Tuesday, November 17, 2009


ABOVE: Brylee and Griffin getting all the sand off themselves after their swim. Brylee was given a wetsuit from Tim's mother, so of course we had to then go and buy one for Griffin... or forever after listen to him MOANING about not having one! It was great for Brylee because she did not get too cold... and actually stayed in the water and played with Griffin for the first time ever.

While were having our lunch at Tutukaka, Stew amazingly spotted my Dad's last boat, which my Mum sold when my Dad died in 2000! It is now a diving/charter boat out of Tutukaka! I couldn't take my eyes off it... it brought back some lovely memories for me.

ABOVE: MERC CAT, my dad bought this boat when it was an old fishing boat and had it done up and put those two huge Mercury motors on the back.... this boat can move! It's a Catamaran, got two hulls... very stable in heavy seas.... my Dad loved catamarans. I miss fishing and boating.

ABOVE: So, this boat tickled me fancy! How many people would call their boat that eh?
ABOVE: the kids with Tutukaka marina in the background. It is a gorgeous area.
ABOVE and BELOW: the view looking back at Tutukaka... and forward towards Whangarei.
I hope we can go up again one day ... without dogs and kids... for a really good look around!
Today... I'm hoping my sewing machine comes back! I will ring them at around 9.45 to see. Maybe they will ring me? Yeah, and pigs can fly. (sarcasm? MUCH)
I went out to Sylvia Park Mall to buy birthday presents for Griffin (his b/day is tomorrow)... and now I'm home again. No phone call from the sewing machine shop so at 12.30 I rang them... seems they don't know what's happening... and are going to call the 'boss' to find out. Pffffft.
GRRRRR... the shop lady did not ring me back... so I RANG HER at 4pm... I am not getting my machine back today. Maybe tomorrow. I could scream. What is wrong with them? A simple phone call would have been nice instead of making me bloody angry all over again. God help them if that machine is not going 1000% PERFECTLY when I get it back..!
I'm feeling crabby... and lonely... and where the hell is everyone?
End of Day: just spent the last 6 HOURS 'talking' to one of my daughter's on MSN... sheesh.... knackered now. Going to bed! nite nite.
LYNISE.. you GO girl! Ha ha ha .


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I'm the first to comment on today's blog yay!!! I'm on nightshift this week and am killing time between jobs. I'll give you a buzz later in the week for a catch up. Love Melbourne Chris xxx

  2. Hey you never know you might just hear from the shop :-) - have a great day.

  3. Look at the colour of the water - magnificant!

    Good luck with the machine.

  4. Glad you had a lovely weekend away. Hopefully you are full of strength to tackle the sewing machine people cos the cynic in me thinks if it never worked properly from the beginning it's not likely to now!

  5. You guy did a lot in a short trip. I hope you get to go back with just you and Stew. So cool about your Dad's boat. I hope you have heard good news about the machine by now.

  6. What an awesome trip and photos. Beautiful country and bay areas.
    Glad you had a good time. My dad used to race boats, mostly the little one man hydroplanes, and we always had a pleasure boat, I miss those times too!! Bummer on the sewing machine...you are a woman of infinite patience! Going to put the Moose to bed...she's a wild child tonight.

  7. Hi Chris,
    Your pictures are so lovely. I wondered if it made you sad to see your Dad's old boat. I know it would me. I still have not got over the loss of my Mom and that was way back in 76.
    I will ring them at around 9.45 to see. Maybe they will ring me? Yeah, and pigs can fly. (sarcasm? MUCH)
    I know EXACTLY how you feel!I am going to call the shop tomorrow about my machine - I am beginning to wonder IF it will ever get fixed????? I just don't understand? Maybe we should go see a psychic? Maybe then we could get some answers?????LOL
    Happy Stitching Dreams!

  8. How rude of that darn shop...you think they would have rang back !!!

    Love all the pics.

  9. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Sorry you didn't get any news about your machine, time to let them know that you have consumer rights I think. They are just playing you along here, me thinks! Hope you get it back tomorrow. Krissy (Singapore)

  10. Hi Chris... thanks for your recent comments on my blog. I feel crabby and lonely too, but I have taken inspiration from your amazing creativity re: doing some Christmas card drawings...

    Ack! All the drama with your sewing machine is *beyond* frustrating... I hope you get it back and it's all resolved soon!

  11. How cool to see your Dad's boat while you were away, must have brought back some wonderful memories for you.

    Buggar about the sewing machine... AGAIN! I can't believe they didn't even give you so much as a courtesy phone call, the definitely lose points on their customer service, or lack there of!

  12. Ok,,, I'm in the mood for a fight. Give me that friggin shops number and I will let rip on your behalf. rofl. (I'm serious).

    I've got one nerve left this week and feel like I'm ready to left someone have a piece of my mind, so might as well be someone who REALLY deserves it.

    I'm serious, I will call them (if you want me to). I will be 'your legal representative'. lol. That will get them worried.

  13. I used to holiday in TUTUKAKA years ago I loved it as a young woman!(O know I still am BUT this was way young like 23!!!)...

  14. The pictures are great. It looks like yet again you had a great trip!

    I can't believe your machine is still in the shop! Time for a riot!

    Hope Griffen has a great birthday!

  15. Happy Birtday to Griffin!

    What a great post Chris and lovely pictures. How cool that you saw your Dad's boat! Isn't it strange that it just happened to be where Stew was looking? Very neat.

    Bummer about your sewing machine. I can only imagine how mad you must be!

  16. Cool, wetsuits. That's what we need for our freezing ocean.


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