Monday, November 23, 2009


So, like my bags... I was told my tree needed to have something to show it's size.. will Amanda do? LOL It's sitting on top of a coffee table... out of Teddy's reach! He would LOVE to eat some of them decorations, I'm sure.

THEY WERE lovely company... until they fell asleep! Seems they 'hosted' a party on Saturday night... poor dears! *snort*

I am frightfully pleased it's Monday again... the kids were really BOTHERSOME this weekend. Some days I am just OVER kids.
So, I'll do my housework in peace, and be thankful school is COMPULSORY !

I went to town, I bought Griffin's MAIN present, didn't want to leave it too late or there would probably be none available closer to Xmas! As for Brylee's MAIN present.. I have no idea what to get her! Girls her age are diabolical to buy for! She has enough Barbies and such like... and she's too young to appreciate clothes yet.. *sigh*... have to give it more thought.
Lunch time now, and I'm finally going to sit down and have something to eat and relax for a mo...

Another bag done and dusted!

Griffin is starting to get crabby about having to go for extra tuition... TOO BAD SUNSHINE, you are going! I took him this afternoon, with him grizzling and bitching... but I refuse to have an illiterate kid if I can help it.

End of Day: a great day today... I got lots done... I like that. nite nite.


  1. Your tree is pretty Chris. We will probably put ours up within this week sometime.

  2. I love my kids with all my heart, but am so glad for school. I don't 'get' home schooling!!

  3. Oh to sleep would be bliss.

    Love the tree, must start thinking about putting mine up

  4. Griffin is going to LOVE his gift. As for B, maybe a nintendo? Or is that too similar to G?

    Love the tree.

  5. Love , love your tree - it is getting prettier every day.

    pants I am using a lightish cotton materail... so they don't look like Pyjama pants!

    You are right - that would be great and over here the stores have a lot made out of lightweight jersey knits - kinda like tee shirt material. Shoot , some of the grandkids even wear them to Wal-mart. LOL

  6. love your blog title...and I am trying so hard to give up diet coke....and during tree season it is almost impossible....Your tree looks good...the key to a good tree is making it full....when you think you have just enough on it, put another 50 things on best advice

  7. Those bags are just beautiful. Have you put them in the shop yet? any feedback/sales?

    Christmas shopping *groan*. Need to make some lists and check them twice (haha). It's difficult this year as middle son is going to Sydney with his GF's family so we will have the other two boys for Christmas Day and then have another Christmas when Chris gets back. And an open house on Christmas Eve (hubby's side of the family) and then friends over on Christmas afternoon and then my side of the family over on Boxing Day. I think we're having New Year's Eve here as well. roll on Jan 2nd!

  8. LOL, no not 10am until 12!! hehe.

    About the beach houses, the trouble with even the houses on larger sections is that then the neighbours bring in tents and caravans and end up with loads more people! Just the nature of a holiday place I suppose and will just have to hope it is OK. Up until now (one year) we have had no trouble what-so-ever. Luckily they don't intend to go over as often as us so most times their place will be empty.

  9. Pretty tree and awesome bag!!! And yes any feedback from your SIL's shop - have any sold??

  10. Maybe we should put our tree on a table this year. The baby can crawl now and likes to pull stuff off of the tree.

  11. Nice tree Nice Bag Nice one! short but sweet today...... (flatstack as per usual AND I still have a ton of dishes 2 CAKES to ice, then a WALK YES A WALK STILL!!!!) Will update on that tomorrow....

  12. Love the tree!! You should buy Teddy his own few are such a mean biartch to him!!..better still, send him over here to me for the Christmas holidays:)
    I absolutely love, love that bag!! You have got clever-er while I have been a slack, absent tart!!! Luv ya work:)

  13. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Your bags are great!! School is my favorite time of year- anytime school is in.


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