Sunday, November 22, 2009


I bought more Christmas Decorations yesterday... and put 'em on the tree.. but I'm NOT done yet! I'm loving my tree! Need some big bows and more ribbons.... You fulla's are gunna get SICK of seeing my tree!!!
And.... STAR OR ANGEL for the top??????

Also yesterday 'Santa' picked up the kayak.. here's the guys from R & R Sport putting it on ROXY... such HELPFUL Dudes! Shame we can't use it until Christmas Day! I want so much to give it a go right now while the weather is so nice.

Today Amanda and Andrew are visiting us.. which is neat cos we don't see enough of our Family ... even though we are closer in distance. *sniff* When we first moved up here we saw them ALL THE TIME! Now the novelty seems to have worn off.. or we are BORING old FARTS .... never!

Worry: last night I pricked my finger, so asked Stew to test me with his Diabetes kit... I was FINE... then Griffin picked a scab on his leg... and he bled, so Stew tested him too..... 12.8! WAY, WAY too high! So today we are going to be testing him before breakfast, after lunch and after dinner... to see if he's 'normal' again. Last night he DID have ice cream.... but then again, so did I. I am a bit worried about him.. ... he is always thirsty... is overweight... bla bla bla. I might be worrying about NOTHING.... but we won't know without tesing him today. He is gunna HATE being pricked! lol

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is your temporary new captain speaking. Chris is having some computer malfunctions at present, so I (Steve aka Child No. 5) shall be keeping you up to date as to what is happening untill the problems are resolved.

Well from what mum has told me, Griffin got pricked this morning, and he is fine. The exact result I am not sure of, but untill mum is back you people will settle for knowing he is fine :) The only other exciting bit of news so far today is that mum rung me at 10am to ask computer advise, now this is not unusual for her to ring me with computer problems, but she could have atleast waited till a bit later, im a 22 year old man, i was seriously hungover haha. Well other than that I have nothing else to report as of yet, but undoubtibly you will be hearing from me again soon, until then........enjoy your day :)

I HAVE A NEW HERO! Andrew and Amanda arrived, and Andrew fixed me computer!

Thank you 'Child No# 5' for your update ! Love you VERY MUCH... and sorry for waking you up! *snigger*

Now.. I have had the most DREADFUL morning! Imagine not being able to access your computer/blog/emails.... It was driving me NUTS. I was pacing up and down... even sitting my feet were twitching! I am ADDICTED to my computer.

So, I'm all sorted now... back to normal transmissions. Will be testing Griffin's blood again two hours after his lunch. Last's night's reading was probably inaccurate given it was after eating ice cream?

ONWARD.... I have visitors..

End of Day: we've had a lovely visit from Amanda and Andrew... I've got the most GORGEOUS photo of the two of them... but will show it tomorrow... this post is quite long enough! Off to do a wee bit of housework now... nite nite.


  1. Hoping it is NOTHING, Chris, but of course you know diabetes is nothing to mess with. Prayers for a good test and a healthy child.

  2. Your tree is gorgeous. Makes me want to put mine up BUT I HAVE TO FINISH MY BAG. I've become addicted to my daughters Facebook challenge .. checking it everyday so if I come back I will have to pull the plug haha.
    I do hope Griffin is okay but good that you are checking. Enjoy your visit from your family. I'M OUT OF HERE... Hhehe

  3. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Can he get tested by the Dr? I had gestational diabetes but controlled it with diet and exercise - now I get tested just a fasting bloodtest once a year. Hopefully he is ok though.


  4. Better to get testing in early and CHANGE what could be a lifetime of misery for most!!! who have to endure it (my father and stapfather both Diabetics!) Aunties and Uncles too I AM SO FAR clear AND NODS HEAD I need to be MORE Proactive hence the everyday walking even if I just get fitter from it then work towards better lifestyle choices.(Mine cardiac EXERCISE everyday REGARDLESS)

  5. Star for the tree (or a can of diet coke with tinsel wrapped around it!!).

    The kayak looks fantastic. Let me know how it goes. I am toying with the idea of approaching the local kayak club to learn how to drive one. My brother has a couple he isn't using at the moment and youngest son is keen to have a paddle.

    I'm sure someone out there will know but I have a feeling that taking blood from a bleeding scab may not give you the right reading. Also, blood sugar levels will be elevated directly after eating something sweet and carby like icecream. If you are worried about type 2 diabetes check his blood sugar about 2 hours after eating which will show if his body is producing the right amount of insulin to deal with what he's eating. But you probably know all this!

    Hope your lovely weather continues. It's pouring with rain here which is quite nice.

  6. Glad you are enjoying your weekend... xxx

  7. Hope G's ok. Its better to be safe then sorry ah? Have fun with the family

  8. What would we do without kids? Dont answer that question but they do come in handy!! Thank you Steve for keeping us in the loop ... you can go back to bed now!!

    Make sure you know what Andrew did to fix it so if it happens again you know what to do.

  9. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Hope he is ok. Diabetes is a pain.

    Just think positive. Worry can cause high blood sugar readings as can dehydration.

    Hang in there! Glad your computer is fixed.

  10. Your tree is wonderful! I haven't gotten mine yet, but will soon. It is fun decorating them!

  11. Hope that the tests are showing positive results! Yay for the kayak, must be a lot of good boys and girls in your household! And what a good boy you have there posting for you when you couldn't!

    Have to admit I have a mini meltdown too when I can't access the net or my computer!

  12. Glad you are up and running again. It is awful how addictive computers are. I would have been twitchy too. I hope you get good results with Griffin's tests.

  13. Ok, i probably missed the post, so let me know how your fixed sewing machine is doing!! BTW, love the new bag!!

  14. Lots of Christmas activity going on around your place. My computer was down the other day too. We have become very dependant on such things.

  15. I know what you mean about being addicted to your computer! I'm so glad it got fixed!

    I hope all is well with Griffin. It's good that you thought to test him.

  16. Anonymous3:30 AM

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