Saturday, November 21, 2009

NEW BAG... AND it's the WEEKEND! Yaaaaa.

Edit: there... a 1.5 ltr bottle of Diet Coke (what else!) to show a comparable size to me bag.

ABOVE: The first of three bags on the 'go'... and like all the others I have made.. I LOVE IT! This time the 'round shape' with a flap has come out right... It's not finished yet of course, but you get the gist.

Today I need to go down to Manukau Spotlight to get a few more bits and bobs for the latest bags so I can get on with finishing them...

What else? Sheesh... the 'usual' I suppose... lunch out.. some housework. ... some lazing around the house, some sewing... just the usual saturday!

Blogger is being a total arse today... I can't choose my font or size of print... so it's not what I want... too small! Hard for us 'oldies' to see eh? Pffffft.


JAXX: most of my bags are 'handbag' sized.... the one above is .... I will remember in future to show them in a way that shows their actual size. And NO, you are not thick!
It's been a busy day! Out and about for most of it...lunch at a mall, checking things out for Christmas... then I went into the city to pick up the Kayak ... Stew is taking it out to a friend's farm for storage until Christmas Day... it was quite a mission to find somewhere to 'hide' it! All good now though.
Nothing else to report right now.. it's a beautiful day here... almost feels like SUMMER! ......Woo hooooo.
End of Day: at 8.30 I told Stew I was just going to 'pop' down to me sewing machine and do a little thing or two, YEAH RIGHT! 3 hours later... I came back up and everyone was either in bed or heading there.... whooops! Time to wrap up the day... nite nite.


  1. Ok call me thick but are these bags, handbags, cosmetic bags etc.... just not sure cause I am not sure of the size of them......

  2. No, I couldn't tell either Hippygal! I think this one's a beauty though. I'm GUESSING the machine is behaving.

  3. Thanks for that lol - now I can see the size :-)

  4. Those bags are just beautiful.

    You are a clever thing. Have a great weekend, Chook.

  5. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Hi Chris, hope you are still enjoying your weekend. I have a question "do you like coke Zero", just interested, no reason why I asked you this. I have swapped from diet coke (which by the way is called coke light in Singapore) to coke zero and love it. Cheers, Kristin (Singapore)

  6. Nice way to show us the size of the bag. I had wondered about that too. Have a great week-en...I'm sure ready for one.

  7. Another masterpiece - have a great weekend.

  8. I love, love, LOVE your bags! Gorgeous!

  9. CUTE bag!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  10. Hiya,

    How are the handbag sales going? I just adore the pinky bag.

    Carol :)

  11. What and nothing about the TREE!!!! BAG looks FAB
    I went to work (Blurk), SCORED mean as bargain $30 walking socks supposed to have 30% off get to counter they scanned at 60% off I bought and SOLD on the spot!!! got them for $9.80 each instead of $21!!! I GOT SOME sunbathing in! so yay end of day ok (go the AB's) and yes I am getting up early well at the replay time 8am (going to neighbours to watch it AS I dont have sky!) WENT for a walk before dinner..

  12. Three hours. haha I can understand. How wonderful is that super Dad to get them ready for bed while you have ME time ah. I love your bags.. Had a wasted day today so hopefully sewing tomorrow.

  13. Oh, I get mixed up the colors with your words to match your Bag. COOL!!!!

  14. Your tree is lovely, coming along quite nicely. We have our big Thanksgiving holiday next Thursday and then Christmas begins with a rush here in the states. I have to finish cleaning the garage since I have my "wrapping station" set up out there for gifts so I can keep the mess out of the house. I switched to Coke Zero months ago, I LOVE it - worth giving it a try.
    Goose back to the doc's this AM, think it is her ears again and(we hope) Disney World tomorrow to see the Christmas lights and other special events. Our fall weather is beautiful but I hope nobody told the tourists yet, they can have all next weekend at the theme parks. :)


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