Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just what did I do with myself before I started sewing eh? Now that my sewing machine is away again... I have no idea what I'm going to do today.

I could of course do the housework... naaaaa....

I could go to Botany and check out a shoe shop I saw yesterday that was having a sale....

I could hunt out the wood stain that goes on the garage door and maybe paint it?.... it does need to be done...

I could climb into the attic and get down the airbed for our upcoming trip up North.....

I could do any number of things I suppose!
Lets wait and see what I get up to!

OH and how much did I spend on groceries yesterday? $629. So there. Some of you were fairly close. Some of you must have thought we lived on lettuce leaves with the really low guesses! There may only be 4 people in this house, but let me assure you.... our Griffin eats as much, if not more than me! He is a growing lad. edit: yes that was for a fortnight's groceries, but we will have to buy fresh fruit every few days .. and I bought enough meat to last about 3-4 weeks. Yaaa having a big freezer again!


All I can think about is food right now... idle hands and all that! It's nice enough outside to go for a walk, but I don't' want to. It's boring... and lonely. *sigh*... feeling crabby about being bored. Pfffft... I'm a pain in me own arse.

I got a phone call from the sewing machine shop lady
... I hadn't taken in the power cord/foot control or accessory box for my machine yesterday and she wanted them... UMMMM... LAST time I took my machine in you said you didn't need them? This time you do??? FUCK. So I got in my GAS GUZZLER car and drove the 70km round trip to drop off those bits. Like they didn't have a power cord or foot control in the shop they could have used? Yeah they had like 10 of them! I'm so over this shit, god help them if that machine plays up again when I get it back... so how do I feel right now?....



JUST PLAIN ANNOYED! Ha ha, that was fun. Took me like 30 photos to get those three semi decent ones!
ONWARD... there is some more housework awaiting me...
End of Day: well I got heaps of houswork done... am feeling really good about that. Bonus really. Quiet evening. Ate too much this evening. Crabby with myself about that. Win some, lose some. nite nite.


  1. Farkin hell $629 that would feed us for 3+ weeks, and I also have 2 kids that eat adults sizes now. And we don't live of lettuce leaves.....

  2. Is $629 that just for the week or is it longer? Still thats a lot of money. I spend about $230 per week.

    Here's the answer to your question.
    I'm English as a matter of fact. The majority of the population is French speaking. I do speak French as a second language however. I'm looking forward to being away from all my family drama for a change. It will be nice not having to deal with them for a change.

    Hope you find something fun to do this fine day. I'll be heading home from the office in a little while to start my second job.

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    was that a fortnight?


  4. Have you tried going for a walk with your iPod? Listening to some up beat music can really change your mood at times.

  5. Yes, idle hands can get one into big, big trouble! What's the weather like...sometimes just getting some fresh air helps me!

    I hope your day gets better, and you find something fun to do!

    Liz @ Noexcuses

  6. I'm a pain in me own arse.

    LOL !!!!!!!!!! Sorry - I got a good laugh out of that comment because I sure do know that feeling!!!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry about your machine! I can relate to that too because this Thursday it will be 5 weeks mine has been gone!!!!!!!! I feel like I have lost a part of me - so I can really relate to that "lost " feeling of what to get into?? There is a real difference in what we can get into and what we WANT to get into OR even what we can AFFORD to get into. !

  7. Sounds like you plan ahead and buy a ton of stuff all at once - I do that for every two weeks. Now that my MIL has moved in, I am no longer on that schedule, but oh well. Do you have an IPOD or MP3 player that you can put music on to walk to? that always helps me.

  8. Whoa! That's a LOT of money!!! You must cook some super yummy meals. :)

  9. Methinks the sewing machine lady was being a b*#ch.

  10. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I was expecting to scroll down to have a photo of you crying! I'd be absolutely screaming by now. (Kate)

  11. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Oh and we spend about $200 a week (2 adults and one 3.5 year old) so $629.00 isn't so bad!! (Kate - Rogers)

  12. Dont be bored, join facebook!

  13. Hopefully when you pick up your machine they won't claim you never gave them your power cord/foot control or accessory box.

  14. Thanks for your support Chris!

    Reading away at your entries, just don't feel like commenting much at the mo.

  15. I AM SOOOOOO moving into your house I spend $300 a fortnight for 4 people I AM A BARGIN SHOPPER even down to food (and no we dont eat CRAP food or CRAP cuts of meat) I know how to bulk out and add flavour to all kinds of meals! MY biggest expense is FRUIT and VEGES!

  16. The 2 chocolate cakes were for a CLASS I AM a teacher Aide in it was MY TREAT to them for ALL getting SUPERB STAR TEST marks and PAT test marks!!! I ATE NONE of them I did my famous black forest chocolate icing FRESH WHIPPED CREAM on top........ ( that sjam on fresh baked cakes (MIXED BERRY) then wait add Chocolate Icing let that harden off THEN ADD FRESH WHIP CREAM when serving and voila PURE LUXURY!!!!!

  17. When I get like that, I just have to force myself to walk out the door. Nothing is worse than me hanging out by myself, making everything worse.

  18. i love the pics ... :) and yeah on the grocerys... I easily spend that especially when buying meats... thank God for my upright freezer and i can go to sams and buy in bulk... :)

  19. 629?

    holy crap, girl!

  20. Chris,I didn't see picture ANGRY or MAD?!Why do you even bother with them? I don't know what consumer rights do you have in NZ but I know that here I would ask for my money or a brand new machine weeks ago and I would get one. I feel sorry for you because of that machine and those people from the shop. I would be veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pissed off! Hope you get your machine and it doesn't play up or that they replace it.

  21. Those people at the sew machine place are going to drive you insane. Good luck yet again!

  22. You crack me up, Chris! I love the faces of frustration, annoyance, etc. You are a good actress!

    I am so, so sorry that your machine has caused you so much trouble (and the store, too)! I know if I don't use mine for six months or so, I have to take it in because the tightness controls messes up.

    I'm hoping this is it for your machine and that you will become best friends forever with no more drama! Good luck!

    Liz at noexcuses

  23. I looooove the pink bag on the right. So CUTE!!! Girl, you could make money doing that. :D

    That living off lettuce leaves made me chuckle. I remember when I was single and I hardly made any money. I practically lived off potatoes. I was so skinny too! Ha. That's what happens when you're poor. You don't have to diet. Losing weight comes from having no food in the house!


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