Thursday, November 05, 2009


My Christmas Tree on the side bar is gone! Pffffft.

Taking me sewing machine back today.

Hope they give me a loaner.

Might go for a walk.

And then again I might not too! I am so fickle when it comes to exercise right now. At least I have a handle on the eating!

Right, that's it for now... I'll be back later I suppose! Eeeee, I might even get to read/comment on a few blogs today! LOL

I talked to the lady at the sewing machine shop this morning, she persuaded me to keep the machine and sew like mad for the next couple of days and really give it another chance. So I am. I must feel in my mind that I have given it every opportunity I suppose. And the thing is, the stupid thing is sewing beautifully TODAY.

It is a totally crap day today too, raining non stop and cool. So perfect to be sitting on me bum sewing. Though, I have been jumping on the exercycle on the hour for 10 minutes, just to get a break and some exercise! Works for me.

I started another bag today.. it's pretty much the same colours as the last one, but with green sides/strap...

I just rang the shop to let them know I was bringing the machine be told not to bring it in till Monday, as they can't pick it up for repair till Tuesday anyway... AND the lady in the shop said that she had spoken to the MAN who imports them and he has said he will NOT replace or refund it as he is sure that he can fix it... even if it means stripping this, that, and the other thing right out of it and replacing those parts! LIKE HELL I said to her! I am not going to put up with this crap anymore... I want a brand new replacement or my money back! AS if I am going to let this drag on for another 5 friggin months!

Tomorrow I am going to ring the right Government Department to find out my legal rights... so I know exactly what to say to that prick when I finally talk to him. FUCK I'M MAD NOW.

End of Day: Tonight's dinner is :

Steak and Cheese to be precise.. and it smells devine. I'm not having any... don't want the pastry. Will have some veges or similar later. nite nite.


  1. YAY! Christmas has run away!!

    Good luck with the machine, Chris.

    Can't believe you've had so much grief with such an expensive machine.

    I'm going for a walk to the beach even though it's really chilly today.

  2. LOL about the machine, that would be enough to stress me out...... it certainly has a mind of it's own.....

  3. Seem there's noone around 'cept thee and me, today!

    Love the idea of getting on the bike for 10 minutes every hours. What a brilliant way of getting the exercise in. Must have a think about that one!

    Seriously, though, Chris, how many more chances are you going to give that machine? Have you spoken to the actual NZ distributors cos this giving it another go is getting farcical. But that is just my not so humble opinion!

  4. I can't believe all the problems you have put up with with that machine, I hope it keeps working for you. The short exercise every hour is a great idea.

  5. I'm very very happy that Amanda has her boys back. That's great news. On another front, congratulations are in order for your loss this week. It was a difficult week and you did fabulous. Awesome work Chris. Hope your machine gets replaced, this is beyond ridiculous now.

  6. that's a great idea, sewing and riding the bike. I could sit on the exercycle for hours if I had a good book...

    good luck with the machine. I hope it dies so you can finally get the GOOD machine you want. Be a nice Chrissy present...


  7. I don't have any idea about N.Z., but here in the States if you keep something long enough, even if it's a lemon, you can no longer return it.

    Love the idea of sneaking in exercise throughout the day. I work from home and could totally do that. You're brilliant!!!

  8. Check out the web site, they will be able to tell you exactly what your rights are and the relevant piece of legislation it dalls under.

    I have found in the past if you start quoting Consumer Guarantees Act & Fair trading Act they tend to start taking it serioulsy.

    For someone who tells us how impatient she is I think you have exhibited the patience of about 10 saints with this machine - I would have been demanding money back sveral visits ago (and I HATE confrontation too).

  9. patience would have run outlong ago with that bloody machine..LOL
    Consumer org will certainly have some ideas. Maybe even phone them or Fair Go especially as you have documented it all. The shop sounds like they will just go on "duck shoving" forever if you don't take a stand. Don't think about it....just DO IT :)
    Hugs :)

  10. Forget the dickhead that imports them. Email the manufacturer directly as well as contacting the appropriate govt. dept. And I would also consider contacting the local current affairs program. They love this sort of thing!

    Wow. three comments in a day. I think I need to get a life!

  11. My gosh! They'd better get you a new machine or money back! I'm with you on that one. That is terrible. You've been dealing with this garbage long enough. Good grief.

  12. Hi Chris IF THE so called REPAIR MAN is repairing it HOW COME IT AINT WORKING!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr I hope you get a good result and IF NOT WELL I'm not sure what there has been some good ADVICE given on next steps and possible outcomes so as they say THE ball is in your court! GOOD LUCK because WE CANT have you NOT SEWING cor blimey we wouldn't get tooo OHHHHH and AHHHHHHHH over the masterpieces!!!

  13. Good luck with sorting out a new sewing machine - or your money back. Check out the following website - - you might find some useful ammunition there for the people you are dealing with in relation to the sewing machine. Also perhaps suggest "Fair Go" or that you are speaking to your lawyer. Might be enough to make them sit up and take notice - and action. Good luck!

  14. LOL @ writing the word pie on your dinner - is that just in case you forget what you're serving at dinner time? ;-)

    You give them heaps regarding the sewing machine - I think you'll find you're well within your rights to get a replacement.

    Well done on breaking up the sewing machine by doing some exercise - what a good idea!

  15. that is terrible chris....hope you kept your receipt!!!!

  16. I think you should post some audio of your voice. I wonder if you sound like I imagine you sounding by reading your writing.

  17. I LOVE THE PIEEEEEEEEEEE i want the recipie please!!!!!!!

  18. NOW you have the right attitude, patience obviously doesn't work with the sewing machine people and I think they are taking advantage of you...."give 'um hell Harry"
    Take advantage of all the consumer resources NZ has to offer and stand up for your rights.

  19. What a lovely pie! I would love to have had that for dinner last night!

    Good luck with the machine - I think it is time to say "good riddance" and move on with your life! Is there a different shop you can go to - maybe return this machine and buy a totally different kind from a different shop?

  20. Your life sounds like my facebook status yesterday...I picked up a shirt the button fell off...I picked up a preschool container the handle fell off...etc. etc. I was afraid to put on my bra!!!!!

  21. Well at least one of us has control of their eating. I know I don't. Back on the diet starting next week. Sigh.


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