Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today we are heading home from the far North.... Stew wants us to go via Tutakaka... no idea why! It's another beach place on the east coast. And I want to go to Russell on the Car Ferry... so it might be a long trip home!

Will update properly when I get home and can upload some photos... won't THAT be fun!

... and hopefully tomorrow (Monday) I will get a phone call to say my MACHINE FROM HELL is coming back on Tuesday.. and it will be ALL BETTER FOREVER! Won't that be fun for all of us eh? I am totally over telling you all it's playing up!... and bitching about it.

5pm.. we just got home. It was a long way to go for technically 1 day with Lacy and Tim... the trip to and back was nice.

We decided to take Teddy with us in the end... but regretted it big time! NEVER taking him again... he restricted where and what we could do.... even though he's only a little dog.

Today at lunch we chose a lovely pizza place at Tutukaka 'cos it had outside tables ... covered by an awning... but the owners asked us to get our dog out of there! Arseholes!

It rained on and off on our way home... but that was OK.
We stopped at Whangarei to look at the falls.... got lost trying to get out of the place!
Never mind... we had a nice time anyway.

End of Day: exhausted. Will do a lovely long photo post tomorrow. And I will update PEPSI TOO.... tomorrow OK? nite nite.


  1. Tutakaka is beautiful, enjoy your trip back:-)

  2. Oh, Chris, I just have stuck with ya for so long on this sewing machine thing that I'm having trouble being optimistic. I can just imagine what you're going through on that one. UGH!

  3. Drive safely and can't wait for the photos. I managed a sunbathe yesterday BUT HOLY was it cold YES!!!!

  4. Hope your journey home went well.

    I have a photo of me standing next to the Kerikeri sign when we were there in the late 80's.

    Hope your elderly neighbour is ok

  5. glad you having a good time hope you took lots of photos. What am i saying its chris of course there are lots of photos lol

  6. Glad you made it home safely!

  7. Anonymous11:14 PM

    can't wait to see all of your photos. we were in bay of islands two years ago...BEAUTIFUL. robin x

  8. Sounds like you still had a lovely time, despite the long travels! Pffftt at the owners - they don't know a gorgeous dog when they see one - they would have been lucky to have Teddy "dine" there ... lol, looking forward to the photos.


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