that equates to, and let the NZ equivalent of the Dept of Fair Trading deal with it. That dick has HAD the opportunity to strip it and replace parts and he has chosen not to.

    And you know, I WOULD visit that show and hand out copies of your statement!

  7. Definately ring somebody ie, consumer protection, fair trading etc (not sure what it is called in NZ) and ask them your rights. Then ring the lady back at the shop and tell her what the governemnt agency told you.

    Good luck


    Read the above link Chris.

    Carol :)

  9. Blimeycate! I hope you know a lot of bad words, because if you only know one or two you'll be very sick of using the same ones over and over. That looks like the most frustrating horrible mess. I really feel for you.

  10. mate, take it straight to the comsumer affairs place. get it replaced. it's under warranty, it's been going on for so long, they have to replace it.

    stick to your guns and don't back down.

    good luck!

  11. OMG Chris, they have GOT to do something about that machine. I hope Carol's link has some info that can help you. I love the pics of the bags on your sidebar. They really are sooo cute.

  12. Chris, I wish there were some way I could help!! I got SO MAD reading this post!

  13. Are you SURE you don't want to stage a little protest at the show??? There's still time.

  14. Stand your ground and threaten legal action. It is now beyond a joke.

  15. You are a saint!!! I can't believe they won't give you a new machine. Here in the states some of the news programs have consumer help lines just for this. They get involved and all of a sudden, yippy, the company comes through. They don't want negative advertising on local or national news stations. I like mom taxi julie's idea though.

  16. With the wrath of your internet supporters behind you how can you fail?!

    I wait with baited breath for the next installment. If there's a news bulletin about a woman going beserk somewhere in NZ (near Aukland?) I'll know who it is!!

  17. Great plan of action!! I hope it works!!

  18. So sorry for all your sewing machine trouble. Right now I'm glad I don't know how to sew.

  19. So what are you doing up so late!! Thanks for the sympathy - I've now tried to recreate. Now stop faffing about with that sewing machine - you deserve better so damn well demand it! Have a great weekend Z xx

  20. Sleep tight kiddo! Zxx

  21. I like your plan of attack. Very good to outline everything, no emotion just cold hard facts. It will serve you well. Good luck Chris.

  22. Um, remind me to never, EVER piss you off.

    You are a very kind woman. And a superb blogger. Think happy thoughts.

    Just don't hit me.

  23. That's a bunch of crap that they don't want to replace the machine.

    Give them hell Chris. You've been too nice.

  24. What a pain in the ass...I have had my Husqie for about 13 years and have never had these issues...and I so wanted a new one....puts me off a bit now....but wont be getting a new one for a while anyway....hugs Khris


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