Thursday, November 12, 2009


ABOVE: three more bags ready for the fancy stitching and then 'construction'... they sure don't look much like this!

Today I am concentrating on getting all the washing up to date, our bags packed etc in readiness for tomorrow, when we go away for a three day mini break. I can't wait! I have never been way up north before ... we plan on having as much of a look around as we can fit in. AND of course visit Lacy and Tim. I am thinking we will go back up there for a longer visit in the New Year if this visit goes well.

It's so nice to actually be going to stay with one of our kids... it doesn't happen often! Amanda is the only other kid we can go and stay with as she has the room for us.

So yeah... I better get moving.... ONWARD...

Every morning when I get up ... I go around opening the blinds.. and most days when I am opening the blinds in the lounge I look over the fence to Myra's house and see her doing the same thing in her bedroom... which faces our lounge...

But this morning she hadn't opened them when I was doing ours... so I thought nothing of it.. until about 11 am when I noticed her blinds were still drawn. ALARM BELLS RANG. Myra ALWAYS opens her blinds... so I hot footed it over there and banged on her door... I could hear her dog barking inside, but NO ANSWER. I was really worried and started to head home to ring the police (hell I was worried)... when a neighbour yelled out to me that she had been taken away in an Ambulance early this morning. RELIEF ... then worry again. I hope she is alright, she is 81 years old and such a sweetie. I will ask her daughter tonight how she is.

Now.. I shall go back to getting ready for our trip tomorrow...

I'm feeling incredibly frustrated! I noticed some activity next door.. washing put out... windows opened.. so I went over and knocked on the door... no answer... yet someone is there! I can't knock on the daughter's door cos she has a locked gate, you can't get to her door! It's driving me nuts not knowing what's wrong.. if she's Ok or not. Grrrrrr. I just put a note in the letterbox, it's all I can do really.

Still not got much done towards packing... waiting for some washing to dry before packing the clothes. Just made a huge meatloaf, some for tonight and some to take up there with us. Should be yum.

OH, and I had ice cream for lunch... don't know why! Stupid, really stupid.

End of Day.. and I'm tired and feeling a bit crabby. It's normal, don't worry! I always get a bit wound up trying to get ready to go away, ask Stew! He usually gets it in the ear. Anyway, almost done. nite nite.


  1. Oh, the colours are beautiful! Have a great trip!

  2. I wish I was better at being a houseguest (or having them for that matter). I'm very fond of hotels. I need a little away time even during the best of visits. Have a great time!

  3. Have a great time away.......Be good.....if not careful !!!!! ROFL :)
    Big Hugs

  4. Have a safe trip and a GREAT TIME!!

  5. It's great to have neighbours to look out for. I used to keep an eye on my neighbour, until I noticed her shutters drawn in the lovely weather. Turned out while I had a housefull of people she has passed away and wasn't found for 4 days...

    Enjoy the trip away. Make the most of all the time you can. It's great! And we expect photos! lol!

    Enjoy! xxx

  6. Hope your neighbor is ok!

  7. Have a happy holiday :-)

  8. Have a great trip. Hope the weather is kind to you. It's very nice over here. Now if it would stay like this all summer I could live with it. Warm to hot sunny days with gentle breezes.

    Ice cream for lunch is OK as long as you count those points! Might not fill you up though!!!

  9. Hope your neighbour is OK, my Nan lives on her own (we see her most days) but its so nice that her neighbours look out for her. Have a safe trip :-)

  10. have an awesome trip

  11. And yet even though you dont have your sewing machine you still manage to churn the bags out!!!! Have an awesome trip !!!

    I am going to the movies by myself SAT to see Julia and Julia and My Sisters Keeper I HAVE A WHOLE DAY too myself gonna SUNBATHE early and then go to movies!!! (and yes have done all my washing and beds and ironing today already SO I DONT feel guilty about watching 2 movies!!!)

  12. Your bags are so pretty! Have a wonderful trip, and ice cream for lunch is sometimes so good.


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