Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Today Amanda goes to court to try and get her boys back.... I don't have any idea if any resolution will happen today or not. But I will keep my fingers crossed anyway. She did NOTHING wrong.. and her ex-husband has used a situation to take the boys away from her. Now it's her chance to put that right. I hope the judge sees the injustice of it all and does the right thing.

Steve is due here sometime today too.... he has requested Roast Pork for dinner... so that's in hand.

I will do some sewing today to keep my mind off things. Maybe it will work?

OH! I'm supposed to be getting my sewing machine back today too! Let's see if they ring me eh?

Apart from all THAT... it is just a normal day ! YEAH RIGHT.
And I'm hoping it will be nice and sunny... I'm wanting to start work on me tan! Summer is coming....

IT'S RAINING. AND COLD. *sniff*...and now it's cloudy, some sun shine and it's warm. Stoooopid weather.

I just picked up my machine... off to sew now...

ABOVE: The next bag, ready for the fancy stitching to happen... much brighter than the last few eh? I used batik materials, they are just so gorgeous!
Amanda... text'd me... there has been Strike Action at the Court.. so her hearing is delayed.. may not even happen today afterall.
The sewing machine is behaving so far... the shop said the repairman had found some 'burrs' on something? And he fixed it. WE WILL SEE eh? *smiles*
Steve is due here in the next couple of hours.... and there will be no TANNING today.. it's cloudy and cold again. pffffft.
YES! YES! YES! Amanda got her boys back. And so she should! There is going to be another hearing on her custody issues in the future as the courts were very backed up and could not address a lot of her issues in relation to her ex-husband's controlling and violent ways.
Steve arrived safely.
My machine PLAYED UP... and is going back for the last time tomorrow.
Stew came home early... which is nice.
End of Day: a good one and a bad one, a stressful one... and I'm having a drink. So there. nite nite.


  1. Hope it all goes well Chris

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Thinking of you today, Chris...it seems unbelievable that this could happen.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I haven't been around much... The month of October was a doozy for our family. I am hoping things will get back to normal soon.

    I'm sorry about all the problems getting Griffin help. So been there done that and is the major reason we homeschooled back when.

    I will pray for Amanda and the hearing. Oy. What a stress that's got to be!

    That purse is darling!!!! How on earth can you sell it!

    Tanning... oy. We didn't even have a fall. Tomorrow I'll be posting some pictures from Saturday. It is going to be a long winter in Colorado. Ugh.

  4. Raining and cold here too. And poor Dobby has her annual two days of water sports. It's only cold those two days. Will be lovely for the rest of the week!

    Good luck with the machine!

  5. 35'C over here.......sorry it's raining and cold for you....LOL

    Fingers crosed that all goes well for Amanda :)
    Also hope you get your machine back.....if not.....time for fair go????
    Hugs from me on holiday.....well a working holiday.....LOL

  6. Anonymous10:44 AM

    have everything crossed for a sucessful outcome. Luck.

  7. Courts usualy favour the mother, so here's to hoping! It sux when parents use the kids to get back at each other.

    That bloody sewing machine!

  8. Fingers crossed for a successful hearing. How did the meeting go with Griffin's school? Stay on those buggars! Don't let up!

    Fingers also crossed for your machine. I know you'll keep us posted! Can't wait to see what you make next!

  9. Fingers and toes crossed for the family stuff.

    What did the sewing machine people say?

    Blowing a gale but sunny in Melbourne (of course it's blowing - it's Melbourne Cup Day!!). Youngest son sat on the balcony on Friday and got burnt!! Hopefully your warmer weather isn't too far away.

  10. I know it will be hard doing stuff with G it was with Chris, but I suppose I was suggesting going to the educational shop and buying fun things like card games that are educational but the kids don't realise it...and educational board games so the kids do not actually feel like you are doing homework but having great family time together..... and online there is some really cool games that you and him can do together... anyway just my 2cents worth lol - hope the machine is going well for you :-)

  11. I hope it all works out well for you Chris. :)

  12. Hi Chris,
    That new bag is lovely !

    So sorry about Family problems - they can sure break your heart.

    I am dieing to know IF they really fixed your machine and what they told you??????

    Maybe you will be able to work on that tan later. At least you are facing Summer ! I am so jealous as I am facing Winter - YUCK! LOL

  13. wonderful that she got the boys back... send that darn machine back and get a refund... sheesh you got a lemon...

  14. Yay! Chris thats blood fantastic, so glad Amanda got her babies back. About bloody time, hope you have a good night x

  15. Fantastic news about the boys!! I am so happy for Amanda. About your machine even I'm getting as mad as hell, this is just crazy. Just a question I'd like you to mention to them: Does your loan machine play up? If it is something you are doing, wouldn't you think it would also happen to the loan machine? Get a new one, this one is a lemon.

  16. YEAH for Amanda and her kids!!!!!

  17. I'm so glad she got her boys back. Now hopefully the truth will come out!

  18. So pleased to hear the news about Amanda and the boys!!! Should never have happened in the first place!!

    Boy - that machine is a headache!

  19. Anonymous7:38 PM


    I am so happy for you and your family! I have been thinking about it all day and logged on as soon as I got home to see if there was any news!

  20. sorry been awol chris thank god the kids are back good luck for steve tommorrow and take that bloody machine back and stomp your feet lol thinking of you :)

  21. Oh what wonderful news, Chris. Here's to a fantastic future for Amanda and her boys.

    The machine MUST BE REPLACED!!!

    Hope you had a great evening.

  22. Its wonderful that she got the boys back..hope her ex gets what he deserves after what he has put you all thru.. Get your money back on that machine, quote them the consumer act, threaten them with Target and Fair go...

  23. That is FANTASTIC news about Amanda! And like others have said, it should never have happened in the first place!!!
    Love the colours of the latest bag - totally awesome!!

  24. Congratulations to Amanda. I have no idea of the back story but I have no doubt that as you fully support her then she deserves to get them back.

    I hope all went well for Steve too.

  25. How long is the warranty for AND WHAT is classed AS RESONABLE running repairs?, This saga has gone on long enough TIME TO TOUGHEN up and get UGLY(at them you know what I mean)......

  26. Oh Chris, that's fantastic news about the kids finally going home with Amanda, where they belong! YAY!

  27. I'm really pleased for Amanda that she got her boys back.

    Grr at that machine - I would definitely be demanding a new one. Through in the words "Fair Go" if they don't look like they will come to the party. You definitely have a lemon there.

    I hope you enjoyed the roast - I was hungry just reading about it this morning at work, just before lunchtime! :)

  28. Hey, look who dragged himself out and started commenting!

    Here is hoping all is well as I try and catch up on things!

  29. So happy to hear Amanda has the kids back, yayyyyy!!!
    Love the new bag colours, it going to look awesome!!
    And that damned machine HAS to go back !!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed that drink...sounds as thou it was needed too !!

  30. Time to put your ugly face on and get serious with the sewing machine people...time for being the nice gal is long over!! What a relief for you and Amanda, hope the kiddos don't have to spend to much time with their dad - he sounds like poison, but I don't know much about him. Today we finally have fall in the air so maybe our summer is finally heading downhill....and one last thing. My grandaughter Haley, (alias Abby of NCIS on Halloween) did indeed have the spider web on her neck...a temporary tatoo :)
    Time for me to be thinking of our USA Thanksgiving holiday, family and food.... and how many pounds I will gain between then and Christmas :(

  31. hope it all goes well for Amanda. that cant be an easy thing to go thru...

  32. Hey Chris!
    I'm so happy Amanda got her boys back! I hope evrything else works out for you!I think that you should just ask for a new machine-it's given you a lot of headaches so far and it doesn't look liko it's going to stop!:)

  33. So glad for Amanda. I hope things continue to go well...

  34. So happy for your Amanda!! I can't imagine not having my kids, they are my life!!

    Stupid machine!


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