Monday, November 16, 2009


ABOVE: Teddy LOVED Lacy's cat! And the cat didn't mind Teddy either! It was really cute.

ABOVE: Lacy modelling a summer dress we bought her in Paihia.

ABOVE: Haruru Falls which are just up the road from where Lacy lives right now.
ABOVE AND BELOW: Tim teaching Griffin how to do 'wheelies' in a wheelchair.. oops, he wasn't too good at it!

ABOVE: Two girls up a tree....

ABOVE: The kids had a whale of a time playing with Tim's spare wheelchair, there were a few arguments over who's turn it was now!

ABOVE: This was a FIRST! Lacy taking the kids out in the car.... she's never had them own her own before! I had no qualms about her taking them either... OK.... they were just going down the road to the shop, but still a momentous moment for me.
ABOVE AND BELOW: playing on the Go Kart... which broke down not long after. Darn, they loved that too.

ABOVE: A big cruise ship in the Bay Of Islands, moored off Paihia. When we went through Paihia on Friday all the tourists were in town.. it was mayhem.

ABOVE: overlooking Waitangi Golf Course... and the Bay of Islands.

ABOVE: hee hee, where we had lunch Friday and Saturday. Can highly recommend it... good food, well priced, gorgeous view from your table of the Bay. Ummm... forgot the photo of the view didn't I? lol

ABOVE: Oh NO I DIDN'T! Here it is! From our table at the Mako Bar!

ABOVE: a short video of the Whangarei Falls.... taken yesterday on our way home. We walked down through the bush to get to the bottom of the falls..... in the rain.... and then had to trudge our way back up again. SHIT I'm unfit I tell ya!
I'm going to post a few more photos tomorrow... that's enough for today!
And as for today:
Kids back to school, the man back to work... and me? HOUSEWORK.... plant some vege plants, catch up on some blogs... MISS ME??? LOL...
My little old neighbour, Myra...had a stroke in the middle of the night and lay on the bathroom floor for about 4 hours until her daughter (lives next door in connecting house) heard her and got an ambulance for her. I am going to see her at the hospital today... apparently it was a fairly mild stroke and she's not too bad. But scary all the same for her. Her daughter is going to get a Medic Alert for her when she gets home so she is never unable to call for help again.
I went on the train to Middlemore Hospital to see Myra. I get there, I have NO IDEA what her surname is! I go to this ward, then that ward... all the time asking if they have a 'Myra, who is 82 years old'... kept being told 'NO'! Then in one ward they DO have an 82 year old lady who came in on Thursday.. turns out her REAL name is MARGARET! Ha ha, it took me an hour to find her.. but I did! Quite pleased about that. She is doing well... not too badly affected by her stoke. May be able to come home towards the end of the week.
So that killed me morning, I've done nothing else yet! My car is a right mess and that is top of my 'TO DO' list.... I have vacumed out my ROXY car... and hung out some washing, put a beef casserole in the oven.. and when the kids get home from school I am dropping Griffin off for his extra tuition lesson, and Brylee at the Orthodontist for her 6 week check-up. It's all GO around here I tell ya!
I am feeling decidedly jaded. And a bit down. Kids .... why do we have them? They don't get any easier as they age I can assure you. And when you have 6 + 2 of them.... *sigh*.


  1. Looks like you all had a great time! :)

  2. That view looks spectacular THE KIDS certainly looked happy glad the trip was succesful for all!

  3. Your trip looks to have been a huge success. Loved the pics of Teddy and the kitty. I wish I had been on that cruise ship in the Bay of Islands. I hope things turn out well for your neighbor.

  4. The pictures from your trip are great! Looks like a great time as had by all. :)

    So sorry to hear about your neighbor! Hope things turn out well for her. :)

  5. Phot'os look great such pretty countryside.

    Glad your neighbour is OK, and yes pretty scary for the poor dear.

  6. Loved the pics. You do have some adventures don't you!

    Good of you to make time to see your neighbour, and I bet she was pleased you did too. Good on ya.

    Do we get pics of your new darker hair???

  7. Great pictures and gorgeous water!

    That's funny about you looking for your friend...I'm glad you were finally able to see her. She must have been happy to see you too!

    It's nice to see Lacy doing good with the kids.

  8. Sometimes I wonder to about kids and I only have 2 lol...

  9. Fantastic photos! I keep remembering that it is summer there, here it's winter!
    Glad Myra is Ok, she must be pretty tough, it would kill me laying on the cold bathroom floor for half the night

  10. Oh, yeah, you have to know real names when you go to the hospital! I remember going for a "Meppie" once. Real name was something like Margaret as well. Hope she does better soon.

    Your photos are gorgeous!

  11. Sounds like you had a nice trip. The scenery is so lush, and very tropical in a way. What a lovely neighbor you are. Hope she's back home and on the mend soon. Good luck with that sewing machine.

  12. Looks like a great trip. I really want one of those go-karts. Looks like a lot of fun.

  13. I hope your neighbour recovers soon.


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