Saturday, November 28, 2009


I nicked this off Mark.. it totally tickled me fancy:

I have never ever decorated the exterior of my home.. so it struck a cord with me! And No KD... I have no intention of doing my house up like that!

Today: well a sleep in would be nice.. but won't happen. Griffin ALWAYS wakes up between 6 and 6.30 am... the bloody shit. I can't wait till he's a lazy teenager who sleeps all day.. I really can't!

We are gunna go over to the North Shore... have lunch at Albany Mall and then go pick up a Nerf Tag Gun Set for Sharon in Taupo, who won it on Trademe... SO...if you are in Albany Mall at lunchtime.. look for me! And say "HI"! *sigh*.... I would love to meet more bloggers up here...

ONWARD.... home now.

Had a nice lunch, picked up thing for Sharon, came home and went to sleep for nearly 3 hours! So tired. The hot flushes are back at night.. and keeping me awake ... they are so horrid. So much for HRT... pffffffft.

Not much else going on right now, his Nibs is mowing the lawns... kids are watching telly, and I'm right here ...TYPING. JOY.

Might do some more sewing tonight..... not much else to do!

I might not have a uterus anymore.. but I still get PMT ! I'm as shitty and crabby as HELL... feel like ripping someone's head off and shoving it up their bum! Honestly... if anyone annoys me right now..LOOK OUT. AND I have a damn zit on me chin which is SORE.... *sniff*

End of Day: watching tv, not killed anyone yet...feeling a bit NICER... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I love that pic - so funny! The first time I saw it I spat tea all over my computer!

    You should do what my parents did when we were growing up - every Saturday night my mum put everything out for breakfast on the table and we were NOT allowed to wake her up - for anything! Fights, milk spillage - nothing! Unless someone was bleeding, I remember being told. I was 6 when she started and looked after my two younger brothers. It was on my list of jobs to do! LOL!

  2. OMG my name in colour ON YOUR BLOG OHHHHHHHHH thanks for that DO get Griffin to test it out!!!! I'm sure him and STEW WILL LOVE IT!!!!!! and your boys it is cool no batteries NO WATER, and velcro darts too boot SO NO SHARP OBJECTS!!!!

  3. For reals? Do you really want to do your house up like that? All I can think of is the Griswolds Christmas.
    You know the movie with Chevy Chase; of course if YOU do it; it will be classy.

  4. Could be worse Chris....the alternate is that you could of been pregnant...ROFLMAO
    Now ducking for cover LOL

  5. I hear you! PMT at our age isn't fair.

    Damned hormones.

  6. Menopause, hot flushes is totally SUX!!!! Not fair we have to suffer...I too had a shit of a night last night !!!!

  7. I hope you have a good night's sleep - and feel a lot better tomorrow.

    Loved the opening picture ... had that one emailed to me by a work colleague - and just the sort of thing I'd love to do "ditto".

  8. I pinched that pic off Mark too!! he, he
    Keep persevering with the took me many months to get mine right...but I haven't looked back!! I started out on 3 point something and have now been taking 6.1 for ever and have no problems!

  9. Oh that so sux, I do hope you have a better night tonight!!!!!! And get some much beeded shut eye and no FLUSHES.

  10. My instant first thought when I saw the pic was "It snowed in New Zealand in summer! That must be her house!" Then slowly my dim mind said "Wait I've seen this before". Then I read the text, and "Ohhhhh yeah!"

    But I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet though!

    Thanks for the link! Maybe it will help some more people will come see my blog!

  11. Just caught up on your blog that I missed while showing the relatives around . . . you have been busy! The new bags look very spiffy - good work! I like your tree and always say- the more the merrier. I am glad you didn't rip anyone's head off - that can make some horrible stains on the carpet.

  12. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Honey... I will trade you my lazy teenager who sleeps all day for Griffin... and give Griffin back when he gets there!!!

  13. That pic of the Christmas lights reminds me of the Steve Martin movie...forget the title....Anyways, sounds like you are having a hard time...Hope you are better soon!

  14. I'm sorta lucky. My wife puts up the Christmas inside and I do the outside. Sorta lucky because it's cold and wet outside.

  15. glad you made it through the day without killing anyone - always a plus:))
    I hate PMS< or PMT, or anything that makes me hot, hungry, tired and bitchy all at once, lol.


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